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Unlock Super Resolution in VideoProc Converter AI

Super Resolution in VideoProc Converter AI is an AI-generative video upscaling and enhancement technology. It can scale up your videos to up to 4K and images to 8K/10K while delivering a natural result without artifacts and losing details. Specially made for enhancing AI-generated images, as well as old, reality, and anime videos, it promises to give your low-resolution and low-quality video/image a new look!

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Super Resolution for Videos
Super Resolution for Images

Upscale & Enhance AI, Reality, Anime, and Old Videos/Images

VideoProc Converter AI can upscale videos and images by 200%, 300%, and 400% and enhance your AI art, self-shots, animations, old archives, and so on. It lets you enjoy the remastered 4K videos and 8K/10K images for printing or viewing on larger screens with unmatchable visual quality.

Old Photo
AI-Generated Image
Reality Video

Upscale AI-Generated Images to 4K/8K/10K

Watch the Video Tutorial on Upscaling AI Images

Most AI-generated images have a default resolution of 1024x1024 or less. This resolution is not ideal if you want to share high-resolution images with your clients, print out the art as posters and large wall art, or display it on UHD 4K and 8K TVs. Fortunately, VideoProc Converter AI, an AI-powered video/image quality enhancer, can upscale MidJourney Image or any other AI-generated art to higher resolutions, up to 10K for an image and 4K for a video.

YouTuber Comment

This came out of Mid Journey which is already as good as it can be but you can see straight away no matter what we can scale it up to, it's just a lot cleaner and sharper.

Make Substandard Videos above Standard

Rescue any outdated, inferior, and low-quality videos. Unearth more value in your old materials, highly-compressed videos, crop-ins, and so on.

Chris Hardy says:
Straight away, you can see immediately we've upped the resolution and it's a lot clearer. You can see the different resolutions, almost three times as much and still a lot clearer.
Peter Carcione says:
It can not only rip in your DVDs but upscale them to 4K quality too. Good for improving the visual quality of your DVDs and bringing old memories.
Remove Noises in Videos/Images
Update Old DVDs/Photos/Footage for Archiving
Upscale Your Crop-ins for High-Quality Demonstration
Process Compressed Content for Reposting

Set the Bar Higher than Competitors

Even the best AI video upscalers and enhancers on the market have their pain points. However, we strive to address and mitigate these issues, trying our best to provide users with the experience they desire.

Faster Speed, Dynamic Adjustment for GPU Performance

Other AI video upscaling is resource-intensive, but VideoProc won't cause CPU overheats and crashes. It provides real-time Super Resolution and dynamically adjusts the GPU memory footprint to achieve the best efficiency.

Up to 4x Cross-Resolution Upscaling

Some video enhancers only support 2x upsampling. VideoProc Converter AI can scale up 4 times and even change 360p videos to 4K. It lets you achieve different resolution boosts within 3 clicks.

Able to Deal with Poor Quality Videos

Some users may worry that low-quality videos or films cannot be enhanced. VideoProc Converter AI does the magic even for classic movies, old photos, as well as SD, noisy, grainy, interlaced videos and so on.

Handle High Speed Videos

It is optimized even for dynamic, high-speed sports footage, high fps, or high-motion footage. It also excels at processing videos with complex pictures, excessive elements, texts, details, and vivid colors.

Exceptional Details Preserving

Our SR tries to keep details of skins, fabrics, faces, bodies, and edges. It will maintain the original intent of the content creator, without frame loss, color distortion, shimmering, and flickering effects.

A Glimpse into the Advanced Super Resolution Techniques

Traditional upscaling techniques such as bilinear, bicubic, and Lanczos interpolation methods rely on mathematical algorithms to enlarge images, often resulting in pixelation, loss of detail, and an overall lack of authenticity.

Real AI for True Quality Enhancement

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I generated this image using AI but it's lacking some details so I use VideoProc Converter AI to increase the output resolution to 4K. The result is definitely really nice, looks tons better than the original AI.

