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Explore AI Image Upscaler & Enhancer in VideoProc Converter AI

The AI image upscaler feature in VideoProc Converter AI uses deep-learning Super Resolution technology to upscale AI arts, old photos and low-resolution images by 2x, 3x, or 4x to even 10K resolution by generating real details. It can change resolution, enhance quality, remove noises, sharpen your pictures, as well as fix your compressed, blurry, and defocused images for better printing, sharing, cropping, showcasing, and archiving.

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Super Resolution for Images
Super Resolution for Videos

Elevate the Quality of Different Pictures and Photos

VideoProc Converter AI's Super Resolution is meticulously optimized to enhance the intricate details in pictures of animals, plants, architecture, traffic, scenic landscapes, interiors, skies, lakes, beaches, roads, and more, ensuring each image radiates unparalleled clarity and brilliance.

Print. Wallpaper. PPT.

Upscale Your AI Arts

Increase the image size and resolution of your AI arts produced by Midjourney, DALL E 2, Runway, Pika Labs and the like; enjoy the upscaled 4K/10K art pictures for printing, wallpaper, presentation, reproduction, zooming in, and so on.

Before After
Restore. Archive. Share.

Improve Your Old Photos

Restore and remaster old photographs, bringing modern clarity and sharpness to aged, blurry, grainy, pixelated and low-resolution photos. Enhance and archive documentary, vintage family photos, and important historical pictures.

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Zoom. Showcase. Advertise.

Optimized for Real-world Images

Use Super Resolution to showcase the beauty of architectures and landscapes; zoom in to view the details of plants, flowers, sky and natural wonders; offer a more immersive exploration of any real-world scenes and objects.

Before After
Enlarge. Deblur. Observe.

Make Animal Photography Clearer

Enhance the visual clarity and detail of animal photography even after zoomed in, allowing for a more vivid and lifelike portrayal of wildlife or pets, fostering a deeper appreciation for the intricacies of their features and behaviors.

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Create. Entertain. Collect.

Enhance Anime/Cartoon Pictures

Upscale anime/cartoon photos to 4K/8K/10K resolutions to acquire high-definition versions that not only offer superior details but also present the artwork in its most pristine form. Curate visually stunning cartoon posters, wallpapers, or game screenshots for collection.

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Post. Post-product. Profile.

Elevate and Sharpen Portraits

Elevate the quality of portraits from your street photography, random shots and professional works with enhanced clarity and sharpness, bringing out subtleties in expressions and textures for a sharpening and engaging representation.

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What Makes AI Image Upscaling Tool So Powerful

Regular upscaling techniques operate at the pixel level, resulting in blockiness and pixelation. In contrast, our AI image upscaler harnesses the power of deep learning, leverages Generative Adversarial Networks, kernel estimation and noise injection, allowing for the enhancement of images up to 10K, with authentic details and vibrant colors. Besides, it has superiorities over the average AI video enhancers. Explore the uniqueness as follows.

  • 3 Advanced AI Models

    AI Models for reality type of pictures and Anime images, as well as a separate model for higher quality.

  • Upscaling & Enhancement

    Offer 2x/3x/4x upscaling for display on larger screen and 1x enhancement to improve image quality.

  • GPU & CPU Compatible

    The Super Resolution tool has low computer configuration requirements, allowing for both GPU and CPU computation.

  • Well-trained Machine Learning

    Encompass Convolutional Neural Networks and deep learning, catering to diverse image enhancement requirements.

Make Your Images Clear from Every Aspect

Increase Resolution

Increase the image size and resolution to make your images bigger with one click. Without detail loss, pixelation, and blurs, you can enjoy the upscaled 4K/8K/10K art photos and pictures for printing, wallpaper, presentation, reproduction, zooming in, and so on.

Enhance Quality

The Super Resolution will enhance the quality of your images automatically, no matter whether you are choosing 1x enhancement or 2x/3x/4x scaling. You can use it to restore and archive old photographs, fix compressed/blurry/defocused pictures, retouch face details, and improve the image color.

Remove Noise

The AI image enhancer also assists in removing noise in your images. For instance, you can fix low-light noisy pictures or night shots, improve old photographs for restoration, and beautify a selfie for social sharing.


Sharpening enhances the definition of edges in images, especially those that come from a digital camera or a scanner. It will increase the contrast of the sharp edges and enhance the clarity and definition to make your photo sharper and more lifelike.

An Outstanding Image Enhancer for Everyone

People in different industries are using VideoProc Converter AI for image enhancement. They improve low-res, low-quality, grainy, and blurry photos/pictures for printing, e-commerce, social media, recreation, presentation, and more.

  • Make your product images appealing
    to boost sales
  • Turn low-quality images into large and
    wide 4K/10K design material
  • Revitalize cherished scenes
    in animation
  • Elevate the quality of photography works
  • Enhance your daily shots
    for social sharing
  • Scale up the featured real estate photos

How to Upscale and Enhance Images



Go to Super Resolution, and click Add Media or drag your image files or folder to import.


Upscale & Enhance

Choose Type and Denoise Level. Select 2x/3x/4x scaling or Enhance Video/Image (1x).



Select image format or quality if necessary. Hit RUN to export the enhanced image files.

Watch Video Tutorials for Image Super Resolution

Watch the video tutorials below to learn how to upscale and enhance various types of pictures, including old photos, AI arts, MidJourney images and so on using the advanced AI-powered Super Resolution feature of VideoProc Converter AI.

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