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Cecilia Hwung serves as the content manager at Digiarty Software and holds the pivotal role of editor-in-chief within the VideoProc team. With over 10 years of experience, she specializes in delivering insightful content on AI trends, multimedia topics, processing techniques, troubleshooting, and software reviews. Additionally, she contributes to Medium and other article publishing platforms. Her expertise is invaluable in simplifying digital complexities, making her a trusted ally in enhancing users' digital experiences. She actively collaborates with her team to pursue mutual progress and aims to share creative content and useful information with readers.

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In-Depth Reviews on Video Editing Applications

The Best Video Editing Software This Year
Here is a detailed review of the best video editing software this year, including DaVinci Resolve, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, VideoProc Vlogger and more.
Cecilia Hwung April 1, 2024 Best Video Editor
Wondershare UniConverter Review - Features & Details
Why choose UniConverter? Is Wondershare UniConverter any good? This Wondershare UniConverter review introduces all the functions and details you should know.
Cecilia Hwung Mar. 30, 2024 Wondershare UniConverter Review
Movavi Review 2024 with Hands-On Testing – Pros & Cons
Is Movavi suitable for beginners? Or is it free? Don't make any rash decisions before reading this Movavi practice review (include a Movavi alternative.)
Cecilia Hwung Mar. 21, 2024 Movavi Video Editor Review
Top 10 AI Video Generators – Text to Video
Catching up with the latest creative AI trends, we round up the 10 best AI video generators that can convert text to videos and generate video scripts and AI avatars, without costing you much energy and time.
Cecilia Hwung Apr. 3, 2023 AI Video Generator
Best 5 SWF Editors that Help You Edit SWF Files Without Hassle
Check out the best SWF editors to decompile Flash files, convert SWF to FLA/MP4/XFL/FLEX/ XML, or edit the movie or game content on Windows, Mac, or Linux.
Cecilia Hwung Dec. 12, 2022 SWF Editor
Top 12 WebM Editors to Edit WebM Videos
Check out 12 best WebM editors to open WebM files, edit it, or create WebM file from other video formats.
Cecilia Hwung Nov. 14, 2022 WebM Editor
7 Free Windows 11 Video Editors Besides Clipchamp
Want to find the Windows 11 video editor for your next video project? Here are the best picks for users of all skill levels.
Cecilia Hwung Jul. 1, 2022 Windows 11 Video Editor
10 Best Windows Movie Maker Alternatives
Here are the 10 best free replacements with more video editing features and better compatibility with recent PCs.
Cecilia Hwung Sep. 30, 2021 Review
Ultimate Filmora Review in 2023
Check this comprehensive review of Filmora and get the best video editor to create stunning videos without trouble.
Cecilia Hwung Apr. 9, 2021 Review
6 Best Face Swap Apps for iPhone and Android
How do you replace a face in a video with another face? If you are searching for methods to change face in the video, this article is exactly what you need.
Cecilia Hwung Apr. 9, 2021 Review
Top 14 Free Video Editing Software 2022
Some people believe when it comes to video editing, there is no such a thing as having GOOD and FREE at the same time, but that's not the case. After testing twenty-some free video editing software, we picked top 14 free tools for different scenarios: quick editing, sports video, VFX making and more.
Cecilia Hwung Mar. 30, 2020 Review
Hitfilm Express 14 Review - Best Free Video Editing Software for VFX Movies
In this guide, each detail and aspect of Hitfilm Express would be tested and displayed, like its pros and cons, how its interface is, how its features make the editing interesting and easy, how it differs from the similar products, etc. Check them now.
Cecilia Hwung Mar. 27, 2020 Review
Lightworks Review - Best Free Video Editing Software for Oscar-grade Films
In this review guide, we will show you every aspect of Lightworks, like its pros and cons, how its interface is, how its features make the editing interesting and easy, how it differs from similar products, etc.
Cecilia Hwung Mar. 27, 2020 Review
DaVinci Resolve 16 Review - Best Video Editing Software for Landscape Video
In this review, you will walk you through the involvements of DaVinci Resolve 16, such as its pros and cons, price model, hardware configuration, interface, key features and more. Let's jump into in!
Cecilia Hwung Mar. 30, 2020 Review
A Full Review of Avidemux - Main Features, Pros & Cons and More
If you are starters who just step into the video editing industry, you won't want to miss Avidemux. As it is free and easy to use, Avidemux is mostly picked by beginners who are new to video editing.
Cecilia Hwung Mar. 30, 2020 Review
iMovie Reviews - Best Free Digital Video Editor for Family Use
iMovie Reviews: free, easy to use, no watermark, with idecent templates, Movie is the ideal mate for both the elderly and little kids.
Cecilia Hwung Mar. 31, 2020 Review
CyberLink PowerDirector 18 Review - Best Sports Video Solution
PowerDirector 18 is best for creating and editing sports videos. In this post, we conduct an in-depth review of PowerDirector 18 and top 5 things you need to know about it.
Cecilia Hwung Mar. 31, 2020 Review
CyberLink PowerDirector For Mac | 2020 Download
Unluckily, CyberLink PowerDirector doesn't support for Mac. For Mac users who want to have PowerDirector, you can check out this post to find its best alternatives.
Cecilia Hwung Apr. 7, 2020 Review
VSDC Free Video Editor Review - Best Video Editing Software for GoPros
This VSDC review will walk you through not only its pros and cons, interface, high rated features, but also its bells and whistles. Without further ado, let's jump right in!
Cecilia Hwung Mar. 31, 2020 Review
Shotcut Full Review - Pros and Cons - Alternatives
Should you use Shotcut or any other free video editors? Is Shotcut good for quick editing on both Windows and Mac? Can you import sports videos into Shotcut for speed ramping? See our full review of Shotcut, with pros and cons and alternatives provided.
Cecilia Hwung Apr. 1, 2020 Review
Kdenlive In-depth Review | Will Also Look What's New in Kdenlive 19.12
Kdenlive, rated as the best open-source video editor, recently is updated with many additions and optimization on UI and performance. So what's news in the latest version? Any pros or cons? Here's my unbiased and in-depth review on Kdenlive.
Cecilia Hwung Apr. 2, 2020 Review
OpenShot Review: Best Quick Video Editing Software for Beginners
For video editing beginners on the budget, a free open-source video would be the best video editing tool. Here is a comprehensive review of OpenShot, which is capable of both basic and advanced editing, e.g keyframe editing, 3D titling, and chroma keying.
Cecilia Hwung Apr. 2, 2020 Review
OpenShot vs Shotcut: Which Is the Best Free Video Editor?
Both Shotcut and OpenShot are free video editors. But Shotcut vs OpenShot, which is better? See our in-depth reviews here.
Cecilia Hwung Apr. 10, 2020 Review
Blender Software Review: Is Blender A Good Video Editor?
Blender is famous for 3D modeling, but this free-open source program also has a powerful built-in video editor. We've made a comprehensive review for your reference if you are looking for a free video editor.
Cecilia Hwung Apr. 20, 2020 Review

Different Types of Video Editors

Top 9 Best CapCut Alternatives: Apps like CapCut for All Uses in 2023
People love CapCut because it's easy and free yet packed with features. So here's the list of apps like CapCut as CapCut alternatives for your editing needs.
Cecilia Hwung Nov. 17, 2023 CapCut Alternative
Top 7 Video Metadata Editors for Mac and Windows
How to change the metadata of MP4, MKV, AVI, and MPEG-4 video files? Check the 7 best video metadata editors (freeware included) right now.
Cecilia Hwung March 2, 2022 Video Metadata Editor
Top 5 Video Pitch Changer - Freeware, Online, App
Check the 5 best video pitch changers including freeware VideoProc Vlogger, online video pitch shifter, and apps for Android and iPhone.
Cecilia Hwung January 18, 2022 Video Pitch Changer
Top 10 Paid & Free Motion Tracking Software [Auto and Accurate]
Here's an overview of the top 10 motion tracking software. With these tools, you can easily attach texts, graphics, and mosaic to any object in motion.
Cecilia Hwung September 6, 2021 Video Editors
Best Video Editing Software for Beginners in 2023
This is a roundup of top 9 video editing software for beginners. Whether you are a casual user or a serious beginner trying to learn editing, you will find tools suitable for your scenario.
Cecilia Hwung April 2, 2021 Video Editors
Best Video Editors for Kids 2022 | iOS/Android/PC
Take a look at 2022 top 5 iPhone video editor software roundup list, reviews. And pick the ideal one for your own use. No 1. Magisto, No 2. Quik, No 3. iMovie, No 4. LumaFusion, No 5. Adobe Premiere Rush.
Cecilia Hwung April 2, 2020 Video Editors
Best 3 Open Source Video Editors for Windows in 2020
Reviews on 3 open source video editors for Windows in 2020, including Openshot, Shotcut and Avidemux with their main features, pros and cons.
Cecilia Hwung Jan. 2, 2020 Video Editors
What Is the Best Lightweight Video Editor Software for PC?
If you just need to trim videos, add minimal filters, you may not need anything heavy like Premiere Adobe CC anymore. You may prefer a lightweight video editor that works fast and won't bring any pressure to your computer...
Cecilia Hwung Jul. 17, 2019 Video Editors
Best 360 Video Editing Software
360 video editing software readily takes bare eye and immersive 360 videos. You can use these tools to add effects, trim, cut, add titles and publish 360 degree video to YouTube and Facebook.
Cecilia Hwung Dec. 20, 2019 Video Editors
Top 5 Free Online Video Editors to Polish Your Footage
Wonder What the best online video editor is? This guide will show you 5 options chosen from the 20 tested online video editing tools. You can learn about what their features are, what jobs they can do outstandingly, what they are not good at and whether they cause troubles for your video editing task, free or paid, etc...
Cecilia Hwung Nov. 29, 2019 Video Editors

