10 GoPro Editing Tips for Beginners - How to Edit GoPro Videos

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The small, handy and high-end GoPro action cameras GoPro Hero 8/7/6/5 are favored by many people, especially for extreme sports lovers. You can use GoPro to capture stunning videos in travelling, cycling, skydiving, skiing, surfing, underwater and more. You may not be satisfied with the original capture, and want to do some edits to make your GoPro footages into a masterpiece for sharing online.

In this tutorial, we cover some simple GoPro editing tips and tricks for beginners to help you turn your raw GoPro footage to marvelous video to share with the world. Detailed guides for how to edit GoPro video on Windows (10) PC and Mac with the best GoPro video editing software are also included.

Preparation: Organize your media

You may capture many GoPro video clips in travelling. At first, organize your GoPro footages before editing the GoPro video like dividing the footages into different folders and organize the video clips in a specific sequence, and this will save much time in your later GoPro video editing process, and you'll not mess around.

1. What Software Should You Use for GoPro Video Editing

Choosing a video editor for GoPro based on your skill. For beginners, GoPro's own Quik (not continued) or GoPro Studio (not continued) is often the common choice. Third-party easy-to-use video editor for both Windows 10/8/7 PC and Mac like VideoProc is also favored by many people for editing GoPro video footages. If you meet problems when editing GoPro videos with Quik or GoPro Studio, you can try VideoProc. While some other top video editing software similar to GoPro Quik like Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premiere Elements, Vegas Pro, Adobe After Effects also do a great job in GoPro editing, but you may need some time to learn how to use the software because they are more suitable for skilled or advanced users.

VideoProc is a professional GoPro video editing tool and very easy-to-operate even for novice users. You can use it to cut, trim, crop, merge, rotate & flip, stabilize GoPro video; add effect, subtitle, watermark to GoPro video; create timelapse, slow motion GoPro video by changing video speed; adjust video brightness, contrast, hue; export the edited GoPro video to MP4 H.264 or any preferred format; and more.

Best GoPro Editor - VideoProc
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2. Choose the Best Parts of Your GoPro Video Clips

You may record 1 hour of GoPro footage but only want a 60-sec, 30-sec, 15-sec, or 10-sec clip containing the best moments to upload to YouTube, Facebook, embed in your personal vlogs or for other purposes, then you need to cut, merge the clips.

How to Edit, Cut, Trim, Merge, Crop GoPro Videos on PC/Mac with VideoProc

Free download this 100% clean GoPro video editor software – VideoProc – on Windows 10/8/7 or Mac computer, and follow the tutorial below on how to cut, trim, merge, crop GoPro video footages in a few clicks at ultrafast speed.

Step 1. Load Source GoPro Footage

Launch VideoProc and click "Video" button. Then click "+Video" to select and load source GoPro footages. You can add all the needed GoPro raw videos for batch editing.

Next choose a preferred output format like MP4 H264 from the "Target Format" column. VideoProc provides hundreds of formats and device profiles incl. iPhone XS for users.

Add Source GoPro Video Footage
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Step 2. Cut, Trim, Merge, Crop GoPro Video

1. How to cut GoPro video with VideoProc

Click "Cut" icon. Drag the two green knobs and click the orange "Cut" icon to cut your needed clip. You can follow the same operation to cut other needed clips. Then click "Done" and the cut GoPro video clips will be merged into one later if you cut more than one clips.

click cut video button
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how to cut GoPro video
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2. How to trim GoPro video with VideoProc

Click "Toolbox" at the bottom and double click "Trim". Then set "Start Time" and "End Time" or directly drag the two green knobs to trim a video clip.

how to trim GoPro video
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3. How to merge GoPro video with VideoProc

Import all cut GoPro video clips, and remember to click "Merge" button on the main UI. >> How to Merge Video

4. How to Crop GoPro Video with VideoProc

Click "Crop" icon and tick "Enable Crop". Drag the frame to crop the GoPro video to cut unwanted areas.

Crop GoPro Video
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Step 3. Save the Output GoPro Video Clip

Optionally click "Browse" to choose a destination folder to store the output video. Hit "RUN" to start processing the video at ultrafast speed.

3. Add Effects Filters to Improve Visual Quality

To make your GoPro video spectacular, another thing you can do is to use filters. GoPro filters are used in 10-80 feet of water to help bring out the correct colors in your underwater GoPro video. There are some available filters for capturing video with GoPro.

Red Filter: Used in blue water.

Magenta Filter: Used in green water.

Macro Filter: Used to shoot small subjects.

Switchblade 5 Filter: Flip between red filter for wide-angle and macro lens for small subjects.

Polarizing Filter: Used topside to control reflected light.

Neutral Density Filter: Used topside to slow the shutter speed.

