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  • Convert video/audio to video/audio/image, batch tasks supported
  • Support all the popular and rare codecs: 420+ formats
  • High quality, easy steps, no watermark, up to 4K, 8K, HEVC
  • Add-ons to edit videos, copy DVD, record, download video music
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Best Video Converters for Mac (Free and Paid)

By Cecilia Hwung | Last Update:

Videos we record, download, edit, and received from other people are in various formats, and it's annoying when you cannot play back videos because of incompatibility issues.

Video converters surely deserve a place in the must-have Mac apps to make your life easier. If you are searching for the best video converter for Mac, you probably have one or some of the needs below:

  • Convert Video on Mac: change video container formats or codecs – such as convert MTS to MP4 on Mac, with or without re-encoding. Some Video Converters for Mac offer you the option to remux video, so that the video and audio stream inside won't undergo transcoding process.
  • Compress Video on Mac: convert video to a more efficient codec to save storage space. For instance, you can convert H264 to HEVC to save up to 50% at same image quality.
  • Convert Video to Audio: convert popular video formats into AAC, MP3, OGG and other mainstream audio to listen and enjoy anytime.
  • Convert Demanding Video to Old Mac Friendly Format: For instance, you can downscale 4K to 1080p with 4K video converter.
  • Video Process Toolbox: some video converters for Mac also come with handy toolbox to edit video, fix and enhance video, extract & add subtitles, download videos, copy DVDs, etc.

Below is the list of best Video Converters for Mac, read on to find one that suits your specific needs.

1. VideoProc Converter AI

Given the comprehensive feature set, high quality performance, and the unique level-3 hardware acceleration tech, VideoProc Converter AI is the overall best Video Converter for Mac.

It supports 370+ video and audio inputs, and 420+ output formats, empowering users to convert, edit, record and save videos easily and in original high quality.

As demanding as 4K HEVC, GoPro Long-GOP videos, rare codecs, or as daily as MP4, MKV, MOV, AVI, DVD, ISO, VIDEO_TS, AVCHD, WebM, QuickTime, MP3, AAC, Apple ALAC, etc, you can trust VideoProc Converter AI to make video playable and sharable.

VideoProc Converter AI Box

VideoProc Converter AI – Overall Best Video Converter for Mac

  • Convert media file to video/audio/image sequence, 420+ formats
  • Apple-ready output profile for Mac, Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, iPod
  • Convert to editing friendly format, ProRes for Final Cut Pro, iMovie
  • Toolkit to edit video, record screen, download video, copy DVD


Free Download For Win 7 or later
Free Download For Mac OS X 10.6 or later

Note: The Windows version now supports AI-powered Super Resolution, Frame Interpolation, and Stabilization to enhance video and image quality. These AI features are not yet available in the Mac version but will be coming soon.

In VideoProc Converter AI, for quick and easy operations, you can batch add videos, select high quality engine, choose export format, and click Run to start conversion.

VideoProc Converter AI for Mac Interface

For power users, you can manage codec settings before conversion, and take full control of how the converted video would be like. For instance, you can set bitrate mode, enable 2-pass encoding, change FPS, resolution, aspect ratio, and edit and trim videos easily.

Choose Conversion Formats in VideoProc Converter AI for Mac

Output format: Convert to 420+ output formats, such as HEVC, MP4, MOV, MKV, AVI, WebM, Mac-compatible QuickTime, ProRes, format profile for Final Cut Pro, iMovie, Apple TV, iPhone, audio format MP3, AAC, iPhone ringtone, M4A, etc.

Pricing: Free to use all features without watermark. Option to upgrade to premium version for videos longer than 5 minutes. Readers on this page can take advantage of the time-limited offer with coupon code "VIPSAVE".

Redeem coupon Save with code "VIPSAVE" >>

2. QuickTime Video Converter

Output format: It only supports converting to MOV (H264, HEVC), and MPEG AAC audio.

Pricing: Free on Mac

QuickTime can be repurposed as a free MOV video converter for Mac. As the pre-installed App on Mac, QuickTime Player saves you from downloading and installing applications. The only drawback is, you cannot convert video to MP4, MKV, WebM, and other popular formats. It only support MOV H264 and MOV HEVC.