Video Makers for Different Social Media

How to Make a Slideshow on TikTok (Swipeable and Easy)
Three best ways to make a slideshow on TikTok, including using the new Photo Mode, TikTok templates, and a free slideshow maker for TikTok.
Cecilia Hwung Oct. 25, 2023 Make a Slideshow on TikTok
How to Edit YouTube Videos (Free and Beginner-friendly)
Check the ultimate guide on how to edit YouTube videos for beginners, incl. freeware, step-by-step instruction, and pro tips to spice up YouTube videos.
Cecilia Hwung Jun. 21, 2023 Edit YouTube Videos
Best 3 Video Editing Software for YouTube 2020 [Free & Paid]
How to make amazing YouTube videos? Here we picked best 3 YouTube video Editors to help you. Both free and paid software is recommended for beginners and professionals.
Cecilia Hwung Jan. 2, 2020 YouTube
Check Out Top 10 4K Video Editors
List of the top ten 4K video editors with detailed review. Need to cut, trim, merge, edit 4K, HEVC, MKV H.265 videos smoothly on regular computers? Find a suitable 4K editing software here.
Cecilia Hwung Oct 10, 2018 Video Editor
Best Square Video Editor | Create Video for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
Square video, also known for video with 1:1 aspect ratio, is welcomed by social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Insatagram. Check this post to know the best square video editor.
Cecilia Hwung Apr. 9, 2020 SNS
The Best Instagram Video Editor for Windows, Mac, Mobile, and Online
Looking for a qualified Instagram video editor to help you gain more followers and views? In this guide, we have rounded up five such tools, for different operating system, which you can trust...
Cecilia Hwung Nov. 18, 2019 Instagram

Video Editing Applications for Different Platforms and Devices

Free Splice Video Editor for PC Download and Alternatives
Here is a roundup of best splice video editor for pc, with the same features you love on the mobile app. You can download the official Splice video maker with methods here.
Cecilia Hwung April 22, 2021 Splice Video Editor for PC
8 Best Frame by Frame Video Editors [Software/Apps/Online]
This post found out 8 video frame editors including frame-by-frame editing software, apps, and online tools. Now pick the best one and see how it helps you edit video frame by frame.
Cecilia Hwung Mar. 22, 2021 Frame by Frame Video Editor
6 Best Windows Movie Maker for Mac OS X (Ventura Included)
Sometimes an entire video is too bulky to upload and share online. Here we picked top 6 free and online video splitters and detailed tutorial of how to use the best video splitter.
Cecilia Hwung Apr. 24, 2020 Windows Movie Maker for Mac
10 Best Video Editors for Mac Users | Updated 2020
Here we've narrowed recommendations down to top 10. Find the video editor on Mac that fits you most in this list.
Cecilia Hwung Dec. 3, 2019 Mac
Best Android Video Editor for Beginners and Pros
Wish to edit video on Android with professional App? Zero editing experience user looking for best android video editor? Our top 10 pick have you covered.
Cecilia Hwung Feb. 13, 2020 Android
What Is the Best Video Editor Without Watermark for Windows or Mac?
Guess almost every user will show disgust at the fact that some video editing software adds its logo or other watermarks on videos after it finishes processing the items. This is bad, honestly. Because the watermark will block part of the images of the video, making the video look ugly.
Cecilia Hwung July. 12, 2019 Desktop
Top 5 the Easiest Video Editors for Mac, Windows, and Linux
We test and review video editors that are easy to use. With our list of video editors for Mac, Windows, and Linux, you'll get to know how to edit MP4, HEVC, MKV, 4K UHD, and other clips, cut, crop, split, merge, add effects, subtitles, adjust brightness, etc, without a steep learning curve.
Cecilia Hwung September 13, 2018 Desktop

Video Editing Software for Different Video Formats

5 Ways to Combine MOV Files on Mac and Windows 11/10
Five ways to combine MOV files on Mac and Windows, including how to combine two or more MOV files into one without re-encoding or quality loss.
Cecilia Hwung Sep. 5, 2022 Combine MOV Files
4 MakeMKV Alternatives for Blu-Ray/DVD Ripping on Mac, Windows & Linux
This article introduces four best MakeMKV Alternatives. After reading, you'll get to know some best DVD rippers for Blu-Ray/DVD ripping.
Cecilia Hwung Aug. 12, 2022 MakeMKV Alternative
How to Convert M4A to MP4 on Windows, Mac & Online
How to Convert M4A to MP4? Check our blog and explore a step-by-step guide of the best M4A to MP4 converters on Windows, Mac, and online.
Cecilia Hwung Aug. 10, 2021 M4A to MP4
10 Best Free MOV Editors for Windows 10/Mac/Phones
Check the in-depth review of the top 10 free MOV editors for Windows 10, Mac, Android, and iPhone. And learn how to edit MOV files encoded with HEVC, H.264, and Apple ProRes without compatibility issues.
Cecilia Hwung Aug. 6, 2021 MOV Editor
Edit MKV - 5 Best Free MKV Video Editors 2020
Need to edit MKV files but can't open MKV in editor correctly? Here are the best 5 free MKV video editors compatible with MKV videos and help you edit MKV metadata.
Cecilia Hwung Apr. 24, 2020 MKV Video Editor
Best FLV Video Editor for Windows 10/mac OS 2022
FLV is a video file type most used by Adobe Flash Player and Adobe Air to save and transmit video and audio files. Here's one of the best FLV video editors for Windows 11/10 and mac OS Ventura/Monterey/Big Sur 2022. Take a look and explore more features.
Cecilia Hwung Apr. 24, 2020 FLV Video Editor
Best 7 AVI Video Editors for PC and Mac 2020 Update
Finally, we picked up these best 7 AVI video editing software among the bunch. All the ranked AVI editors cost you no dime to use. In addition, they come with rich features and are simple to use.
Cecilia Hwung Feb. 18, 2020 AVI Video Editor
MP4 Video Editor for Windows 10: Trim, Apply Slow-mo and More
Did you know that there is a built-in MP4 video editor in Windows 10? Its presence may not be that obvious, but it is actually hidden away in the Photos app.Follow this guide to learn more...
Cecilia Hwung July. 17, 2019 MP4 Video Editor

Video Editing Software for Different Uses

Best Music Video Maker: Easy-To-Use and Free
Music video maker can help you create a music video with photos, musics, texts, lyrics...but do you know what is the best software for making a music video? Find out the best answer here.
Cecilia Hwung Apr. 24, 2020 Music
How to Make a Video with Pictures on Windows/Mac?
How to make a video with pictures? Here we gathered 3 ways to make slideshows on Windows and Mac easily.
Cecilia Hwung Dec. 17, 2019 Photo Video
Top 10 Google Videos Editors: Edit Videos on Chromebooks
Google Chromebooks doesn't support any editing programs like macOS or Windows. Check 10 best video editors for users to edit video online on Chrome OS.
Cecilia Hwung Nov. 27, 2019 Google Chromebook
The Best Games Video Editing Software for Windows/Mac
Looking for a qualified video editing tool to help you polish your video gaming footage? In this guide, we have reviewed five such tools, with their detailed features, what they can help with you, its pros and cons, and more...
Cecilia Hwung Nov. 25, 2019 Gaming

