Audio Editing Solutions

Better edit music and sound to take your video to the next level

  • Essential editing features: add, merge, cut, and convert music video.
  • Extract audio from video without re-encoding at 1:1 quality.
  • Remove background noise to enhance your footage.
  • Fully support level-3 hardware acceleration.

Let's Create Mood and Tone by Editing Audio in Your Video

Audio plays a huge role in defining the atmosphere and feeling of your video project. Using a non-linear video editor with powerful audio editing panel, you can add multiple music tracks and play around with the waves. You can easily trim music, cut to the beat, add sound effects, and adjust volume in straight-forward ways.

Real quick, before we dive into audio editing tutorials, maybe we should address the first question:

How to Add Background Music to a Video?
Want to add music and sound effects to enhance your videos? Whether you are using Windows Movie Maker, iMovie, Premiere, or online tools, this in-depth article covers tutorials for users at all level, featuring more than 10 methods depending on your favorite tools.

Audio Editing Tips, Tricks and Hacks

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How to Remove Vocals from a Song - 5 Vocal Isolators and Removers
To isolate vocals from a song doesn't mean you can remove the lyrics or singings completely. There are many situations for different songs.
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Best Music Visualizer 2020 - How to Make a Music Visualizer
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Best Voice Changer for Discord and Audio Editing in 2020
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How to Compress Audio Files for Spotify, SoundCloud, Deezer
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How to Remove Sound from Video in Windows 10/iMovie/Online
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2020 Best Audio Mergers - Combine Audio Files on Windows 10 and mac OS X
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