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  • Convert from video to video, or extract audio from video files
  • Transcode audio files in popular lossless or lossy codec formats
  • Backup DVD (99-title, workout or damaged) into video or audio

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Popular Articles

Here is the chance to give your media files a new life. Transcode video to video/audio to audio to avoid large file size and playback issue. Extract video and music from DVD to make it accessible anywhere!

Video to Video/Audio

What can video transcoding help you? It could be the key when playback error happens or when you need to compress large file size...

Audio to Audio

Find the solutions to re-encode lossless or lossy audio files, with high audio quality remained. GPU acceleration will boost the conversion...

DVD to Video/Music

Detailed guides and tips on converting both old and new DVDs to all kinds of video and audio files, and balancing the output quality and the file size...

Video to Video/Audio

You will get solutions of video to video transcoding, such as H.264 to H.265, video to video remuxing, such as MKV H.264 to MP4 H.264, video to audio extracting and best video settings in bitrate, frame rate, resolution, etc.

How to Remux Video MKV to MP4?

Remux is a great way to change the video container, without re-encoding happening. In this guide, we will tell you how to remux MKV to MP4 within just 3 steps.

By Farrah Penn
Jul. 17, 2019
How to Convert a DAT to MP4 Video File?

If you can't open DAT file on your iPhone, Android, Mac, Windows 7, etc, convert DAT to MP4, the most readable video format on a computer first!

By Farrah Penn
Aug. 12, 2019
30fps vs 60fps vs 120fps vs 240fps

Want to know what video frame rate is and what fps is best for your HD/4K video record or editing? This article will give you the answers.

By Alisa Cassiel
Aug. 7, 2019

How to Extract Audio from MP4 Video?

Video formats like XviD and MP2V are uncommon, and it is difficult to find a proper video editor that supports them. And this problem is with audio formats.

Kayla Collins Aug. 23, 2019 Format

VBR vs. CBR: Output Quality and Encoding Speed

This post will compare Constant Bit Rate with Variable Bit Rate in output quality and encoding speed.VBR vs CBR, advantages and disadvantages, how to change VBR to CBR, etc.

Eric Pascal Aug.15,2018 Bit rate

What the Differences between 1080i and 1080p?

Most of us may get confused about what is 1080i and 1080p. Actually, both of them have the same resolution of 1920*1080 but have differences at 4 respects...

Gabriel Coleman Jul. 19, 2019 Resolution

Audio to Audio

Lossless audio codec preserve intact audio data, but in huge file size. Lossy audio format makes music easier to upload and share, but losing quality. Which audio format should you choose? Here are the answers.

How to Convert FLAC to MP3 on PC/Mac?

This post will introduce you a one-click FLAC to MP3 converter with guide on how to convert a large FLAC audio file to high-quality MP3 music format.

By Kayla Collins
Aug. 12, 2019
How to Convert MP3 to AAC without Quality Loss?

It is noted that the conversion between MP3 and AAC is closely related to the process of decoding and re-encoding during which loss of quality certainly happens.

By Kayla Collins
Aug. 28, 2019
How to Convert WMA to WAV with A Few Clicks?

You will find it an annoying job to do if your targeted audio files are of WMA (Windows Media Audio) format. Thus, in most cases, you need to convert WMA to WAV.

By Nicole Moore
Coming soon

How to Convert MP3 to M4R Ringtone for iPhone?

M4R is the only ringtone format for iPhone. However, the music in the mainstream music market is usually in MP3 format. So, that's why most of the time you need to convert MP3 to M4R.

Kayla Collins Aug. 27, 2019 Codecs

DVD to Video/Music

Storing, archiving… your DVD shelf shouldn't bear that much! By digitizing your old home and movie DVDs, you can upload the videos to the cloud, save them to the hard drive, USB flash drive, etc. Various tips on converting, transcoding, remixing and copying DVDs are here.

How to Create ISO Images from DVDs?

Create an ISO image from a DVD on Windows whether it has built-in ISO creator or not, so that you can play, back up and share DVD videos easily.

Posted by Alisa Cassiel
Aug. 1, 2019
How to Convert a DVD to Digital Copy?

VUDU offers a convenient disc to digital service for mobile users; but if you are desktop users, things may be different. There's more than one way of conversion.

Posted by Farrah Penn
Aug. 27, 2019
Can't Play a Region-Locked DVD on PS4?

There are tricks to play DVDs from other regions on your PS4. If you cannot play your region-locked DVDs on your game console...

Posted by Kayla Collins
Sep. 6, 2019

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