Guides to Specific Video Editing Features

How to Make a Karaoke Video (with Lyrics Animation)
Three methods to make a karaoke video with lyrics, including Premiere Pro for power users, and CapCut and PowerPoint for simple and free use.
Cecilia Hwung Mar. 3, 2024 Karaoke Video
How to Voice Over a Video (A Beginner's Guide)
How to voice over a video? This ultimate guide includes how to set up recording equipment & environment, record your voice, and add voice-over to a video.
Cecilia Hwung Jun. 28, 2022 Voice Over
5 Ways to Add Subtitles to MKV Permanently on Windows & Mac
Here're five methods to add subtitles to MKV permanently on Windows, Mac, and free online, including subtitles in SRT, ASS, SSA, SUB, and more formats.
Cecilia Hwung Dec. 15, 2022 Add Subtitles to MKV
Image Sequence to Video: 5 Free Methods on Windows and Mac
Detailed instructions on how to convert image sequence to video, including JPG/JPEG, PNG, RAW, TIFF sequence to MP4 easily and fast.
Cecilia Hwung Dec. 5, 2022 Image Sequence to Video
How to Use CapCut – The Complete Guide for Beginners
Check the complete guide on how to use CapCut for beginners, with detailed steps, illustrations and video toturials.
Cecilia Hwung Aug. 1, 2022 How to Use CapCut
3 Best Free Ways to Add Audio to MP4 – Desktop and Online
Read the post and add an MP3 audio file to MP4 as the background music or the replacement of the original audio easily.
Cecilia Hwung April 25, 2022 Add Audio to MP4
How to Make a Video Transparent in 3 Best Methods
How to make a video transparent? Check the 3 best methods to create a video with transparent background for video overlay, web design, and AR videos.
Cecilia Hwung January 19, 2022 Make Video Transparent
How to Edit GoPro Videos on Mac | MacBook Pro/Air, iMac, Mac Mini
How to edit GoPro videos on Mac? Here are 3 free GoPro editors for Mac including VideoProc Vlogger, iMovie, and GoPro Quik.
Cecilia Hwung October 28, 2021 GoPro Video Editing on Mac
How to Add Intro to One/All YouTube Videos
A good intro sets the stage for the main content. This post will tell you everything about how to add an intro to one video or all of your YouTube videos.
Cecilia Hwung October 13, 2021 Add Intro to YouTube Videos
How to Edit GoPro Videos on PC
Read the step-by-step guide on GoPro video editing with VideoProc Vlogger on PC and make GoPro videos cinematic with its special features.
Cecilia Hwung October 12, 2021 How to Edit GoPro Videos
How to Make a Video Collage [Tutorial + Ideas]
Learn how to make aesthetic collages with videos, photos, music, and texts in VideoProc Vlogger, as well as some design ideas for video collage creation.
Cecilia Hwung August 17, 2021 Make a Video Collage
How to Make a Time Lapse Video from Zero to One
This is an ultimate guide on how to make a time lapse video, including shooting, editing, and some inspirations for time lapse creation.
Cecilia Hwung August 10, 2021 Time Lapse Video
How to Convert Video to Image Sequence on Mac and Windows
Check the 5 best video to image sequence converters and how to use them to turn mp4 videos to JPG and PNG sequences.
Cecilia Hwung July 22, 2021 Video to Image Sequence
How to Make a Gaming Montage: Guides, Tips and Case Analysis
Get inspiration here with detailed tutorials on how to make a gaming montage, and take away tips based on the case analysis from gaming YouTubers.
Cecilia Hwung July 19, 2021 Gaming Montage
Ultimate Guide on How to Color Correct Video for Beginners
Guide on how to color correct a video by adjusting white balance, exposure, contrast, saturation, highlights, and shadows, and pro tips for color correction.
Cecilia Hwung July 13, 2021 Color Correction
How to Extract Frames from Video with High Quality [4 Easy Ways]
Wonder how to extract frames from video with high quality? Here we show you 4 easy ways to extract frames from a video. Keep reading and find out!
Cecilia Hwung July 9, 2021 Extract Frames from Video
How to Increase Video Volume in Windows 10 and Mac
This post shows you 4 video volume boosters and steps of how to increase video volume in Windows, Mac, and online.
Cecilia Hwung July 8, 2021 Increase Video Volume
How to Turn Pictures into Video on Computer, iPhone, and Online
Check the guide on how to turn pictures into video with VideoProc, iMovie, an online editor, and you can quickly make daily photos into a stunning video to share.
Cecilia Hwung June 30, 2021 Turn Pictures into Video
How to Add Pictures Into Video: All Situations Covered
This post offers you easy ways to add pictures into a video, either as an overlay above the video or as another scene along with the video.
Cecilia Hwung April 19, 2021 Add Picture
How to Zoom in on a Video [4 Quick Ways]
Amazed by smooth zoom in/out effects in other videos? Check the easy guide on how to zoom in on a video with VideoProc and other tools.
Cecilia Hwung Jan. 29, 2021 Zoom in
How to Resize Video for Instagram [Story, IGTV, Feed]
How to resize videos for Instagram? Here are 3 free methods to crop/resize videos for IGTV, Instagram Story, and feed.
Cecilia Hwung Jan. 21, 2021 Resize
How to Crop a YouTube Video After Uploaded / While Uploading
You can crop a YouTube video in studio with YouTube Video editor, but the tags no longer works now, there are more ways covered in this post.
Cecilia Hwung May 18, 2020 Crop
How to Crop a Video on Windows 10 [Not Trim]
There are 4 ways to crop a video on Windows 10, not trimming! Native way with Windows movie maker requires some workaround, and it's actually zoom in your footage to crop unwanted area. For true cropping, please read on for effective and easier methods.
Cecilia Hwung May 12, 2020 Crop
How to Crop Video on Mac with/Without iMovie? | 4 Best Ways
Mac has its priority video cropper, iMovie. This article is going to present a detailed tutorial of how to crop video on Mac with iMovie, Final Cut Pro, QuickTime Player and Photos app on Mac.
Cecilia Hwung May 12, 2020 Crop
Top 4 Simple Ways to Crop [NOT TRIM] A Video on Android
How to easily crop the frame of a video on Android phone and tablets free? Using Google photos? Built-in Gallery app? Third party video croppers? Online croppers? Here, we cover all of those methods, no watermark, no quality loss.... Learn more.
Cecilia Hwung May 12, 2020 Crop
2020 Top 21 Free Video Croppers | How to Crop a Video
Cropping a video should be as easy as cropping a picture. This article introduces 21 of the best video croppers that you can trust. Also covers detailed guides on how to reframe footages on Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android, and Online.
Cecilia Hwung May 11, 2020 Crop
Top 5 Best GIF Croppers to Take the Part You Like - VideoProc
Wonder which way or tool can help you crop GIF files super easily? Check this guide and grab 5 user-friendly GIF croppers to make the job done.
Cecilia Hwung Dec. 13, 2019 Crop
Best Way to Crop MP4 (MPEG-4) Video [Windows | Mac]
Crop MP4 (MPEG-4) video by changing its aspect ratio, popular format recommended to some Social Network Services, only 4 steps to get the best results.
Cecilia Hwung Nov. 20, 2019 Crop
Match Cut Definition, Editing Tips, Tools & Tutorial
Read this post to know the creative transition trick - match cut in the film-making, also know what tool to use and how to make a match cut by yourself.
Cecilia Hwung May 22, 2020 Cut
J-Cut vs. L-Cut: Editing Tips and Tricks for Beginners
J-cuts and L-cuts are professional video editing techniques and vastly used in films. This post uncovers the concept of J-cuts and L-cuts, its use in the film, the way to create a video with them, etc. Let's check it out!
Cecilia Hwung May 18, 2020 Cut
Top 10 Video Splitters – Split Videos into Clips Easily
Sometimes an entire video is too bulky to upload and share online. Here we picked top 3 free and online video splitters and detailed tutorial of how to use the best video splitter.
Cecilia Hwung May 18, 2020 Cut
Review of Top 10 (Online) Video Cutters Free
Full review of 10 best free video cutters software and online video cutters that helps you find the one to trim video quickly, cut up video without re-encoding or re-rendering, or cut video by seconds or frame.
Cecilia Hwung May 15, 2020 Cut
Video Editing 101: Understanding the Concept of Jump Cut
This is the all-around guide on the definition of jump cut, top jump cut examples in film, how to utilize and disable jump cut, and much more.
Cecilia Hwung May 14, 2020 Cut
How to Cut and Trim a Video on Windows/Mac/iPhone/Android/Online
In this guide, you will get 4 tried and practical methods to cut videos in the way you like, for different operating systems, Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, and Online.
Cecilia Hwung May 11, 2020 Cut
How to Split a MP4 File into Multiple Parts
You're suggested to split a large-sized MP4 file into multiple smaller parts to make it possible to upload or send full content of the MP4 video over internet.
Cecilia Hwung Apr. 30, 2019 Split
Best Video Joiner: Trim and Join Videos of Different Formats
Video merger software is not something that is hard to find. Here we provide an in-depth review of 6 video merger editors for Windows, macOS, iOS, Android and online, plus a specialized video combiner utility.
Cecilia Hwung May 27, 2020 Merge
5 Best MP4 Joiner Software to Combine Multiple Files into One
Wonder how to combine multiple MP4 files into one? In this guide, we will share with you 5 wonderful MP4 joiner software to make it. Check them now.
Cecilia Hwung May 22, 2020 Merge
How to Merge Multiple Videos Together Quickly in 4 Easy Steps
This how-to article will show you 4 easy steps to merge videos together without re-encoding or losing quality. You can trim cut join clips from GoPro, iPhone, drones, DSLR, etc.
Cecilia Hwung Jun. 21, 2019 Merge
Easily Extract Subtitles from Any Video File Like MKV VOB AVI MP4
This article helps you find the easiest way to extract subtitles from MKV, MP4, AVI, VOB or any other videos as SRT, ASS files in 3 simple steps. Rip subtitles with best subtitle editor for Mac or Window (10) PC.
Cecilia Hwung May 12, 2020 Subtitle
How to Add Text to GIF without Losing Animation
Looking for ways to add text to gif without losing animations? Want to control text timing? There are free tools to accomplish your task.
Cecilia Hwung Apr. 16, 2020 Text
Best 10 SRT Subtitle Editors Online or Offline | Windows or Mac
We just have compiled a list of 10 best subtitle editing tools. The List is divided by online subtitle editor and offline subtitle editor. So in this article you are going to know 10 subtitle editors featured by online or offline.
Cecilia Hwung Oct. 16, 2019 Subtitle
How to Add Hardcode Subtitles to MP4/MKV and Other Video Files
How to add hardcode to MP4, MKV, and other videos? Obviously, we need to get help from some professional video editing applications. This guide will show you the detaield steps on how to add hardcode subtitles to the MP4, MKV, and many other video files with different formats. Check it now.
Cecilia Hwung Jul. 17, 2019 Subtitle
4 Ways to Easily Add Caption Tracks or Subtitles to a Video
Follow our guide to add caption tracks to a video. You can embed soft/hard subtitle files (srt, sub, ass, ssa, any format), add closed captions, type texts to any videos, movies, TV series, footages, etc.
Cecilia Hwung Sept. 19, 2018 Subtitle
Best Video Quality Enhancer Software to Fix Poor Quality Videos
Top-rated video quality enhancer is introduced here to process and make bad quality videos clearer and more professional. You can upscale video resolution, deshake, apply special effects, etc. to improve the quality of your footages.
Cecilia Hwung May 12, 2020 Quality Enhancer
[2020] Top 10 Green Screen Software You Should Get to Know
Hunting for green screen software to make green screen overlay effect? This article has gathered 10 best green screen software on the basis of various people demands.
Cecilia Hwung March 6, 2020 Green Screen
Video Compressor for Mac: How to Shrink a Video on macOS
Looking for a video compressor for Mac computer? Check this guide to grab a tool to shrink a video on macOS, with just 4 steps...
Cecilia Hwung July. 7, 2019 Compress
Best Video Size Reducer to Compress Video by up to 90% with No Quality Loss
How can you reduce video file size without quality loss? Here a video reducer - VideoProc is recommended to compress GoPro 4K, iPhone 4K, DSLR camera MP4 video by up to 90% with high quality reserved for uploading to social media, better storage and so on.
Cecilia Hwung Dec. 28, 2018 Compress
How to Add Watermarks to Video Clips on Windows or Mac?
Need to create a YouTube branding watermark for your channel? Want to protect the copyright of recordings? Read this post to know how to put a watermark on your videos in seconds.
Cecilia Hwung Apr. 24, 2020 Watermark
How to Make a Video Montage Free on Windows and Mac
How to make a video montage on Windows and Mac? Here is a detailed guide on video montage with free montage makers, Windows Movie Maker and iMovie.
Cecilia Hwung Apr. 10, 2020 Montage
3 Ways to Make Amazing Slo-mo with Your iPhone, Android, GoPro, DSLR etc.
We often see many stunning slow motion scenes in blockbuster movies, commercials, sports videos etc. Learn 3 ways from this post to make such profession-looking slo-mo video with different slow motion video makers or editors of 2020.
Cecilia Hwung Jan. 2, 2020 Slo-mo
Improve Video Quality | How to Fix a Blurry Video [2020]
5 ways in 2020 to improve video quality on PC, including how to fix a blurry video, upscale video resolution, stabilize shaky video, remove grains, and adjust bit rate to enhance video quality.
Cecilia Hwung Jan. 2, 2020Enhance Quality
How to Convert Portrait Video to Landscape [Crop & Rotate]
Want to yield a better result on media platforms? Here's a tutorial on how to convert portrait video to landscape by rotating and cropping a video.
Cecilia Hwung Oct. 14, 2019 Aspect Ratio
9 Ways to Adjust Video Playback Speed Online, in Speed Editor or Player
To speed up or slow down the whole video, some free online tools and almost all player software can give you a leg up. But to control the speed of only a range of your footage, use video speed editors.
Cecilia Hwung Jul. 11, 2019 Speed
How to Rotate MP4 Video on Window and Mac
Looking for how to rotate MP4 video on Windows or Mac? Follow this guide and get your job done in just 4 steps, more importantly, with no need to lose the image quality of the MP4 video.
Cecilia Hwung Jul. 5, 2019 Rotate
Noise Reduction - How to Remove Background Noise from Video Audio
Background noise may destroy your video, no matter how carefully the shooting was conducted. Luckily, there are many apps can remove background noise from video audio, among which the easiest ones include VLC and VideoProc.
Cecilia Hwung Nov. 29, 2018 Denoise

