GoPro Studio not Available. Here's an Easy Alternative

By Farrah Penn Updated: Jan. 2, 2020
GoPro Studio not Available. Here's an Easy Alternative [2020]

GoPro Studio is a piece of editing software specially created for video footages recorded with GoPro action cameras. It allows users to trim and mix video clips, change the speed of video to get fast or slow motion effect, remove fisheye, add title, music or audio track, adjust white balance, and do more. It is an intuitive tool which can help users create professional-quality videos with ease. With Quik for desktop being updated to version 2.4, however, GoPro Studio is no longer included in the installer package and isn't available to download as a single program from GoPro official website. So, people who have updated to Quik for desktop 2.4 or later can no longer find Gopro Studio and wonder what they can do to edit their GoPro video footages?

"I've been using GoPro Studio to make edits, and really loved it. Very user friendly and intuitive piece of software. However, it has stopped working over the last few days, and I understand that GoPro is no longer supporting it, so there is no option to uninstall and reinstall. What can I do?"

Instead of recommending some unofficial and even unsafe sites to download GoPro Studio, here we are going to introduce an easy-to-use GoPro Studio alternative - VideoProc - to help Windows and Mac users edit GoPro videos as ever.

edit GoPro video
The Easiest GoPro Studio Alternative for Windows and Mac
VideoProc - Process GoPro Video

Check Why VideoProc Can Work as GoPro Studio Alternative

VideoProc is integrated with Video Processing, DVD Conversion & Backup, Video Downloader, and Video Recorder. Get access to Video Processing, and you'll find there're an array of video editing features including but not limited to the followings:

• Trim off unwanted video clips

• Crop off meaningless area

• Join multiple footages into a single one

• Tweak playback speed for fast or slow motion

Adjust or remove GoPro fisheye effect

Stabilize shaky GoPro video

• Reduce the disturbing noise of GoPro footage

• Rotate videos by 90, 180, or 270 degrees

• Add text or image watermark, subtitle track

• Add a special effect to video

• Adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, and more

• Adjust codec, resolution, fps, & other parameters

Different from other advanced GoPro Studio replacements like Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro that are bulky and too complicated for beginners, VideoProc is much more lightweight and easier for those green hands. Another thing worth noting is that VideoProc processes videos - even large 4K files - at super fast speed by uniquely leveraging NVIDIA/Intel/AMD powered level-3 hardware acceleration technology to achieve remarkable speedup in video decoding, processing and encoding.

How to Edit GoPro Video with This GoPro Studio Alternative

Before you begin

1. Import your videos from GoPro camera's SD card to your computer hard drive.

2. Download and install VideoProc on your computer. This GoPro Studio is compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, and all popular operation systems of Mac.

Step 1. Load the GoPro footage you want to edit.

Open VideoProc, click "Video" to access Video Processing screen, and then click "+Video" button to import target GoPro video(s). VideoProc allows you to load any GoPro videos, no matter what resolution and what format they use.

load GoPro footage to GoPro Studio alternative
Step 2. Choose desired output format.

Look at the bottom of this interface and then specify which format you want to save your footage as. You can choose the same format the source file adopts, or a different one. In addition, it is available to click "Target Format" to get more presets.

load GoPro footage to GoPro Studio alternative
Step 3. Process GoPro footage editing.

• Editing options under pending file include: Effect, Watermark, Cut, Crop, Rotate, and Subtitle. When you get access "Edit Video" window, you can navigate to "Audio & Video" tab to change video playback speed and do other things.

edit options of GoPro Studio alternative
change GoPro video playback speed

• Editing options in Toolbox: Deshake, Denoise, Merge, Trim, Split, Rotate, Mirror & Flip, GIF, Fisheye.

toolbox of GoPro Studio alternative

• Click "Option" and you can tweak video audio parameter settings: bit rate, frame rate (fps), resolution, GOP, etc.

set GoPro video audio parameters
Step 4. Export edited GoPro footage.

Simply hit "RUN" and this GoPro Studio alternative will process your videos immediately as you want. Before you press this button, you can also check whether you need to change the output folder and whether you want to enable hardware acceleration engine.

run to process and edit GoPro video
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