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10 Best Chroma Key/Green Screen Software in 2020

Green screen, also known as Chroma Key, is a technique used to composite one image over another scene or image, making it possible for you to transport over time or even the places in our mind. The most obvious use of Chroma keying is in the multimedia industry, where movie, newscasts, weather report, etc. need to replace the existing background with specific scenes, like deep ocean, Mars or simply a weather radar image.

To make a green screen effect, apart from green cloth and a camera, you should arm with a green screen software which has the ability to help you composting all the materials. This article has gathered 10 best green screen software from 201-2020 on the basis of various demands. If you are interested in, read on to check our best picks!

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Part 1: Top 3 industrial-strength green screen software

1. Final Cut Pro X

Published by Apple Company and rewritten from Final Cut Pro in 2011, Final Cut Pro X has finally found its place in the field of professional video editing. When Final Cut Pro X was initially released, people teased it as "iMovie Pro" because there were many similarities in them. But now, most of the independent filmmakers count on FCPX to complete their works.

As a green screen software, FCPX provides fully and leading Chroma keying gears, such as Refine Key, Matte Tools, Light Wrap, and tons of adjustment tools, helping you make a stunning movie.

Final Cut Pro green screen
Final Cut Pro X


  • • Fast background rendering powered by GPU acceleration.
  • • Support video formats like ProRes, RED, XAVC, AVCHD, HEVC.


  • • Only available to mac OS.
  • • Sold for $299.99.

2. Adobe Premiere Pro

One of the series production of Adobe, Premiere pro cc is a traditional timeline-based and non-linear video editing software trusted by most of the filmmakers and YouTubers. Navigate to Effect tab, there is a Keying under Video Effects. And you will see a few keying effects: Color Key, Image Matte Key, Luma Key, etc.

However, what makes Premiere pro professional? Organized. As I mentioned above, Premiere Pro is one of the programs of Adobe. And it can seamlessly work with other Adobe software like Photoshop, After Effects, Audition. That's why it is so favored.

Premiere Pro Chroma Keying
Premiere Pro Chroma Keying


  • • Run on both Windows and mac OS.
  • • Perfect compatibility - Work well with familiar creative tools.


  • • Slow rendering
  • • There is no one-time payment for the software, and you have to pay for every month ($31.49 of a monthly plan).

3. Magix Vegas Pro

Vegas Pro was an audio editing tool published by Sony in 1999 and rewritten to non-linear editor later. In 2015, Sony decided to sold Vegas to a German company – Magix. So Magix is the company that supports and develops Vegas software currently, not Sony.

On Vegas pro 17. When you have your green screen materials dropped to the timeline, click on the fx button at the top the content to call out VEGAS Chroma Keyer. In the Keyer tab, select the color you will key out (depends on what color of your background cloth is) and couple content's color to the background. And the contents will be blended into the video clips. But that's the most basic chroma key effect, if you want to make a blockbuster, take some time to study.

Vegas Pro Green Screen Effect
Vegas Pro green screen effect


  • • The Interface has been upgraded in the newest version of Vegas Pro 17.
  • • GPU accelerated rendering for AVC/HEVC.
  • • Work with both Windows and mac OS.


  • • Price starts at $199.

Part 2: Top 4 free, open-source and easy-to-use green screen software [Windows & macOS]

1. iMovie

If you are an Apple fan, don't miss iMovie. iMovie is a free NLE introduced to macOS and iOS for creating a home-made level movie. The major advantages of it can be attributed to regular maintenance with no fee and flat learning curve. The latest version of iMovie allows you to create video clips at 4K@60FPS, which can be comparable to some paid software.

To add a green screen effect in iMovie, drag and drop the ready materials at the first video track, and put the background clips to the second video track. Highlight the green screen content and select Video overlay settings at the top of the player. And click on Green/Blue screen in the drop-down menu.

iMovie Green Screen Overlay
iMovie green screen overlay


  • • Free for macOS and iOS users.
  • • Movie and trailer templates provided.
  • • iMovie projects can be seamlessly used in Final Cut Pro X with no need to convert.


  • • It happens to frequent bugs after the update in macOS Catalina.

2. OBS Studio

OBS is a special one in our picks as the software does not edit video clips. If you are a game fan who loves to check broadcasters like Twitch, Afreeca TV, YouTube, you would see a scene that a streamer blends himself into the display without the sight of other objects. And I'm telling you that they enable green screen overlay in his channel.