Handy Tutorials for Popular Video Editing Software

How to Do AI Trend on Instagram: Lensa AI Generator and More
How to join the AI trend on Instagram? How to use Lensa AI for Free? What AI app is everyone using? Find everything about AI photo trends on Instagram here.
Cecilia Hwung Dec. 7, 2022 AI Trend on Instagram
4 Ways to Get AI Manga Filter on TikTok - Trendy Anime Effect
How to get AI Manga filter on TikTok? How to generate AI anime effect? The AI Manga effect is not working on your TikTok? Find detailed methods here.
Cecilia Hwung Dec. 5, 2022 AI Manga Filter TikTok
How to Edit Caption on TikTok: Auto and Posted
You can edit caption on TikTok with text and auto caption feature, for video caption after posting, you can follow the tricks here.
Cecilia Hwung Nov. 25, 2022 Edit Caption on TikTok
How to Use Graphs on CapCut (2022 Update)
This article will show you how to use graphs on CapCut, which helps a lot to bring your video to life.
Cecilia Hwung Jul. 8, 2022 How to Use Graphs on CapCut
CapCut Templates Guide: Where to Find and How to Use
Want to make viral TikTok videos with templates? This post shows you how to get CapCut templates and how to use a CapCut template in iPhone and Android.
Cecilia Hwung July 1, 2022 CapCut Templates
How to Do Slow Mo on CapCut (From Beginner to Pro)
Here you can find how to do slow mo on CapCut and some pro tips for making smooth and flashy slow motion for sports and dance TikTok videos.
Cecilia Hwung June 27, 2022 How to Do Slow Mo on CapCut
How to Export in DaVinci Resolve – Ultimate Guide
Always get files exported from DaVinci Resolve with strange file extensions? Here's how to export videos, audio files, projects, and subtitles in DaVinci Resolve.
Cecilia Hwung March 9, 2022 Export in DaVinci Resolve
VLC Video Editing Tutorial - How to Edit Videos in VLC
One of the best VLC hidden features is VLC player works as free video editor. How to edit videos in VLC? Check this VLC video editing tutorial and use VLC to crop, rotate or speed up video.
Cecilia Hwung Apr. 23, 2020 Tutorial
Built-in Windows 10 Video Editor Tutorial [Full Steps to Create a Video]
Do not be fooled by its name, Photos app is also capable of video editing, not just for photos. If you want to know more about this built-in Windows 10 video editor, you can learn more in this article.
Cecilia Hwung Apr. 15, 2020 Tutorial
OpenShot Tutorial 2020 - How to Use OpenShot Video Editor
This is a tutorial on how to use OpenShot video editor 2020 for beginners. Check the steps to crop/scale videos, rotate, add text, add transition, speed up, etc.
Cecilia Hwung Apr. 14, 2020 Tutorial
Shotcut Tutorial - How to Use Shotcut Video Editor [2020]
This is a guide on how to use Shotcut video editor for beginners. Check the steps to safely download Shotcut, add text, crop or split video, add transition, speed up or slow down video in Shotcut to create a movie for YouTube.
Cecilia Hwung Apr. 10, 2020 Tutorial
How to Make a Cool Movie Trailer in 5 Steps?
This article tells how to make a movie trailer in 5 steps easily and useful tips for making a successful movie trailer.
Cecilia Hwung Feb. 10, 2020 Tutorial

