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How to Cut/Trim and Merge GoPro 4K Videos from HERO 7/6/5 etc.
By Carissa Morland Updated: December 19, 2018

You do your best to film a perfect GoPro 4K footage. However, extra parts usually exist in the clip. It is very difficult to avoid potential interferences during filming, especially when you are moving. To make a greater clip for later sharing, what you can do is to cut the raw GoPro 4K file to remove redundant parts. And sometimes, you also need to join multiple segments together to make fragments compact with complete content or a totally fresh work full of imagination.

Well here, tutorials of how to cut and merge GoPro 4K footages will be detailedly presented.

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Cutting Tutorial: How to Trim GoPro 4K Footage

Cutting helps us get rid of unwanted or unnecessary parts of GoPro video while splitting allows us to divide a video into several parts to meet online huploading requirements of size, length and bandwidth. Here, we will introduce how to cut/trim and how to split GoPro videos with VideoProc separately.

How to Cut/Trim GoPro 4K Videos

Step 1. Launch VideoProc and click Video Button.
Step 2. Click +Video button to import your GoPro 4K file(s). No matter what format the footage is, HEVC or H.264, VideoProc can well handle.
Step 3. Move to the bottom of the interface and click Video tab. Select one format as output format, for example MP4 H264.
Step 4. Click Cut icon.
You can see Original and Preview window as well as a progress bar where two green knobs are located. Drag the knobs to adjust start and end time. Then, click Cut button. After the cut segment is confirmed, click Done.

Tip 1: The cut segment is put in the panel and named Clip 1. You can click Edit button to reassign start and end time by dragging knobs or manually inputting specific hour/minute/second.

Tip 2: You can cut several clips (clip 1/2/3…) and all the clips will be merged into one video.

Step 5. If necessary, click Browse button to define a new output folder to save the resulting file. Next, click RUN button to cut your GoPro 4K video(s).

How to Split GoPro 4K Video

If you have recorded a big 4K footage (> 1GB), for example a time-lapse video, using HERO 7/6/5, you may need to split it into several parts. In the following, let's learn how to divide GoPro 4K footage into multiple parts equally.

Step 1. Launch VideoProc and click Video Button.
Step 2. Click +Video button to import your GoPro 4K video(s).
Step 3. Move to the bottom of the interface and click Toolbox button. Find Split and click it.
Step 4. You can double click Split button or click the pencil icon next to video title or click Codec Option button to access to setting window.

• On the left panel, a mini player is shown. Because trimming feature is built in, you can drag the knobs or manually input specific time to cut the video to discard extra parts.

• On the right panel, you can find that your video has been splits into 10 segments by default. You can adjust the number as you want. Also, you can choose to split video depending on seconds (Default: split video every 60 seconds).

After all settings are well arranged, click Done.

Step 5. Click Browse button to set a new output folder if necessary. Next, click RUN button to make VideoProc split your GoPro 4K video(s).

Merging Tutorial: How to Join Multiple GoPro 4K Footages into One

GoPro cameras feature file chaptering to automatically split a video recording into multiple files to prevent the corruption of one file from influencing other chapters. If you're using HERO 7/6/5, the maximum size of a chapter is 4GB. And, a 4K GoPro recording with the length over half an hour is probably split into several parts. Generally, you can watch full video on GoPro but one chapter on computer. And if you would like to edit or upload the whole video later, it is suggested to merge GoPro 4K clips into a single file with VideoProc.

Step 1. Launch VideoProc and then click Video button.
Step 2. Click +Video button to import all split GoPro chapters.
Step 3. Move to the bottom of the interface. Click Toolbox tab and select Merge option.
Step 4. Double click Merge button to access to setting window.

It has given a notice that all files will be merged into a H.264 file. Then, choose the resolution. Generally, all chapters are in the same resolution so there will be just one option. If there are several videos in different resolutions, the option will be varied. High resolution is always the better choice.

After that, click Done.

Step 5. Click Browse button to define a new output folder if necessary. Next, click RUN button to start merging your GoPro 4K clips.

How to Cut and Merge Videos at one Time?

VideoProc features a combination of cutting and merging to help you trim each GoPro 4K video at first and then merge all clips into one file.

Method 1:

1. Click "+Video" button to import all GoPro 4K footages you would like to merge later.

2. Click "Video" tab on the bottom of the interface and select an output format for merged file, for example "MP4 H264".

3. Select one video and click "Cut" button. Follow the cutting tutorial to trim the video. Then select and trim other videos one by one.

4. Check "Merge" option.

5. Click "RUN" button to start cutting and merging. Also, you can set a new output folder before running.

Method 2:

1. Click "+Video" button to import all GoPro 4K footage you would like to merge later.

2. Click "Toolbox" tab on the bottom of the interface and select "Merge" option.

3. Select one video and click pencil icon next to video title or "Codec Option" button to access to setting window.

4. On the left panel, there is a preview window. Two green knobs appear on the progress bar. Drag them or manually input specific hour/minute/second to set start/end time to trim the video. Next, click "Done".

5. Select another video and repeat 3 and 4 to cut video.

6. Click "RUN" button to cut and merge videos.

What More Can VideoProc Process GoPro 4K Footages

• Compress and resize GoPro 4K (slow-motion/time-lapse) HEVC/H.264 videos into smaller size for YouTube, Instagram, Email etc, while keeping high quality.

• Stabilize shaky images; reduce audio noise; correct fisheye lens, rotate and flip videos; extract 4K snapshot from GoPro footages.

• Take full advantage of hardware acceleration (Intel/NVIDIA/AMD) to greatly speed up GoPro (4K) video encoding, decoding and processing.

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How to GoPro Video Processing Cut and Merge GoPro HERO 7/6/5 Footage

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