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Specifications: Supported OS, Input, Output

How to Create a New Project

Introduction to the Interface

Using Timeline (Ripple Edit, Time Stretch...)

Introduction to Preference Settings

How to Import Media for Editing

How to Preview Your Project

How to Change Resolution

How to Export Your Project

Using Shortcuts
(29 Shortcuts Built in)

Enable Hardware Acceleration

Update Your Graphics Driver

Quick Workflow

Create Your First Video | Start to Finish

How to Create a Slideshow Video

Edit and Sync Video to the Beat

Make GoPro/Action Videos Cinematic

Make DJI/Drone Videos Cinematic

How to Create an Epic Sports Video

Balance Video Quality, Size and Speed

Editing Videos

Cut and Split for Precise Editing

Copy, Paste, Delete and Ripple Delete

Re-Sequence Clips Efficiently

How to Rotate and Flip
a Video

Zoom In or Zoom Out on a Video

Crop, Resize and Customize Aspect Ratio

Speed Up a Video (Over 36x, 72x Faster)

Slow Down & Create Slow-Motion Video

How to Reverse Play a Video

Add Background Image to Video

How to Add Black Bars (Borders) to a Video

Make Lens Correction (Fix Fisheye)

Denoise Video and Improve Image Quality

How to Add Watermark to a Video

Add Background Music and Sound Effects

Edit Video Frame by Frame

What is Keyframe | Add Keyframes

Extract Audio for Speech-to-Text

Creative Editing

Using Speed Ramping (Variable Speed Change)

Using Motion Editor (Keyframes Built in)

Create Cinematic Camera Movements

Compositing with Blend Mode

Flexible Ways to Create Split Screen Video

Create Picture in Picture Video

Using Chroma Key (Green Screen)

Transitions and Effects

Add Transitions to Videos (60+ Presets Built in)

Add Effects to Videos (50+ Presets Built in)

Editing 101: 10 Cuts and Transitions

Editing Colors

Color Correction and Color Grading

Using 3D LUTs
(90+ Presets Built in)

Editing Audios

Introduction to Audio Editor

Adjust the Volume
Fade In/Out

Mute Audio (Mute Sections of a Video)

Detach Audio (Split Video and Audio Tracks)

Reduce Background Noise from Video

Record Voiceover and Change Voice

Using Audio Equalizer (14 EQ Presets Built in)

Using Audio Analyzer
(3 Modes Built in)

Adjust Audio Speed Without Changing Pitch

Add Filters to Audios
(12 Presets Built in)

Editing Images

Get Creative with Image Overlay

Fix Image Noises and Grains

Edit Image with Effects and Filters

Advanced Image Color Editing

Editing Text

Introduction to Text Editor

Add Text, Title, or Subtitle to Video

Add and Edit
Credit Titles

Add Text Overlay Using Blend Mode

Add Video Inside Text (Cinematic Opening)