For 720p and 480p conversion, the output video will be encoded with H264 and wrapped in the MOV container; for 1080p and 4K, it will ask you whether to go with greater compatibility (H264) or choose smaller file size (HEVC).

QuickTime Video Converter for Mac

For advanced users, one of the merits in QuickTime Player is that, it allows you to convert video while preserving the alpha channel – provided that the video format supports the transparency information. In this sense, when you are trying to convert ProRes 4444 video with an alpha channel, you shall see a tickbox to preserve the information.

For video to audio conversion, QuickTime Player supports exporting to MPEG audio.

3. Handbrake

Output format: MP4/M4V, MKV, WebM.

Pricing: Free on Mac

Handbrake is loved by technical know-how personnel and the hacking crowd. As a free and open-source video converter for Mac, or briefly the GUI for FFmpeg, its daunting interface can scare general users away. However, if you have solid knowledge of video transcoding, codec, compression, and know how to install plugins to extend the codec library, then Handbrake can be your trusted helper.

Handbrake Video Converter for Mac

Originally designed to convert DVD to digital video, Handbrake still preserves the interface that refers to the input video as titles, and it offers a dropdown menu to extract chapters from the disc. It can be confusing for users who simply want to convert videos on Mac, such as converting MKV to MP4.

The good news is, Handbrake incorporated many profiles for the target device you are going to play on. For instance, you can export video to iPhone compatible format. There are profiles for Xbox, Roku, Playstation, Chromecast, and general profiles that differentiate in image qualities.

The ability to export video in a batch is another feature that wins the heart of the techie. After adding multiple videos from Mac Finder to Handbrake, you can select the conversion mode and queue the task.

Handbrake also supports video pass-through and can force audio and video synchronization. There are other handy features such as changing the RF value to decide the quality level. Users familiar with the x264 RF value can manage the number from 51 to 0 to tweak with the quality in conversion.

4. DivX Video Converter

Output format: H264 MP4, HEVC, DivX, MKV, etc.

Pricing: Free, $19.99 Pro version

DivX Video Converter is actually a video suite, with converter, Media Server and Player. For users that only need a video converter for Mac, DivX is obviously offering more than what one need. If you are trying to build a personal entertainment center, with convert to prepare video format, server to stream video to DLNA-enabled device, then the DivX all-in-one solution is a nice choice.

DivX Video Converter for Mac

The free version of DivX converter supports converting video into MP4, DivX, HEVC, and MKV on Mac, more formats and codecs supports require the paid version. For instance, if you have DTS-HD audio, AC 3 audio, or you need to convert MPEG-2 and VC1 videos, upgrading DivX video converter is a must.

The paid version of DivX Converter also allows you to apply and save custom encoding settings, and apply simply editing to the video, such as cropping the borders, or add logos. The DivX player in the suite will be able to play HEVC-10 bit video in the Pro version.

For users looking for video formats that related to the old DVD and VCD age, DivX Converter offers additional paid plug-in for MPEG2, with encoders to convert TS, SVCD, VOB and other MPEG-2 video formats to DivX formats.

5. Any Video Converter Free

Output format: AAC, ASF, AVI, FLV, GIF, M4V, MOV, MP4, WebM, OGG, WMV, etc.

Pricing: Free, $39.95 AVC Pro and $49.95 AVC Ultimate.

Any Video Converter (AVC) is developed by AnvSoft, and it runs on multiplatform, including Mac, Windows and Android. With video conversion, DVD burning and simple video editing feature all included into one place, Any video converter Free is a popular video converter for Mac.

Any Video Converter for Mac Interface

It supports converting mainstream video and audio formats, and offers commodity device profiles if you don't know what format to convert to. As a converter with toolkit, it also plays the role of media player for DVD and ISO images. You can burn videos to DVD, add subtitles and improve video colors in AVC, too.

Any Video Converter also comes with two premium versions: $39.95 AVC Pro and $49.95 AVC Ultimate. The former supports CUDA and multi-core, and the later can take advantage of NVIDIA NVENC, Intel QSV, and AMD AMF. Any Video Converter free version lags behind when it comes to the conversion speed. An upgrading window will pop up after each conversion task, nudging you to purchase the paid version for more features.

