How to Make Videos Slow Motion with 4 Easy Slo-mo Video Editors?

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Shooting slow motion video on iPhone does not necessarily mean that you, pooff, get a slowed down video right away. The slo-mo shooting mode means that the device is shooting more frames per second to grab as more nitty-gritty details as possible within a given time.

For instance on an iPhone X, when you shoot a Parkour cat in slow motion, you are recording either at 120fps or 240 fps, which doubles and even quarters the usual frame rate of a normal video recording. Simply export your "slow-mo" video out from iPhone and see if VLC gives you the slow motion effect. The answer is negative.

Shooting high-speed video is just a beginning. To make the slow motion effect available anywhere or still want to alter the slow motion level, you just need an easy slow motion editor to make it come true.

How to Slow Motion a Video using iPhone Photos?

The meaning of slow motion shooting mode on iPhone is that with more actions recorded, you can edit and macro the video timing whenever you like without compromise to choppy images. Slowing a 60 fps video down by half vs. slowing down a 240 fps video by half, you get a 30fps video and a 120 fps video respectively, and the latter is surely smoother than the former.

With many slow motion videos taken on iPhone, your shooting gear actually offers right out of the box editing solution for your slow motion video. It is not weird that your exported slo-mo video is not in slo-mo effect, you should settle that slow period in advance.

Step 1: In your photos app, locate the slow-mo video you shoot

Step 2: Tap "Edit" button and drag the vertical white lines in the video timeline to settle an area where you want to slow things down.

How to Make/Edit Slow Motion Video with Photos

Step 3: Tap "Done" to save the video


The amount of speed that has been slowed down by using Photos app is unclear, and there's no official data given. If you'd like to play extra magic on the speed with more speed choices and get multiple varied speed areas, you can resort to iMovie instead.

How to Put a Video in Slow Motion on iPhone iMovie

Step 1: Create a movie project in iMovie and import the slo-mo video.

Step 2: Tap the "Timer" icon and you'd see a tortoise and a bunny.

How to Make/Edit Slow Motion Video with iMovie

Step 3: Select an area where you want to add slo-mo effect on the timeline.

Step 4: Drag the bar to tortoise side and you'd see the speed rate from 4/5x to 1/8x.

Step 5: Click "Done" button on the left upper corner and export the video from iMovie to your Photos album.


iMovie does give a quick solution to slow your video down and it can be a lightening fast editing without leaving your iPhone to another platform. However, using fingers on a small screen really confines your operations and your creativity.

Slow motion video on post editing stage is forged via certain editing features we call Time Lapse, Time Remapping, Time-stretching, or Speed Rampping on computers using slow motion software.

How to Put a Video in Slow Motion with Windows 10 Photo App

Windows 10 Photos app surprisingly supports creating slow motion videos instantly. You can either open the video in Movie & TV app or directly open it in Photos app. It allows for accurate timing for slow motion editing.

Step 1: Transfer your video to Windows 10 PC and open the video using Movie & TV

Step 2: Click on the "Pen" icon and select "Create slow motion video"

Windows 10 Photo Super Slow Motion

Step 3: Photos editing window will be called out and you have two options and only two - Slower & Super Slow-mo.

By choosing Slower, you get two bars to select an area. By choosing Super Slow motion, you are freezed at only one frame.

Windows 10 Photo Super Slow Motion


It is also hard to determine how much the software has slowed down the video and only two speed choices is really perfunctory. Very basic but can do the job. Photos app is quite enough for simple editing of slow motion video but if you require more tweaks, VideoProc is your choice to go for.

How to Make Videos Slow Motion in VideoProc

VideoProc offers a wide range of speed control from 0.10 to 16.00 times, which means you can not only produce (up to 10x slower) slow-mo video, but also realize (up to 16x faster) fast-mo video. Although higher frames may contribute to more phenomenal video, as long as the final frame per second is not less than 30 or 24, the slowed video will be buttery smoothly thanks to enough frames. Therefore, we can get the available playback speed for 240 fps slow-mo by doing a simple mathematical calculation like:

240/24=10x times   |   240/30=8x times   |   240/60=4x times ...

Slow motion video editing software free download:

Step 1. Click on the Video button

Step 2. Drag and drop the video to VideoProc and click on the Option button > Edit Video > Playback Speed

How to Make/Edit Slow Motion Video with VideoProc

Different event or moment may require different playback speed, so try to drag the speed slider and preview whether it gets cinematic feel you'd like to achieve. When the value is finally confirmed, click "Done" to remember the operation.

VideoProc enables you to apply filter effect into slowed video, tweak brightness/contrast/saturation of it, add external subtitles or watermark, cut and split the video to apply multiple slow motion effect and then join them in, rotate/turn videos upside down, and change its resolution according to end playback screen.

When all settings are done, tap "RUN" to process and place real slow motion video on your PC. No need to do any setting, VideoProc can make use of your hardware acceleration engine powered by Nvidia/Intel/AMD to make video conversion speed faster and CPU usage lower.


VideoProc is more than a slomo maker. It allows speeding your GoPro videos up to 16x faster, and any video size or quality issues can be fixed by it, like converting and resizing videos, improving lower video quality to 1080p and 4K.

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