An Expert to Process GoPro Videos

Process & Resize GoPro Footages wihtout Quality Loss

GoPro 4K footages feature large file size and sometimes have shakey images for filming on the move, fisheye lens for FOV settings. To process GoPro 4K videos properly can help get smaller size and better looking.

6 Methods to Resize GoPro 4K Video Without Quality Loss

We'll explain how to compress and reduce file size of GoPro 4K videos without quality loss for YouTube, Instagram, email, Dropbox, WhatsApp, Adobe Premiere Pro, etc.

Farrah Penn August 30, 2018 Resize
How to Compress and Reduce GoPro Video for YouTube Instagram

Upload GoPro big video to YouTube/Instagram failed again? Resort to the top GoPro video compressor - VideoProc - to reduce GoPro video with up to 90% size off while keeping high quality.

Kayla Collins Sept. 3, 2018 Compress
How to Convert GoPro 4K Video from HEVC to H264 without Quality Loss

GoPro 4K HEVC video won't play on PC? GoPro HEVC footage unable to play on iPhone Android via GoPro app? If so, convert and transcode GoPro 4K HEVC video to H.264 with high quality.

Kayla Collins Aug. 31, 2018 Convert

Enhance Poor Quality after Editing/Uploading

Quality problems usually happens after editing or uploading to YouTube/Instagram etc. Video audio not syncing, blurry images are the most common issues. Follow the troubleshooting tips to retain original quality or enhance images/audios for later sharing.

GoPro Video Looks Bad? Fixed with GoPro Video Quality Enhancer

Undesired blur, grain, shake, noise in GoPro videograph is annoying! Go to improve the bad quality easily with GoPro video quality enhancer.

Posted by A.J. McCann
September 7, 2018
GoPro Out-of-sync Audio: How to Sync Hero 6/5 Sound and Image

Use our tips to easily fix GoPro Hero 6/5 raw footage lags behind the audio when importing to iPhone, VLC, Premiere Pro, Lightworks, etc.

Posted by Gabriel Coleman
August 30, 2018
How to Reduce Wind/Background Noise on GoPro Video

You may have produced a brilliant 4K footage but the noisy sound actually plays a disruptive role. Follow our plan to reduce noise on your GoPro videos.

Posted by May
August 8, 2018

GoPro Apps - Tutorials, Errors and Fixes

GoPro released GoPro Studio (not available to download now) and Quik for users to view, edit and upload their recordings. How to use the apps to make a better GoPro clip? If encountering playback or eidting problems when using the two apps, how to fix? Check solutions now!

GoPro Quik vs. VideoProc: Which is Easier to Cut/Trim GoPro Videos

GoPro Quik or VideoProc, which is better to cut GoPro footage? This post will introduce a rundown of differences on HERO 6/5 video trimming.

Posted by Timothy
August 15, 2018
Quick Won't Import Files: How to Get GoPro File Imported Properly

GoPro Quik no files to import? How to fix 0 files added error with ease? Follow these methods to solve this GoPro Quik problem.

Posted by May
August 10, 2018
GoPro Quik Playback Errors: Fixed by VideoProc

Experiencing GoPro Quik playback errors, like choppy playback, no images? follow us to fix Quik won't play video problems with VideoProc.

Posted by Christine
August 8, 2018

More Tips and Guides of GoPro Video Processing

More useful tricks to process GoPro footages, from 4K to slow-motion, time-laspe etc.

HERO 7 Black vs. HERO 6 Black: Head-to-head Comparison

Is it worth buying HERO 7 Black? Is it really much better than the former HERO 6 Black tagged with the same price? Follow us to dig out all similarities and differences between new GoPro HERO 7 Black and HERO 6 Black.

Carissa Morland November 7, 2018 HERO 7

GoPro HERO 7 Black HyperSmooth: Is It Actually Perfect for 4K Video?

Does GoPro HERO 7 Black HyperSmooth work perfectly with 4K video? Should we enable HyperSmooth while recording 4K videos? Here're the answers.

Farrah Penn October 31, 2018 HERO 7

How to Fix GoPro HERO 7 Black Live Streaming Not Working

Posts from HERO 7 community figure out how popular live streaming is and on the other hand how frustrating users try to stream GoPro lives online. One of the most frequently mentioned problems is live streaming not working on GoPro HERO 7 Black. Want to live this feature up on your GoPro? Here's how to do.

Carissa Morland October 30, 2018 HERO 7

GoPro Studio not Available. Here's an Easy Alternative [2018]

GoPro Studio is no longer available for download on GoPro official site, so let me introduce you an easy and versatile GoPro Studio alternative to edit GoPro video footages on PC and Mac.

Farrah Penn September 5, 2018 Alternative

Top 10 Apps Similar to GoPro Quik for Desktop [with Side-by-side Comparison]

List of top 10 apps similar to GoPro Quik for desktop. Check the top 10 alternatives to GoPro Quik video editor to edit GoPro 4K, 1080p videos. Convert, cut, merge, crop, flip, rotate, stabilize GoPro videos, add effects/watermark to GoPro video with best GoPro Quik alternatives.

Alisa Cassiel September 4, 2018 App

GoPro Footage Not Playing? Why and How to Fix with VideoProc

Learn why and how to fix GoPro video footage not playing on PC/Mac computer, iPhone, iPad, Android, TV or other devices. Jerky or choppy playback issue can be easily solved with VideoProc.

Farrah Penn September 3, 2018 Play

2018 GoPro Hero 7 Release Date, Specs, Price, Comparison and More

Check 2018 new GoPro Hero 7 release date, specs, features, price, etc. as well as compare GoPro Hero 7 with GoPro Hero 6/5 Black to see what new features are added into new GoPro Hero 7.

Alisa Cassiel Spetember 3, 2018 GoPro

GoPro Settings & News

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