Tips and Tricks

How to Make ASMR Videos for Brain-Tingling Sensations
Intrigued by the ASMR tingling sensations? Wondering how to make ASMR videos? In this guide, you'll find everything you need to know and master the art of ASMR video editing.
Cecilia Hwung Jun 14, 2024 How to Make ASMR Videos
Free Funeral Slideshow Maker for Heartfelt Tribute Videos
Explore the best free funeral slideshow maker, VideoProc Vlogger. Make a tribute that resonates emotionally and reflects the unique journey of your loved one.
Cecilia Hwung Apr. 29, 2024 Funeral Slideshow Maker
Best HD Xvid Video Codec Converter Free Download & Online
What is Xvid? In this blog, we'll show you some of the best Xvid converters so that you can enjoy your favorite shows without hassle.
Cecilia Hwung Apr. 12, 2024 Xvid Video Codec Converter
Add Emojis to Videos Free and Easy (Tutorial)
Emojis are a unique way to express emotions and emphasize points. In this article, we list four ways to add emojis to videos for free.
Cecilia Hwung Mar. 9, 2024 Add Emojis to Videos
How to Make an Educational Video (0–1 with Practical Tips)
Educational videos are now of much greater importance. So, how to make an educational video? Here are detailed steps and some points as your checklist.
Cecilia Hwung Mar. 8, 2024 How to Make an Educational Video
How to Take a Screenshot on Surface Pro (All Versions)
Complete guide on how to take a screenshot on Surface Pro with keyboard shortcuts, buttons, and built-in screenshot apps.
Cecilia Hwung Jan. 19, 2024 Screenshot on Surface Pro
How to Fix a Blurry Video on iPhone (6 Best Methods)
Don't how to fix a blurry video on iPhone sent to you or recorded in low quality by iPhone camera? Here are six proven methods targeting different causes.
Cecilia Hwung Jan. 12, 2024 Fix a Blurry Video on iPhone
How to Edit TikTok Video after Posting (Complete Guide)
Complete solutions to edit TikTok videos after posting, workable for all versions of TikTok and in various regions.
Cecilia Hwung Nov. 28, 2023 Edit TikTok Video after Posting
How to Upscale MidJourney Images to 4K/8K/10K Resolutions
Use the method here to upscale Midjourney image to higher resolution with AI super resolution algorithms. Result comparison included in the tutorial.
Cecilia Hwung Oct. 13, 2023 Upscale MidJourney Images
Top 6 Best Frame Rate Converters for PC and Mac
Here is a round up of best frame rate converters to change FPS easily, no matter you want to adjust the frame rates or conform to a unified value.
Cecilia Hwung Sep. 22, 2023 Best Frame Rate Converters
How to Mirror a YouTube Video Online or Permanently
Ever wanted to mirror a YouTube video? This article shows how to mirror a YouTube video in different methods. Choose the right video flipper as per your needs.
Cecilia Hwung Aug. 15, 2023 How to Mirror a YouTube Video
How to Put Music on iMovie from YouTube with Simple Steps
Have you ever wanted to put music on iMovie from YouTube but found it impossible? We got this. This article introduces the different methods on Mac and iPhone.
Cecilia Hwung Jul. 31, 2023 Put Music on iMovie from YouTube
Best OBS Settings for Recording (Ver.29 Latest Updates 2023)
The abundant functionalities of OBS can often bewilder novice users. So this article demystifies the best OBS settings for recording and an OBS alternative.
Cecilia Hwung Jul. 21, 2023 Best OBS Settings for Recording
Top 12 Open Source Screen Recorders for All Uses 2023
This is a list of the 12 best open source screen recorders. They offer a cost-effective solution for capturing on-screen activities. Now let's dive in.
Cecilia Hwung Jul. 21, 2023 Open Source Screen Recorder
Detailed Steps to Put a YouTube Video in iMovie on Mac or iPhone
It's no surprise if you want to use a YouTube clip into your video. This article introduces how to put a YouTube video in iMovie on Mac or iPad with detailed steps.
Cecilia Hwung Jul. 14, 2023 How to Put a YouTube Video in iMovie
How to Download Patreon Videos in HD Quality
Here are easy and safe ways to download Patreon videos in high quality, no matter where it is hosted on.
Cecilia Hwung Jul. 13, 2023 Download Patreon Video
Top 8 Best Audio Recording Software for Mac (Free and Paid)
Find some best audio recording software for Mac here. Even though the options on Mac might not be as plentiful as on Windows, you'll find the right one.
Cecilia Hwung Jun. 26, 2023 Audio Recording Software for Mac
How to Convert CAF to WAV in 2023
CAF won't play? Don't worry, you can refer to the methods here to convert CAF to WAV easily and for free.
Cecilia Hwung Jun. 19, 2023 CAF to WAV
How to Record Screen with OBS on Windows PC and Mac
This article shows how to record screen with OBS in different scenarios. There are additional setups, but OBS's versatility justified the initial setup efforts.
Cecilia Hwung Jun. 19, 2023 How to Record Screen with OBS
How to Convert AMR to WAV Free, Online, and on Windows/Mac
How to convert AMR to WAV when you fail to open .amr files on your PC or Mac? This article shows several solutions with some best AMR to WAV converters.
Cecilia Hwung Jun. 16, 2023 Convert AMR to WAV
How to Convert AAC to MP3 on Windows/Mac in/without iTunes
Wondering how to convert AAC to MP3? This guide offers a rundown of different methods to convert AAC to MP3 on Windows, Mac, with or without iTunes.
Cecilia Hwung Jun. 9, 2023 Convert AAC to MP3
How to Convert WMA to MP3 Quickly and Easily
There are far more choices on Windows when converting WMA to MP3. Find out how to convert WMA to MP3 quickly and in mass with the best WMA converter.
Cecilia Hwung May 12, 2023 Convert WMA to MP3
How to Record Screen on Mac with Audio (3 Easy Ways)
Wondering how to record screen on Mac with audio? This blog lists some of the best screen recording software to help record screen on Mac with audio easily.
Cecilia Hwung May 12, 2023 Record Screen on Mac with Audio
Easily Convert WMA to MP3 on Mac (Intel & Apple Silicon)
This blog shows how to convert WMA to MP3 on Mac with the best audio converter optimized for Macs. That's probably the best bet when failing to play WMA music.
Cecilia Hwung Apr. 26, 2023 WMA to MP3 on Mac
How to Convert AIFF to WAV on PC & Mac
How to convert AIFF to WAV? This article introduces several different audio converters to change AIFF to WAV. Choose the one that suits you the best.
Cecilia Hwung Apr. 14, 2023 AIFF to WAV
Top 7 Best Audio Converter for Mac 2023
This article lists some of the best audio converters for Mac with their respective features, pros, and cons. Keep reading to find the one that suits you the best.
Cecilia Hwung Mar. 29, 2023 Audio Converter for Mac
Convert M4A to AIFF on Mac & Windows with the Best Quality
Looking for an M4A to AIFF converter? You are in the right place. This blog lists some M4A converters to help convert M4A to AIFF.
Cecilia Hwung Mar. 24, 2023 M4A to AIFF
13 Best Free MP3 Converter for Windows & Mac (Concise Guide 2023)
This blog lists the 13 best free MP3 converters for Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android, and online. MP3 could be the best choice when converting your favorite music or audio files.
Cecilia Hwung Mar. 23, 2023 Best Free MP3 Converter
How to Convert MP4 to M4A – Easy MP4 to M4A Converter
We list how to convert MP4 to M4A utilizing several reliable and easy MP4 to M4A converters in this article. Come and find the one that suits you the best.
Cecilia Hwung Mar. 10, 2023 MP4 to M4A
Convert MP3 to FLAC – Free & Paid
Does converting MP3 to FLAC improve quality? This article shows how to convert MP3 to FLAC with some of the best MP3 to FLAC converters.
Cecilia Hwung Mar. 7, 2023 MP3 to FLAC
FLAC to M4A with the Best FLAC Converter Free and Online
This blog introduces how to convert FLAC to M4A with the best FLAC to M4A converters as well as the steps involved. Find the way that suits you the best.
Cecilia Hwung Mar. 1, 2023 FLAC to M4A
Easily Convert M4A to MP3 on Mac Free in Seconds
A detailed guide for converting M4A to MP3 on Mac. Use the best M4A to MP3 converter to turn your Apple music, podcasts, and voice memos to MP3 for enjoyment on more devices.
Cecilia Hwung Mar. 1, 2023 Convert M4A to MP3 on Mac
How to Convert M4A to MP3 on Windows 10/11 (Best Quality)
Don't know how to convert M4A to MP3? Check the top seven M4A to MP3 converters on Windows 10/11 that are free, simple, fast, and cause no quality loss.
Cecilia Hwung Feb. 28, 2023 How to Convert M4A to MP3
How to Convert MP4 to 3GP Online, Free & Offline for Mobile
Wondering how to convert MP4 to 3GP? This blog lists how to convert MP4 to 3GP video for free online and offline with the best MP4 to 3GP converter.
Cecilia Hwung Feb. 8, 2023 MP4 to 3GP
SWF to GIF: 5 Best Converters Online, Free, and Fast
Don't know how to convert SWF to GIF? Want to customize GIF quality, loop time, and more? Here are the five best SWF to GIF converters online and free.
Cecilia Hwung Jan. 12, 2023 SWF to GIF
Best GIF Converters to Convert GIF to AVI Free & Online
This article lists some of the best GIF to AVI converters for you to convert GIF to AVI or combine multiple animated GIFs into an AVI file.
Cecilia Hwung Jan. 07, 2023 GIF to AVI
How to Download WhatsApp Status Video in a Few Easy Steps
This article introduces how to download WhatsApp status videos. After that, you can set it as your own status or share it with others.
Cecilia Hwung Dec. 30, 2022 Download WhatsApp Status Video
Convert M4V to GIF on Mac, PC & Online with the Best GIF Converter
This article introduces how to convert M4V to GIF with the best GIF converter, so you can easily share it with the world.
Cecilia Hwung Dec. 26, 2022 M4V to GIF
3 Ways to Convert ISO to MKV with Best Quality
Here are 3 easy ways to convert ISO to MKV, with subtitles and multi-tracks preserved. The converter to use is VideoProc Converter AI, MakeMKV and Handbrake.
Cecilia Hwung Nov. 19, 2022 Convert ISO to MKV
Convert WMV to MP3 (4 Best WMV to MP3 Converters & 2 Myths)