You can also add special effects to GoPro video with VideoProc to make your GoPro video look unique. Also follow the guide above to add source video into VideoProc, and click "Effects" icon to choose and apply preferred effect to video. You can preview the output in the right window. You can also adjust the video brightness to make dark GoPro video brighter.

add special effect to video with videoproc
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4. Adjust Output Video Audio Settings

As for GoPro video editing, you may also need to adjust the video audio parameters like changing the resolution (e.g. compress 4K GoPro video to 1080p), bit rate, frame rate, aspect ratio, profile level, etc. to meet the uploading requirements of YouTube or other online sites. VideoProc can help you realize these GoPro video editing operations in an extremely simple way even for beginners. Just click "Codec Option" button to open the video audio parameter settings window to choose preferred output resolution, etc.

adjust video audio parameters
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5. How to Keep Your GoPro Shoots More Stable

GoPro Hero 7 Black equips a new video stabilization tech - HyperSmooth Stabilization, supporting video stabilization in recording smoother 4K 60fps video. To achieve stable video recording, you can also use a gimbal or tripod.

The GoPro video footage can be also stabilized in GoPro post-editing. GoPro Quik and GoPro Studio don't have this function. Luckily, VideoProc is also a top video stabilizer to stabilize your GoPro (4K) video in one click and be able to export sharp video quality as well.

Settings for Video Stabilization
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6. How to Speed Up a GoPro Video

Talking about GoPro video editing, sometimes you may want to speed up a GoPro video, GoPro Studio, GoPro Quik and some other best GoPro video editors can accomplish this. Since GoPro Studio is not available any longer and GoPro Quik is only available for Windows 10 60bit PC. Here we'll introduce how to speed up a GoPro video on PC/Mac with VideoProc mentioned in this post. Firstly make sure you've downloaded and installed this 100% clean program on your PC or Mac.

Step 1. Click "+Video" to load source GoPro footage. Then click "Rotate" icon to enter into the GoPro video editing window.

Step 2. Tap "Audio & Video" option. Drag the playback speed bar to speed up the video, 1.5x, 2x, etc.

Step 3. Click "Done". Hit "RUN" to start processing the GoPro video with a timelapse output at lightning speed.

7. How to Create Smooth GoPro Slow Motion Videos

To convert GoPro video to slow motion video, normally you can change the video playback speed to 60% or so, but not too much, since if you slow down the video playback speed overly like changing to 25%, the video may look choppy and can't play. You can follow the GoPro video speed up guide above to easily slow down GoPro video with VideoProc.

slow-mo GoPro footages
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8. Correct Fisheye to Make GoPro Video Look Normal

If you use wide or superview angle to record GoPro videos, you may find the GoPro video is distorted to varying degrees even though you capture more viewing content, giving a fisheye look. Correcting or removing GoPro fisheye distortion to make the video look more normal is another GoPro video editing tip.

gopro fisheye correction
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9. Music and Soundtracks Make Good Sense

GoPro Quik provides 10 soundtracks for free accounts. Some other top GoPro video editing software also offers beautiful background music for editing GoPro video. You can also free download free music soundtracks from online free music sites like SoundCloud, YouTube Channel Global Sound Promotion, etc. to add into your GoPro video later.

VideoProc also allows you to free download music, playlists, channel from YouTube, SoundCloud, Vevo and more. Support 1000+ video/music sites.

How to Free Download Music/Playlist/Channel from YouTube with VideoProc

Free download and install VideoProc on PC or Mac, and follow the guide below to free download music from YouTube.

Step 1. Run VideoProc and click "Downloader" button. Click "Add Video" or "Add Music" button.

Step 2. Go to YouTube or other sites to open and play the video/music. Copy and paste the URL and click "Analyze".

Step 3. Choose a preferred output format and quality, and click "Download Selected Videos". Then click "Browse" to choose an output folder to store the downloaded video audio. Hit "Download now" to start downloading video music in a flash.

Free Download Music with VideoProc
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10. Choose a Suitable Output Format to Save Video

If you'd like to upload the edited GoPro videos to YouTube, Facebook, or other online sites. Output video format should also be considered in GoPro video editing process. A top GoPro (4K) video editor should offer as many as output formats and device profiles for choice, to convert GoPro video for flawless playback on PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, or upload to YouTube, etc. GoPro Hero 7/6 Black can record video encoded in HEVC codec (half size of H.264). VideoProc is a professional powerful (4K) video converter enabling you to fast convert GoPro (4K) HEVC to MP4 H.264 which is compatible with most players/devices and online sites.

PC video formats: MP4, AVI, WMV, H.264, MPEG, MOV. (HEVC is only supported by Windows 10).

iPhone/iPad/Mac video formats: MP4, MOV, M4V. (HEVC is only supported by macOS High Sierra or above, iOS 11 iPhone 7 or later, iPad 6, iPad Pro 10.5 inch, iPad Pro 11 inch, iPad Pro 12.9-inch 2nd generation or later).

Android video formats: MP4, H.264, 3GP, WebM. (Most Android devices don't support HEVC).

YouTube video formats: MP4, MPEG4, FLV.

Facebook video formats: MP4, MOV, AVI, FLV.


To get the most out of GoPro footages by editing GoPro videos is essential for vloggers, video editing lovers or professionals. By browsing the 10 GoPro editing tips and tricks, as well as tutorials of how to edit GoPro videos on PC/Mac with VideoProc above, hope you can cut, trim, crop, merge, rotate, stabilize, speed up, slow down, adjust, convert GoPro video, add effects/subtitle/watermark to GoPro video, and more with no hassle now. Download and try this best all-in-one (GoPro) video software – VideoProc.

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