2019 Best Slow Motion Video Maker
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2019 Best Slow Motion Editor | Create Cool Slow Motion Video with Your GoPro, iPhone, Android, DSLR, etc.
By A.J. McCann Updated: January 26, 2019

We often see many stunning slow motion scenes in blockbuster movies, commercials, sports broadcasting, nature/wildlife shows and extreme activity challenges. Maybe 10 years ago, it's unreachable for common people to create such slow motion videos for the lack of the high-speed camera. But starting from Casio EX-F1, the milestone product high-speed camera offering 1200fps video shooting, a flurry of high-speed photography devices sprung up and got the popularity:

- Apple allows iPhone 6 to latest Xs Max to shoot 1080p slo-mo video at 120/240 frame per second.

- GoPro action camera series are able to shoot WVGA video at 240 fps, and the latest Hero7 series support 4K 60fps, 1080p 240fps and shots, and firstly introduce slo-mo mode for 2x / 8x slo-mo video shooting.

- Sony Xperia XZs and Premiuns are capable of producing super slow motion records at up to 960fps, for playback four times slower.

- Advanced users may turn to high-speed consumer cameras. Higher prices bring about faster fps shooting, for instance, $1,198-worth Sony RX10 II can record 1080p 960fps and 250fps full HD video...

Shooting high-speed video is just a beginning. To make the slow motion effect available anywhere or still want to alter the slow motion level, you just need an easy slow motion editor to make it come true.

best slow motion video editor of 2019 - videoproc
The Easiest Slow Motion Video Maker and Editor of 2019
VideoProc is worth a shot!
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3 WAYS to Make Slow Motion Videos

Current cameras and mobile devices embrace high frame rate (HFR) shooting at different levels, which makes it a snap to create slow motion video with sensational and artistic effect. To make it more convenient to obtain slo-mo video, some cameras, especially mobile gadgets, are empowered to do "real-time slo-mo shoot", like iPhone Xs and Xperia XZ. However, for most digital cameras, they can only capture normal video with high fps, which can be transferred into slow motion by third-party video editor. So there are generally 3 methods to make a slow motion video:

Way 1: Make A Slow Motion Video with Slow-Mo Featured Mobiles

Way 2: Make A Slow Motion Video with Slow-Mo Powered Cameras

Way 3: Make A Slow Motion Video on PC with Professional Video Editor

The first two ways or two types of slow motion maker have similar workflows:

Phones or camera manufactures put one or several ready-made slow-mo shooting modes here in advance -> videographer choose a certain one to shoot -> enjoyed the video with slow motion effect.

The third way owns more steps. Since high fps video usually has large size, it's suggested to process and edit it with software on computer, but not by app on mobile phones. Below we will set making a slow motion video out of GoPro Hero6 Black's 1080p @240fps video with VideoProc for example. You can free download and set it up on your machine, then work the slo-mo video making through once the tutorial is finished.

Brief Comparison on 3 Types of Slow Motion Video Maker

Mobiles with Slow-mo Mode Built In Cameras with Slow-mo Mode Built In High-FPS Camera + Slow Motion Maker App/Software
Examples Galaxy S9/Plus, Xperia XZ/Premium, iPhone Xs/Max GoPro Hero7, Sony RX10 II/RX 100V, Panasonic Lumix GH5 VideoProc, PR, Windows Movie Maker, iMovie (software for PC/Mac)
Slow Motion Video FX (app for iOS/Android)
Easy-level ★★★★★ ★★★★ ★★★
Pros Easy slow-mo shot with only a portable mobile;
No post-production;
Better hardware to create high quality video;
No post-production;
Flexible speed control to slow down video at any speed;
More edits to make slow motion video more attractive.
Cons Camera hardware not as powerful as common (action) digital cameras and DSLRs;
Unable to change slow motion speed.
Less convenient than mobiles;
Require more photography skills;
Fixed slow motion speed.
More complicated procedure to make a slow motion video out.

Step-by-step Guide on Using Slow Motion Video Maker & Editor - VideoProc

After downloading and installing VideoProc on your PC or Mac, you are free to go. Here's the rundown of guides and tips for stabilizing different GoPro videos.

Step 1. Shoot and Export

Shoot normal speed 1080p video at 240fps with GoPro Hero6 Black, and export the large file to the computer, say Windows 10 PC here.

Step 2. Open Video with VideoProc

Free download and get it started on desktop, click "Video" -> "+ Video" to load source GoPro video into VideoProc.

Step 3. Improve Video Quality (If Necessary)

If the source video is born an amazing one, go directly to step 4. If your source video is shaky, noisy or has wide-angle effect, do enhance the quality firstly by using VideoPro's feature-packed toolbox to deshake, denoise, correct fisheye distortion etc. You should export the enhanced video and reload it to software for slow motion making.

enhance high-fps video before adding slow motion effect
Step 4. Slow Video Down

To transcode the video or not, choose a target video format from the bottom options or from "Target Format" list, and then proceed to "Video & Audio" section by clicking either edit shotcut or "Option (codec)" button located in the video info bar.

Well, time for adjusting playback speed now! VideoProc offers a wide range of speed control from 0.10 to 16.00 times, which means you can not only produce (up to 10x slower) slow-mo video, but also realize (up to 16x faster) fast-mo video. Although higher frames may contribute to more phenomenal video, as long as the final frame per second is not less than 30 or 24, the slowed video will be buttery smoothly thanks to enough frames. Therefore, we can get the available playback speed for 240 fps slow-mo by doing a simple mathematical calculation like:

240/24=10x times   |   240/30=8x times   |   240/60=4x times ...

How to Make/Edit Slow Motion Video with VideoProc

Different event or moment may require different playback speed, so try to drag the speed slider and preview whether it gets cinematic feel you'd like to achieve. When the value is finally confirmed, click "Done" to remember the operation.

Step 5. Edit and Output Slow Motion Video

VideoProc enables you to apply filter effect into slowed video, tweak brightness/contrast/saturation of it, add external subtitles or watermark, cut/crop, rotate/flip, and change its resolution according to end playback screen.

When all settings are done, tap "RUN" to process and place real slow motion video on your PC. No need to do any setting, VideoProc can make use of your hardware acceleration engine powered by Nvidia/Intel/AMD to make video conversion speed faster and CPU usage lower.

Expensive High-Speed Slow Motion Camera?

Slow Motion Maker Software Is Much Worthier If You're Not a High-end Photographer!

For most shutterbugs, the combination of a flagship smartphone, an entry-level DSLR, or an action camera and a pro-grade video editor can meet the needs for all-around life video catching and manufacturing, including bringing forth cool slow motion video to enhance special scenes or show off superpower. No matter who you are, a new videographer, YouTuber or vlogger, VideoProc, with easier-to-operate UI than PR and alike but more powerful features than common entry-level editors, is your go-to-pick for processing award-winning videos.

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