This blog introduces how to convert WMV to MP3 with some best WMV to MP3 converters, including two misunderstandings when changing WMV to MP3.
Cecilia Hwung Nov. 19, 2022 WMV to MP3
5 Ways to Merge MKV Files (Audio & Subtitle Tracks Kept)
How to merge MKV files into one? Here are 5 MKV joiners incl. the best one that combines MKV files with all tracks and content.
Cecilia Hwung Nov. 17, 2022 Merge MKV Files
WMV to GIF: 3 Tools Make It Easy and High Quality
Don't know how to convert WMV to GIF? Check the 3 best methods, free online and high quality conversion included.
Cecilia Hwung Nov. 4, 2022 WMV to GIF
Convert AVI to WebM (Free & Online & With Alpha)
This post introduces some best AVI converters to convert AVI to WebM with detailed steps, whether you want to save storage space, put it on your site, or keep transparency for streaming.
Cecilia Hwung Oct. 28, 2022 AVI to WebM
3 Quick Ways to Convert WebM to PNG (Free and Online Included)
Here're three methods to convert WebM to PNG, including some tips to convert WebM to PNG sequences with transparency and original quality.
Cecilia Hwung Oct. 27, 2022 WebM to PNG
How to Download Discord Videos - 5 Ways
Here are 5 easy ways to download Discord videos to your local storage. Besides using the in-server downloading icon, you can also convert Discord links to mp4.
Cecilia Hwung Oct. 24, 2022 Discord Video
GIF to WebM: Top 3 Methods Free Online and Offline
Here're the top three methods to convert GIF to WebM, including online and free GIF to WebM converters for Windows and Mac.
Cecilia Hwung Oct. 18, 2022 GIF to WebM
How to Download LinkedIn Videos (and Learning Videos)
This post shares two easy ways to download LinkedIn video, with the first method also works on some learning videos.
Cecilia Hwung Sep. 20, 2022 LinkedIn Video
3 Easy Ways to Convert MTS to MOV on Mac and Windows
Wondering how to convert WMV to MOV? Here we collect some best WMV to MOV converters to help with that, including free desktop programs and online converters.
Cecilia Hwung Sep. 14, 2022 MTS to MOV
Convert WMV to MOV (Online & Free)
Wondering how to convert WMV to MOV? Here we collect some best WMV to MOV converters to help with that, including free desktop programs and online converters.
Cecilia Hwung Aug. 26, 2022 WMV to MOV
Top 7 Ways to Convert MPEG to MOV on Mac and Windows
Want to convert .mpeg to .mov for better support on iMovie, Final Cut Pro, or other software? Check the top 7 methods for Mac, Windows, and online users.
Cecilia Hwung Aug. 23, 2022 MPEG to MOV
7 Best Handbrake Alternatives for Windows and Mac in 2023
Check out the 7 best Handbrake alternatives for various scenarios: ripping DVDs, converting, remuxing, compression and so on.
Cecilia Hwung Aug. 18, 2022 Handbrake alternative
6 Ways to Convert MOV to MPEG – Online, Mac, PC
How to convert MOV to MPEG? Here're 6 methods for Mac, Windows 10/11, and online users, covering all MPEG standards incl. MPEG2, MPEG4, MPG.
Cecilia Hwung Aug. 16, 2022 MOV to MPEG
MP3 to MOV: 2 Proven Methods Free Online and Offline
Don't know how to convert MP3 to MOV? Let the powerful offline and online MP3 to MOV converters help you out for free.
Cecilia Hwung Jul. 29, 2022 MP3 to MOV
Compress AVI: 5 Methods in Windows 11/10, Mac, Online
AVI files are too large to share or store? Check 5 ways to compress AVI in Windows 10/11, Mac, online, plus reduce AVI file size without losing quality.
Cecilia Hwung Jul. 27, 2022 Compress AVI
3 Ways to Convert H.265 to H.264 without Losing Quality
Learn how to convert H.265 to H.264 without losing quality, and you can get your H.265/HEVC videos supported on any device and software.
Cecilia Hwung Jul. 22, 2022 Convert H.265 to H.264
How to Remove Audio Track From MKV for Free With High Quality
This article introduces how to remove audio track from MKV. You'll be able to remove a specific audio track or all the audio tracks from the MKV file.
Cecilia Hwung Jun. 30, 2022 Remove Audio Track From MKV
How to Zoom In on CapCut: Complete Guide
Zoom highlights a specific part of your video. There are three ways for you to zoom in on CapCut. Read this tutorial to check them out.
Cecilia Hwung Jun. 16, 2022 How to Zoom In on CapCut
Easily Extract Audio From MKV Free and Online
This post shows how to easily extract audio from MKV files for free with the best possible quality. The five best audio extractors are included.
Cecilia Hwung Jun. 16, 2022 Extract Audio From MKV
Videoclip MP4 Download With Free & Online Downloader
We gather some of the best downloaders for Videoclip MP4 download. Thus, the next time when checking videos on Videoclip, you'll be able to save the videos on your PC.
Cecilia Hwung Jun. 1, 2022 Videoclip MP4 Download
How to Download Alight Motion on PC with/without Emulator
Is Alight Motion available for PC? Learn how to download Alight Motion for PC using BlueStacks, MEmu play, or without emulators.
Cecilia Hwung May 31, 2022 Alight Motion for PC
How to Make a Velocity Edit Easily for Viral Hits
Learn how to make a velocity edit on CapCut easily, with flash, motion blur, and shake effects.
Cecilia Hwung May 31, 2022 Velocity Edit
How to Screen Record on Windows 11 Laptop and Desktop
Here's everything about the best screen recorder for Windows 11 and how to record screen with audio on Windows 11.
Cecilia Hwung May 28, 2022 Screen Record on Windows 11
How to Download KineMaster for PC with or without Emulator
How to download KineMaster for PC Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, and Mac? See the 2 ways to free download KineMaster for PC without watermark.
Cecilia Hwung May 27, 2022 KineMaster for PC
Compress Video for YouTube Without Losing Quality for Free
Learn how to compress video for YouTube without losing quality, with four best free video compressors included.
Cecilia Hwung May 27, 2022 Compress Video for YouTube
5 Best Alternatives to 4K Video Downloader
Here are top 5 alternatives to 4K video downloader to save videos from your favorite sites, with bulk downloading options and bonus features.
Cecilia Hwung May 27, 2022 4K Video Downloader Alternative
Top 7 Best Video Downloader for Instagram
Here's a list of the top 7 best video downloaders for Instagram. Go through the features and choose the one that suits you best.
Cecilia Hwung May 20, 2022 Best Video Downloader for Instagram
8 Methods to Convert MOV to MP4 on Mac, Windows, and Online for Free
Get to know how to convert MOV to MP4 on Mac, Windows PC, or online for free with top eight best MOV to MP4 converters.
Cecilia Hwung May 19, 2022 MOV to MP4
8MB Video Compressor: Compress Video Under 8MB Guide and Alternatives
To bypass Discord 8mb file size limits, you can use 8MB video compressor. Read 8MB video review and alternative ways for better quality.
Cecilia Hwung May 18, 2022 8MB Video Compressor
Most Detailed Tutorial to Compress MKV Video File Size at High-Quality
Here are free ways to compress MKV video into smaller size. Follow the detailed steps so that you can shrink MKV files without quality loss.
Cecilia Hwung May 16, 2022 Compress MKV
Top 8 Best MP4 Recorder for All Uses
We list the 8 best MP4 recorders compatible with different platforms in this post. Whether for a tutorial, gameplay, or webinar, you'll find something that meets your needs.
Cecilia Hwung May 6, 2022 MP4 Recorder
5 Best Ways to Convert MP4 to WMV Free and Online
Converting MP4 to WMV is not a tough job with the 5 best MP4 to WMV converters.
Cecilia Hwung Apr. 22, 2022 MP4 to WMV
How to Remove Hardcoded Subtitles From MKV
Find out how to remove hardcoded subtitles from MKV and other formats in this article. No more suffering from subtitles blocking the picture.
Cecilia Hwung Apr. 22, 2022 Remove Hardcoded Subtitles From MKV
6 Ways to Convert MP4 to GIF on Windows and Mac
Need to convert MP4 to GIF on Windows or on Mac in high quality? Here are 6 best MP4 to GIF converters with detailed steps to use each.
Cecilia Hwung Apr. 15, 2022 MP4 to GIF
3 Proven Ways to Convert MPEG to MP4 for Free
Can't open MPEG files? Try to convert MPEG to MP4 for better compatibility with free MPEG to MP4 converters on computer, smartphone, and online.
Cecilia Hwung Apr. 12, 2022 MPEG to MP4
How to Compress MP4 on Windows 10, 11 & Mac (90% Reduction)
How to compress MP4 files to smaller size on Windows 10, 11 and Mac? Here're the best MP4 compressors to reduce MP4 file size by 90% without losing quality.
Cecilia Hwung Apr. 1, 2022 Compress MP4
7 Free Converters to Convert WebM to MP4 on Windows 10/Mac
Learn how to convert WebM to MP4 with 7 free WebM converters, and solve problems such as audio missing after conversion.
Cecilia Hwung Mar. 31, 2022 WebM to MP4
5 Ways to Convert WebP to MP4 (+2 Bonus Tips)
What is the best way to convert WebP to MP4? Reddit doesn't support animated WebP? Use the free WebP to MP4 converter here to solve all the problems.
Cecilia Hwung Mar. 29, 2022 WebP to MP4
How to Convert OSP to MP4 (Solved in OpenShot)
Want to open and enjoy OSP files without failure? Check the detailed steps to convert OSP to MP4 in OpenShot and how to convert it to other formats.
Cecilia Hwung Mar. 28, 2022 OSP to MP4
How to Convert ASF to MP4 for Free
Want to open ASF file? Here are 3 free methods to convert ASF to MP4 for best compatibility. You can also extract audio from ASF video game to edit.
Cecilia Hwung Mar. 25, 2022
Convert MP4 to WebM on Windows/Mac/Online & Free
5 best WebM converters to help convert MP4 to WebM for free. Also discuss the result of WebM vs MP4 comparison. Step-by-step guides included.
Cecilia Hwung Mar. 25, 2022 MP4 to WebM
3 Easy Ways to Convert OGV to MP4
OGV won't open in media player or video editor? You can convert OGV to MP4 with detailed steps here, using VideoProc Converter AI, VLC, or FFmpeg.
Cecilia Hwung Mar. 24, 2022
How to Download Twitch Clips [PC and Mobile]
Don't know how to download Twitch clips? Here are the best video downloaders to help you save clips from Twitch in MP4 on a computer, iPhone, and Android.
Cecilia Hwung Mar. 18, 2022 Download Twitch Clips
How to Convert MP4 to FLAC (Free) in Seconds