First, connect your webcam to your computer properly. Launch OBS, click the + icon in the Sources tab to add facecam to the list. Highlight the facecam source and right-click > select Filters. Click the + icon under the Effect Filters to add chroma key effect. Select key color type you will remove. When all settings are done, click Close to confirm and move to Scenes at the main screen to see if the green screen effect is the kind you want.

OBS Webcam Overlay
OBS webcam overlay


  • • Available on Windows/Mac/Linux.
  • • Powerful configuration options.
  • • Intuitive and organized interface.
  • • Support GPU accelerated encoding.


  • • It requires fast internet connection to stream.

3. OpenShot Video Editor

Under the premise of supporting genuine and reducing personal expenses, OpenShot, as an open-source, free non-editing video editing software, can well replace the well-known commercial software such as Magix Vegas and Adobe Premiere Pro for content pre-processing/initial editing, or even completing a work.

To enable Chroma key effect in OpenShot, firstly drag and drop your materials to the Project Files area. Next, drag the green screen content to the track overlaying the file used as the background. Click on Effects, drag Chroma Key (Green Screen) to the upper file track. In the following, click the character C in green at the timeline, double-click Key color and select Pick Screen color. Then move the cursor to the monitor and pick up the color you will key out. Last, type your wanted value in the Fuzz tab to remove the color spill.

OpenShot Green Screen Effect
OpenShot green screen effect


  • • Cross-platform NLE: it's available on Windows/Mac/Linux
  • • Unlimited tracks provided


  • • Hardware encoding is experimental and being improved. Therefore, it could struggle in rendering high-quality videos.

4. Shotcut

Categorized to the same type as OBS and OpenShot, Shortcut is another free, open source video editing software and quite the same to the other two software discussed above. Many commercial applications are limited to a certain output format in their trial version, whereas Shotcut allows you to edit and output 2160P@60FPS video clips.

Click Open File at the top-bar to import materials > Drag the file that will be used as background to the timeline > Hold on Ctrl and I or select from the menu to add a new video > Drag and drop the green screen content to the second video track > Highlight the track 2 and click on Filters at the top bar > Check + to add a new filter. Then select Chroma Key: Simple under the video tab > Pick the color you will key out and adjust Distance for the removal of the color spill.

Shotcut Green Screen Effect
OpenShot green screen effect


  • • Cross-platform NLE: it's available on Windows/Mac/Linux.
  • • Chroma Key Simple and Chroma Key Advanced provided.
  • • Minimal color spill.


  • • Playback in the monitor display could be choppy.

Part 3: Top 3 plug-ins for chroma keying

1. Boris FX

Having won a host of world-class technology awards for the contribution to post-production workflows, Boris FX has been skilled in developing video editing software plug-ins for industry-level video visual effects. Moreover, it is compatible with most of the professional video editing software like Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro, Magix Vegas Pro, Avid, and more. Coupling with Boris FX plug-ins and video editing software, you will not be far away from Hollywood special-effect movies.

Boris FX Plug-ins
Boris FX plug-ins


  • • You can make a stunning green screen effect with this plug-in.
  • • Compatible with well-known video editing software on the market.


  • • Sold for an extremely high price.
  • • Steep learning curve.

2. EZ green screen

EZ green screen is a plug-in helps you separating contents from green/blue background and blending materials to a new backdrop in 1-click within Adobe Photoshop. Besides, EZ green screen harnesses Spill Correction, Edge Hair Coloring, Dual Mask, Lighting, etc., giving you the ability to make NBA style posters with your own hands.

EZ Green Screen
EZ green screen


  • • Make crisp and clean extraction with ease
  • • Small volume of the plug-in


  • • Photos will be imposed upon a grid watermarked in trial version.

3. Green Screen Wizard

Green Screen Wizard masters of keying out foreground from green/blue background and compositing the foreground to another background. But you should note that it is an application, not a plug-in. In addition to Windows and Mac, it is also available to phone and tablet.

To remove the green screen backdrop, click Load Foreground at the main screen to import a green screen material, and the green screen background will be automatically removed. Then click on Load Background to replace the original green backdrop. Check Mouse Move and Scale Options to position two layers and adjust photo color in the Adjustment tab.

Green Screen Wizard
Green Screen Wizard


  • • Cross-platform application: it's available on Windows/Mac/Linux


  • • Photos will be watermarked in trial version.
  • • There could be color stain on the extraction.

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