Please note that Any Video Converter free version comes with bundled software during the installation. It will ask if you would love to install the ByteFence security program and set your default search engine to Yahoo. If you want a clean installation, make sure to uncheck the box for these two options.

6. Permute Video Converter

Output format: MOV, MP4, WMV, WAV, MP3, M4A, TIFF, JPEG, PNG, etc.

Pricing: $14.99

Permute is an easy-to-use video converter for Mac. Designed by the Fuel Collective, it probably has the sleekest user interface among other Mac video converters on the list. Permute also offers a dark mode to suite different user's taster, in line with the dark mode on macOS.

 Permute Video Converter for Mac Interface

Permute video converter for Mac offers a nice and easy user experience with large format supports, and it even allows you to convert NTSC and PAL DVDs. Besides converting video and audio, it also supports image file conversion. From Permute 3.2 and onward, users can convert images into Text using this Mac video converter.

Handy add-ons in Permute includes the ability to merge videos, adjust audio volume, and save custom profile parameters.

Although not every format supports all the possible fps settings, Permute keeps upgrading to accommodate for more needs. For instance, the DNxHD profile now added 24 fps and 25 fps into the settings.

7. Leawo Video Converter Ultimate

Export format: WMV, ASF, RMVB, FLV, MOV, MP4, M4V, MPEG, VOB, FLV, MTS, etc.

Pricing: $49.95 (Leawo Video Converter Ultimate)

Leawo Video Converter is a dedicated video converter for Mac, with video conversion, DVD ripping, 2D to 3D transforming, and bonus recording features.

Leawo Video Converter offers 100+ output formats configured for different commodity devices. You can convert video on Mac for later playing back on TV, iPhone, Xbox, HTC One, Galaxy phone, etc. Common formats such as RMVB, AVI, MOV, MKV, MPEG, WMV are well supported.

 Permute Video Converter for Mac Interface

Although using the default conversion profile is quick and easy, you might want to manually adjust codec settings for higher quality. Converting video on Mac using the default settings may result in video pixelation when time is the priority. Alternatively, you can go with higher quality, and wait longer for the process to finish.

Leawo Video Converter for Mac also includes photo slider show maker, a utility not found on other converters dedicated for transcoding. Though it lacks the modern transitions, the archaic design may found its way to users with a nostalgia mood.

If you want to enjoy features such as DVD copy, convert DVD to ISO, AVCHD folders, alongside the general video conversion features, then Leawo Video Converter product lines may not be the best choice. These DVD features are locked behind the paywall of Prof.Media, less competitively priced at $119.5.

8. FFmpeg

Export format: MPEG, AVC, HEVC, Motion JPEG, AV1, MP3, AAC, Theora, DTS, etc.

Pricing: Free

If you have solid video processing knowledge, and don't mind coding in the Mac Terminal tool, then FFmpeg is best free video converter for Mac. Born as the free and open source multimedia tool, FFmpeg has been around for more than two decades, with numerous contributors and developers.

For the techie type, FFmpeg is the Swiss Army knife for video conversion on Mac, and it also has Windows and Linux versions. FFmpeg is able to convert video and audio files into designated formats, as long as you have the corresponding codec libraries installed.

FFmpeg Video Converter

FFmpeg as the video converter for Mac supports essential codecs to convert MP4, MOV, MKV, AVI, with main stream codecs such as H264, MPEG-4, MP3, AAC, and so on. Users also have option to install additional libraries for more features. For HEVC encoding, you need to install libx265 for the x265 encoder.

For general users, the technical barrier is the top reason to give up on this free video converter for Mac. Many users quite at the very first step of installing FFmpeg on Mac.

To successfully convert videos and achieve various tasks such as trimming, extracting audio, compressing, cropping, etc, you need to be familiar with a plethora of FFmpeg commands, and know how to set parameters correctly to meet with your needs.

Comparison Chart of the Best Video Converters for Mac

Handbrake Alternatives Supported OS Ratings

VideoProc Converter

420+ formats


QuickTime Video Converter




MP4/M4V, MKV, WebM


DivX Video Converter

MP4, HEVC, DivX, etc.


Any Video Converter Free

10+ formats


Permute Video Converter

10+ formats


Leawo Video Converter Ultimate

10+ formats



200+ formats


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