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By Farrah Penn | Updated: Aug. 11, 2020

It's a safe bet that readers of this article have a need for video editing. Yes, post-production is really necessary, if we want to make our GoPro footage remain high quality in 4K or HD to stun YouTubers and get thumb-ups. By doing this, we can trim off disappointing parts, add background music and opening titles, create slow or fast motion video, compress large file size sometimes, and so on. All those video editing tasks could be easily and quickly done with GoPro Studio - GoPro's official free video editing software that is compatible with both Windows and Mac. But what happened to GoPro Studio? Can we still download this app for free use? Please read through the article to find the answers.

Is Gopro Studio Discontinued?

Yes. GoPro Studio has been removed from Quik for desktop since the release of version 2.4 in August 2017. It seems that GoPro hopes to get people over to Quik by doing this. But Quik doesn't seem to measure up to GoPro Studio in terms of video editing features, speed, and ease of use. One notable example is that Quik is inefficient to create a GoPro styled time lapse video from still photos.

Alternatively, you can download a GoPro Studio alternative to edit large/4K videos.

edit GoPro video
Download the best GoPro Studio alternative for large/4K videos
VideoProc - Edit Your Videos Easily
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Part 1. Is There a GoPro Studio Download Link on GoPro Official Website?

No. You cannot download GoPro Studio for Mac or Windows from GoPro official site. Even if it has a page that seems to download GoPro Studio version 2.5.7, it does not work for real downloading. GoPro doesn't host a download of GoPro Studio anywhere on its site. We can only find GoPro App, Passenger, GoPro Fusion Studio, and Quik for desktop in GoPro's App page.

In the following part, we'll show you where to download GoPro Studio successfully without getting a virus or other malicious stuff, and how to use GoPro Studio to edit GoPro video footage. Please read on!

Part 2. Where Can We Download GoPro Studio for Windows and Mac?

Although it is unlikely to download GoPro Studio from its official site, we can still find GoPro Studio installation file from somewhere else. However, you'd better not to download files from someone you don't trust, for security reasons.

Even on some big websites, the result may frustrate you. For example, when you try to download Version for Windows 7, 8, 10 from Softonic, the software you will get is actually Fusion Studio 1.3, not GoPro Studio 2.5.

So we have tried these download links for you and recommend two real, and trusted download sites for you to download GoPro Studio.

Part 3. How to Edit GoPro Videos with GoPro Studio?

Once you've downloaded GoPro Studio installer on your PC or Mac, simply install it following the onscreen instructions. Once finished, you can follow our guide below to edit GoPro video. Here we take the editing of a GoPro 4K 60fps video as an example.

Step 1. Import target GoPro 4K videos into GoPro Studio.

First, transfer your GoPro 4K videos from the camera's memory card to the computer. Then, open GoPro Studio, resize the window as needed, and click IMPORT NEW FILES blue button on the left side of the interface to choose and open the GoPro footage you want to edit.

Step 2. View, trim, tweak settings, and convert.

After loading to GoPro Studio, you can play and trim 4K videos. Drag and drop the playhead to where you want the video to begin and click the Mark In button, and drag the playhead again to where you want the video to end and Mark Out button.

Additionally, you can rotate/flip video, change file name and save path, and perform advanced settings including resolution, frame rate, playback speed, file format, and quality. If you want the settings to be applied to the next video, make sure to check REMEMBER SETTINGS before clicking OK. After that, you can click ADD CLIP TO CONVERSION LIST to add videos for converting. If all videos are added, click CONVERT ALL to start converting. Once completed, you will see PROCEED TO STEP 2 button at the bottom right of the screen. Click it and you'll be directed to STEP 2 EDIT panel.

load GoPro 4K footage to GoPro Studio
Step 3. Add Title for your GoPro 4K footage.

As the screenshot shows, you can use one of the edit templates that GoPro Studio offers or create your movie from scratch. To use the premade template, all you have to do is to replace the video with your own file.

choose an edit template on GoPro Studio

To create one by yourself, you need to click BLANK TEMPLATE and then hit CREATE. Next, click TITLE at the top left corner. Then, find TITLE PROPERTIES in the right column and type the words that you want to present in the video, and then adjust text settings such as font, size, and color. Once done, you can drag your title to DRAG VIDEO HERE. But if you want your title to appear superimposed on the video, simply drag it to DRAG TITLE HERE.

Step 4. Add and edit video.

Click MEDIA to add video, and then you can drag the 4K video from the left column next to the clip you added earlier. Next, go to the right column, open the drop-down menu of VIDEO CONTROLS, AUDIO CONTROLS, WHITE BALANCE, IMAGE CONTROLS and FRAMING CONTROLS, to make some settings, for example, video speed, fade in, fade out, audio level, image exposure, contrast, and more.

edit video with GoPro Studio
Step 5. Add music.

Click MEDIA, select and open target music you want to import into your GoPro video, and then drag it from the left column to DRAG AUDIO HERE timeline.

Step 6. Export video.

After you finish all edits, simply click STEP 3 EXPORT tab. Then, the Export Window will pop up. You will see eight options including YouTube, Vimeo, Mobile Device, HD 720p, HD 1080p, UHD 4K, Archive/Edit, and Custom. The last one gives you full manual control over all export settings including file format [H.264(MP4), CineForm AVI, CineForm MOV], frame size, frame rate, and bitrate. To remain UHD quality, here we select UHD 4K and click EXPORT. Or choose Custom and select "4K 16:9 (3840X2160)" in FRAME SIZE. Then, leave the rest to GoPro Studio.

export video from GoPro Studio

Part 4. Fix Problems and Download a GoPro Studio Alternative

So, that is how GoPro Studio works. But there are probably problems coming up in practice. Many users, me included, have encountered GoPro Studio crashing, freezing, or not responding issue on Windows and also Mac especially when editing large 4K videos. The errors also happen when importing, exporting, converting, editing, dragging title/music/video, or doing other operations. Yes, this issue could happen at any time.

Luckily, it may be fixed by one of the troubleshooting tips below:

▶ Download the latest version ( of GoPro Studio. If it is already the new release, uninstall and reinstall it to try again.
▶ Right click on GoPro Studio, go to Properties, click Compatibility tab, and check Run this program in compatibility mode for Windows 7.
▶ Make sure your computer meets GoPro Studio's minimum system requirements.
▶ Run GoPro Studio as administrator.
▶ Run your computer in safe mode.
▶ Install the Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable Package.
▶ Check if you have the latest Windows Updates and Service Packs.
▶ Remove non-English letters in the filenames or folders if there are.
▶ Turn off User Account Control in Windows Control Panel.
▶ Temporarily close anti-virus software.
▶ Exit other programs that you are not using.
▶ Contact GoPro customer support for help. Although GoPro Studio isn't available to download on official site, it is still supported as normal.

If none of the aforementioned fixes works, you still have a workaround to edit 4K GoPro video -- download GoPro Studio alternative program that support hardware accelerated 4K editing/encoding. There're many video editing tools that can process and edit GoPro video footage, such as VideoProc, VSDC, iMovie, Lightroom, After Effects and Final Cut Pro. All these programs are great choices. But VideoProc should be the preferred program if you want to download a powerful, simple, and affordable GoPro video editing software for Windows and Mac to edit and process 4K or large HD videos. Check what VideoProc can do for you >>

Free Download VideoProc for Windows/Mac to Have a Try!

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