This guide is about how to convert MP4 to FLAC for free in a few seconds. Converting MP4 to FLAC is a good solution when you only need the audio part.
Cecilia Hwung Mar. 16, 2022 MP4 to FLAC
How to Convert iTunes Movies to MP4 with/without DRM
Check the best two methods to convert iTunes movies to MP4 easily using VideoProc Converter AI on your computer (DRM-protected iTunes movies included).
Cecilia Hwung Mar. 16, 2022 Convert iTunes Movies to MP4
How to Download Reddit Videos in 3 Free Ways
Don't know how to download Reddit videos? Here are 3 free and simple methods to download videos from Reddit on computer, iPhone, Android, and online.
Cecilia Hwung Mar. 14, 2022 Download Reddit Video
5 Easy Ways to Convert MP4 to MPEG2 (Free & Online Included)
This is a guide on how to convert MP4 to MPEG2 for DVD and other uses. We round up all the best free MP4 to MPEG2 video converters with no watermark.
Cecilia Hwung Mar. 12, 2022 MP4 to MPEG2
Convert MP4 to AVI in Windows 10/11 and Mac in 3 Free Ways
How to convert MP4 to AVI? Here're 3 free, online, and simple methods for Windows 10 and Mac and tips for converting MP4 to AVI without losing quality.
Cecilia Hwung Mar. 11, 2022 Convert MP4 to AVI
5 Best AV1 Converters – Free, Simple, and Fast
Check the latest roundup of 5 best AV1 converters and you can convert AV1 to MP4, H.264, HEVC, etc. to enjoy AV1 videos on any platform and device.
Cecilia Hwung Mar. 3, 2022 AV1 Video Converter
5 Best Methods to Convert MP4 to OGV on Mac/Windows/Online for Free
We see the need to convert MP4 to OGV. So this guide lists the five proven and effective ways to convert MP4 to OGV.
Cecilia Hwung Mar. 3, 2022 MP4 to OGV
How to Convert MP4 to MKV Without Losing Quality for Free
Read this detailed guide to know five different converters for MP4 to MKV conversion, including methods to convert MP4 to MKV losslessly.
Cecilia Hwung Mar. 3, 2022 MP4 to MKV
How to Convert Video_TS to MP4 on Mac and Windows
Want to watch movies from Video_TS folders on iPhone, iPad, and more devices? Check how to convert Video_TS to MP4 on Windows and Mac for free.
Cecilia Hwung Feb. 28, 2022 Video_TS to MP4
How to Convert Rofl to MP4
Learn how to convert rofl to mp4 so that you can replay league of legends without using the client, and can share to friends, discord, online video sites.
Cecilia Hwung Jan. 24, 2022 Rofl to MP4
Easy Steps to Convert MPEG4 to MP4 with High Quality
Is MP4 the same as MPEG4? Read on to find easy steps to convert MPEG4 to MP4 when your device does not play the MPEG4 video.
Cecilia Hwung Jan. 20, 2022 MPEG4 to MP4
100% Effective Method to Convert VPJ to MP4
A VPJ file is a VideoPad project file. This article will show you the easy and proven methods to convert VPJ to MP4. Bonus tips for converting any video format to MP4 included.
Cecilia Hwung Jan. 18, 2022 VPJ to MP4
How to Convert AMR to MP4 in High Quality
Converting AMR to MP4 can be a good choice in view of the compatibility and sound quality of AMR file. You'll know how to convert AMR to MP4 in high quality in this article.
Cecilia Hwung Jan. 18, 2022 AMR to MP4
4 Ways to Convert M4B to MP3
Learn how to convert M4B to MP3 using audio converter, VLC, Audacity, and iTunes, with tips on how to split M4B into chapters.
Cecilia Hwung Jan. 18, 2022 M4B to MP3
How to Convert VEG to MP4 Fast and Easily
This post is about how to convert VEG to MP4 with VEGAS Pro. Besides, here's a simple method to save a VEGAS Pro video as MP4 without rendering.
Cecilia Hwung Jan. 12, 2022 VEG to MP4
Top 4 Methods to Convert MP4 to H.264 on Windows and Mac
Videos contained in MP4 format can't be opened or uploaded online? Try to convert MP4 to H.264 codec with best MP4 to H.264 converters.
Cecilia Hwung Jan. 7, 2022 MP4 to H.264
3 Effective Ways to Fix QuickTime Can't Open MP4
QuickTime Player can't open or play MP4? Check the possible reasons and find the best solution provided by VideoProc to fix it once and for all.
Cecilia Hwung Jan. 6, 2022 QuickTime Can't Open MP4
How to Play MP4 Files on Windows 11/10/8/7
What is an MP4 file and how to play MP4 on Windows? Find both answers here. If you have any problem with MP4 playback, check the top 5 solutions.
Cecilia Hwung Jan. 6, 2022 How to Play MP4
How to Get MP4 Codec for Windows 11/10/7 and Mac
MP4 playback errors happen to Window Media Player or other software? Try the best MP4 codecs for Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, and Mac to fix.
Cecilia Hwung Jan. 5, 2022 MP4 Codec
3 Ways to Download Blob Video with Real URL
Here are 3 tried-and-true methods to download blob video. When you see video with a blob in the URL, you can follow solutions here to retrieve the video with real URL.
Cecilia Hwung Dec. 31, 2021 Download Blob Video
Video Speed Controllers for Chrome, Safari, Firefox
Here are top 10 video speed controllers for Chrome, Firefox and Safari. You can adjust speed, loop and skip quickly for lectures, YouTube videos, Vimeo, Facebook videos etc.
Cecilia Hwung Dec. 27, 2021 How to Export After Effects to MP4
How to Export After Effects to MP4 (Simple and Proven)
This article provides two methods on how to export After Effects to MP4, with and without Adobe Media Encoder. All proven and practicable.
Cecilia Hwung Dec. 29, 2021 How to Export After Effects to MP4
How to Fix Pixelated Videos in 4 Ways
How to fix pixelated videos? Here are 4 ways to to remove blocky pixelation caused by different reasons, including denoising, reparing pixel glitches, and more.
Cecilia Hwung Dec. 29, 2021 Fix Pixelated Videos
Free Convert JPG to MP4 Without Losing Quality
Proven solutions to free convert JPG to MP4 without losing quality. Whether it's for Windows or macOS, or online tools, you'll find the method that suits you best.
Cecilia Hwung Dec. 28, 2021 Convert JPG to MP4
How to Losslessly Convert M2TS to MP4
What is the M2TS video format and how do I convert M2TS to MP4? This detailed guide will show you how to convert M2TS to MP4 easily, with no quality loss.
Cecilia Hwung Dec. 17, 2021 M2TS to MP4
How to Add Stickers to Videos Free and Quickly
Adding stickers is always a creative way to inject more fun into your content. This post will show you how to add stickers to videos free and quickly.
Cecilia Hwung Dec. 17, 2021 How to Add Stickers to Videos
4 Ways to Convert MP4 to JPG - Free, Online, Windows 10, Mac
Want to convert MP4 to JPG for free? Here are 4 methods and 6 MP4 to JPG converters in total for your reference.
Cecilia Hwung Dec. 14, 2021 Convert MP4 to JPG
5 Best Ways to Deinterlace Video (VLC and Alternatives)
Watch interlaced videos with jagged artifacts? Try to deinterlace your video with 5 deinterlacing software - VideoProc Converter AI, VLC, and more.
Cecilia Hwung Dec. 10, 2021 Deinterlace Video
DRP to MP4 - How to Export DaVinci Resolve Project as MP4
How does one convert the DRP to MP4 files? It's actually a matter of how to export a DaVinci Resolve project as MP4. Check this article for proven solutions.
Cecilia Hwung Dec. 1, 2021 DRP to MP4
How to Make a Khan Academy Style Video with Free Tools
Learn how to create blackboard-style videos just like Khan Academy and other educational videos, with detailed list of apps used and step by step instructions.
Cecilia Hwung Dec. 1, 2021 Khan Academy Video
How to Convert PowerPoint to MP4 with Audio for Free in 2023
Converting PowerPoint to MP4 will make it possible to view on any device and help maintain your presentation in its entirety. Here's a guide on how to convert PowerPoint to mp4 with audio for free in 2023.
Cecilia Hwung Nov. 29, 2021 Convert PowerPoint to MP4
5 Video Editing Tips to Enhance Video Making Workflow
Here are 5 essential video editing tips to get your prepared. With these tips and tricks, you can greatly enhance the video editing workflow and create better videos.
Cecilia Hwung Nov. 26, 2021 Video Editing Tips
Easy Steps to Remove Soft/Hardcoded Subtitles from MP4, MKV, AVI
Step-by-step guide on how to remove both soft and hardcoded subtitles from MP4, MKV, AVI, etc. Simple yet professional subtitle remover included.
Cecilia Hwung Nov. 23, 2021 Remove Subtitles from MP4
6 Ways to Make MP4 File Smaller at Desired Quality
Learn how to make MP4 file smaller using 6 methods in this post and make sure to achieve the desired quality.
Cecilia Hwung Nov. 22, 2021 Make MP4 Smaller
How to Convert AVCHD to MP4 on Mac for Free
Things can be tricky for Mac users when Mac cannot recognize or transfer AVCHD files. Here's our guide on how to convert AVCHD to MP4 on Mac, free and without losing quality.
Cecilia Hwung Nov. 19, 2021 AVCHD to MP4 on Mac
3 Ways to Convert MTS to MP4 in Windows 10/11
Check the top 3 ways of converting MTS to MP4 to solve problems of playing, sharing, and editing MTS files from HD camcorders of Sony and Panasonic.
Cecilia Hwung Nov. 10, 2021 MTS to MP4
How to Color Grade Video: Color Grading 101 for Beginners
In this article, we'll show you through the process of how to color grade video, so that you can achieve the visual mood and set yourself apart from other filmmakers. Let's dive in.
Cecilia Hwung Sep. 13, 2021 Color Grade Video
Add Black Bars to Video [in 30 Seconds at $0]: Ultimate Guide
Adding black bars to video can be very simple. Follow our ultimate guide and get that cinematic black bars for your video within 30 seconds at zero cost.
Cecilia Hwung Sep. 3, 2021 Add Black Bars to Video
How to Sync Audio and Video | 5 Updated Solutions
This article has picked up the 5 best synchronization software step-by-step tutorials of how to sync audio and video.
Cecilia Hwung Aug. 6, 2021 Sync Audio and Video
How to Convert VOB to MP4 on Mac? [Proven Solutions 2022]
This is an updated and complete guide on how to convert VOB to MP4 on your Mac. Learn the best and most popular ways, step by step.
Cecilia Hwung Jul. 30, 2021 Convert VOB to MP4 on Mac
How to Make a Music Video: From Concepts to Edits
Learn how to make a music video from planning into shooting and production. Each step is illustrated with examples from the music production industry.
Cecilia Hwung July 29, 2021 Music Video
How to Add Facecam to Videos like YouTubers
Check the guide on how to add facecam to videos to make gameplay videos, how-to videos, and reaction videos for YouTube easily.
Cecilia Hwung Jul. 19, 2021 Add Facecam to Video
5 Ways to Convert MP4 to WAV on Windows/Mac
Check the top 5 free MP4 to WAV converters on Windows 10, 8, 7, and Mac, including VideoProc, Audacity, VLC, iTunes, and an online converter.
Cecilia Hwung Jul. 16, 2021 MP4 to WAV
Top 7 Ways to Convert MXF to MP4 on Mac/Windows without Quality Loss
MXF files from camcorders are less compatible for daily usage, learn how to convert MXF to MP4 on Mac and Windows and retain the original quality.
Cecilia Hwung Jul. 13, 2021 Convert MXF to MP4
How to Download Video from Pinterest [Step by Step Guide]
In this post we rounded up 5 ways that you could work with to create video from still images. Don't hesitate to scroll down and explore.
Cecilia Hwung Jul. 9, 2021 Download Pinterest Video
How to Create Video from Still Images | Free & Easy
In this post we rounded up 5 ways that you could work with to create video from still images. Don't hesitate to scroll down and explore.
Cecilia Hwung Jun. 28, 2021 Images to Video Editor
How to Download Private Vimeo Video (Or Embedded Ones)
This post offers you three ways to download private Vimeo video, including those embedded on a page, and video that are seemingly not available for download.
Cecilia Hwung Apr. 30, 2021 Download Vimeo Video
How to Clone Yourself in a Video [Easy and Fast]
This post rounded up the best and easiest methods to clone/duplicate yourself in a video, including iMovie, Premiere Pro, and apps on your phone.
Cecilia Hwung Apr. 9, 2021 Clone Yourself in a Video
How to Mute a Video [Step-by-step Tutorial]
Check the top methods to mute a video with iMovie, VideoProc, Premiere Pro, Windows Movie Maker, and a video mute app for iPhone/Android.
Cecilia Hwung Apr. 1, 2021 Mute Video
How to Make a Video Longer [4 Best Methods]
Video is too short to post online or get more views? This post offers 4 effective methods to make a video longer with VideoProc as well as iMovie on iPhone.
Cecilia Hwung March 29, 2021 Make a Video Longer
How to Make a Lyric Video from Scratch | FREE
This post summed up 5 methods of how to make a lyric video for free on iMovie, Windows Movie Maker, PowerPoint, VideoProc, and KineMaster.
Cecilia Hwung March 25, 2021 Make Lyric Video
How to Loop a Video on Computer, iPhone, Android
Here are best ways to make a video loop on Windows and Mac in VideoProc and Premiere Pro, and loop video on iPhone and Android with best video looper.
Cecilia Hwung March 17, 2021 Loop Video
InShot for PC: Alternatives with Same Functions
InShot is easy to use on mobile phones, then can you download InShot for PC version to edit on a bigger screen? Find free editors with same functions here.
Cecilia Hwung March 17, 2021 InShot
CapCut for PC: Official Version and Alternatives with Similar Features
Does CapCut has a Windows version? How to download CapCut for PC without using Android emulator? Find method here.
Cecilia Hwung Feb. 8, 2021 CapCut
How to Add Music to Instagram Story (Even Without Sticker)
How to add music to Instagram story without sticker? Can you add music to Instagram post not story? All your problems can be solved here.
Cecilia Hwung Feb. 5, 2021 Instagram
How to Add Music to TikTok Video (Even Only Part of It)
How to add music to TikTok? Besides using music library, you can also add music to only part of a TikTok video here.
Cecilia Hwung Feb. 5, 2021 TikTok
How to Do Silhouette Challenge on TikTok in 5 Easy Steps
How to do Silhouette Challenge on TikTok with red light filters? Can you do it without Snapchat app? All details provided here.
Cecilia Hwung Feb. 1, 2021 TikTok
4 Steps to Embed DVD into PowerPoint [All Versions]
Want to make your presentation stand out from others? Embed DVD into PowerPoint in 4 easy steps with VideoProc.
Cecilia Hwung Jan. 29, 2021 PowerPoint
How to Duet on TikTok with a Saved Video from Cameral Roll
Do you want to duet on TikTok with a saved video? TikTok doesn't have that import from gallery feature in duet mode, but you can surely circumvent that with these methods.
Cecilia Hwung Jan. 29, 2021 TikTok
How to Add Multiple Sounds in TikTok–Your Own Songs Supported
With this workaround, you can add multiple sounds in TikTok, and use the music whenever you want.
Cecilia Hwung Jan. 27, 2021 TikTok
Top 10 Apps to Make Video Collages for Instagram Like Influencers
Wowed by the video collages for Instagram? You can use these trendy apps to add multiple videos and photos into your feed and Instagram stories.
Cecilia Hwung Jan. 25, 2021 Instagram
How to Fit Whole Video on Instagram without Cropping
How to fit a video on Instagram without cropping? You can upload full size video to Instagram with IG editing tool and VideoProc.
Cecilia Hwung Jan. 25, 2021 Instagram
How to Do the Zoom in Effect on TikTok
You can zoom in on a video easily on TikTok using the Zoom effect or Face Zoom effect. But if you need to do the slow zoom effect, you need other tools.
Cecilia Hwung Jan. 19, 2021 TikTok
How to Convert Videos to Instagram Supported Format
How to convert video for instagram? If your video cannot be uploaded to Instagram, follow these steps using the best Instagram video converter.
Cecilia Hwung Jan. 15, 2021 Instagram
How to Remove TikTok Watermarks [Results Demonstrated]
How to remove TikTok watermarks? No cropping and no ugly mosaic, you can follow methods in this post to get rid of the logo.
Cecilia Hwung Jan. 8, 2021 TikTok
How to Edit a Zoom Recording (Cloud & Local Recording)
How to record a Zoom recording? This post provides the best 2 ways to edit Zoom local and cloud recordings on Mac and PC.
Cecilia Hwung Jan. 6, 2021 Zoom
14 Methods to Extract Audio from YouTube
If you want to extract music from youtube video at high quality, there are 14 tools handpicked and tested. You can convert the video to mp3 or extract the music offline.
Cecilia Hwung Jan. 4, 2021 YouTube Audio
How to Download Part of YouTube Video – 5 Free Methods [Updated]
How to download part of YouTube video? We tested and ruled out tools that are unstable, and presented you with 5 easy methods that work efficiently.
Cecilia Hwung Jan. 4, 2021 YouTube Video
How to Do Green Screen on TikTok for Making Trending Videos
Want to make funny TikTok videos with custom backgrounds? Here are 3 ways to do green screen on TikTok.
Cecilia Hwung Dec. 31, 2020 TikTok
How to Do the Flash Warning on TikTok [Easy Guide]
How to do the flash warning on tiktok video? Here is the detail guide, you need PicArt, VideoLeap and Mega photo apps, then follow these steps.
Cecilia Hwung Dec. 30, 2020 TikTok
How to Download TikTok Videos [Best 5 Methods in 2023]
How to download TikTok videos with and without the Save button? Here are 5 methods to download TikTok to MP4 on iPhone, Android, PC, and online.
Cecilia Hwung Dec. 29, 2020 TikTok
How to Download Embedded Videos on Any Webpage
How to download an embedded video from a website? Besides developer tool, online tools, we cover more free methods in this post.
Cecilia Hwung Dec. 29, 2020 Embedded Video
Convert Dailymotion to MP4 Fast: Top 10 Free Methods
How to covert Dailymotion to MP4? Any tool works as of today? Here are 10 methods we verified working safely and quickly.
Cecilia Hwung Dec. 24, 2020 Dailymotion
Upload High quality Video to Instagram
How to upload high quality videos and pictures to Instagram? If IG algorithm makes your video worse after posting, check the tips for Instagram video upload without quality loss from Mac and PC.
Cecilia Hwung May 12, 2020 Upload
What Are the Resolutions of 4:3 Aspect Ratio?
Does 16:9 completely replace 4:3 aspect ratio? What are 4:3 resolutions? See the list of all resolutions at 4:3 aspect ratio, and learn how to change video resolution/aspect ratio.
Cecilia Hwung Jul. 16, 2019 Aspect Ratio
What Resolutions Have the Same Ratio as 16:9?
What are 16:9 resolutions? Or what resolutions have the same aspect ratio as 16:9? Here is a list of all true 16:9 resolutions in 4K, 1080p, 72p, etc.
Cecilia Hwung Jul. 11, 2019 Aspect Ratio
How to Download a Facebook Live Video (Yours and Others')
How to download a Facebook live video? Here's a well-rounded tutorial for downloading FB live streams of yours and others to computer.
Cecilia Hwung Dec. 25, 2020 Download Facebook Live
How to Convert Instagram Video to GIF with 3 Methods
In this post, you will get 3 ways to convert Instagram video to GIF, step by step.
Cecilia Hwung Jan. 6, 2021 Instagram
How to Do Text to Speech on TikTok Video with 2 Methods
In this post, we will share you how to do the text to speech effect on TikTok with 2 methods.
Cecilia Hwung Dec. 18, 2020 TikTok
How to Stabilize Shaky Video Like a Pro
In this post, we will share you how to do the text to speech effect on TikTok with 2 methods.
Cecilia Hwung Mar. 10, 2021 Stabilization
How to Add Logo to Video on Windows and Mac
Here we will show you 3 practical ways to add logo to video, helping you build your brand awareness.
Cecilia Hwung Mar. 11, 2021 Video Logo
How to Make Video Files Smaller on Windows 10 and Mac
In this guide, 4 methods will be shared for making video files smaller, with detailed steps.
Cecilia Hwung Mar. 16, 2021 Video Size
Fix M3U8 Cannot Load: Crossdomain Access Denied or 404 Not Found Error
"M3U8 cannot load" seems a common error. But when you dive deeper, you will find it is likely beyond the regular reasons. After reading through the whole article, you may come up with whys and fixes.
Cecilia Hwung Jan. 4, 2019 Troubleshooting
How GPU Accelerates Video Editing and Encoding
VideoProc's full GPU acceleration terminates 4K editing freezes, laggy playback and buffering, etc. 4K video processing is revolutionized with 47x real-time speed, freed up CPU and optimized quality.
Cecilia Hwung May 12, 2020 Hardware Acceleration

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