Fueled by the Most Advanced AI Models

Al Model for Reality Videos AI Model for Anime Other SR Models
Overview It aims at developing Practical Algorithms for general video/image restoration, trained with pure synthetic data. It is a restoration model made for anime videos and images. It is trained using millions of anime data. Just use simple mathematical algorithm to learn to zoom in and stretch the images.
Architecture Super-Resolution Model with kernel estimation and noise injection GAN (Generative Adversarial Network) Unknown
Best for Reality videos
Emphasizes enhancing image quality and detail by estimating image kernels and injecting noise.
Anime videos
Emphasizes maintaining realistic content and natural appearance during image super-resolution.
Common videos
Unique Features
  • Enhances fine details, textures, and sharpness;
  • Suitable for scenarios where accentuating intricate patterns and clarity is essential;
  • Produces highly detailed outputs.
  • Preserves content realism and coherence;
  • Ideal for scenarios where maintaining the original artistic style or natural appearance is critical;
  • Produces visually pleasing outputs.
Different modes have different uniqueness
Interference Time (1080p) 2.2x 1x Unknown
Scaling 2x, 3x, 4x 2x, 3x, 4x Generally 1x, 2x
Selectable Denoise Levels Not supported 3 Denoise levels Not supported
Details Lines may be misjudged and defocused areas may be forcefully sharpened. Sharper lines and better texture retention, and retains vignette area. Unable to deblur; have obvious artifacts

Optimized for Using on Average Computers

Support GPU & CPU Operation
NVIDA® Intel® AMD®
Compatible with Vulkan 1.2 or higher
1GB of Hard Disk Space
Catherine Gaither
in photographycourse.net

Going beyond, the AI image upscaler is also a go-to solution for restoring old photos, sharpening blurry images, eliminating unwanted noises and grains, and crafting high-definition portraits through its advanced AI algorithm.

How to Use AI Super Resolution



Go to Super Resolution, and import your video(s) by dragging or clicking the +/Add Media icon.


Upscale & Enhance

Choose Reality or Anime according to your video type, and select a Scale/Enhance option.



Change the default output format and folder if necessary, and hit RUN to start exporting.

A Complete Video Enhancer to Improve Video Quality

VideoProc Converter AI offers a complete package for enhancing video quality. With features like AI Frame Interpolation, AI Video Stabilization, AI Denoising, and Deinterlacing, it has the capability to turn your low-quality footage into smooth, steady, and clear videos.

Frame Interpolation

Smoothly enhance video motions with responsive frame interpolation. Elevate slow-motion, stop-motion, animations, old movies, and sports videos. Effortlessly tackle intricate visuals, fast-paced action scenes, and large movements. Add frames at 2x/3x/4x/5x, and seamlessly convert 30/60FPS to 120/240/480FPS without compromising quality.


Unlike traditional video stabilization, AI Stabilization does not require adjusting the parameters like Smoothness, Translation, Perspective, and Similarity. It greatly simplifies the settings and gives users full control over deshake intensities and cropping sizes, such as Stabilization Modes, Presets, Border Color, Crop Type, and Crop Ratio. It lets you fix shaky clips or entire GoPro/DJI/Camera footage.

AI Denoise (coming soon)

Improve blurry, grainy, or pixelated videos caused by low resolution, encoding, compression, poor light, and shaking. Fix grain, blurs, color noise, moiré pattern, higher ISO artifacts, blocky noise patterns, and dust particles from different videos, especially the digitized old films.


Convert interlaced video into a non-interlaced or progressive one. Get rid of lines on an old DVD, Blu-ray video, 1080i video, or analog video, while retaining the best video quality.

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"VideoProc Converter is your all-in-one tool for trimming, editing, converting and compressing videos. It does all these tasks surprisingly & quickly thanks to its support for all types of Hardware Acceleration."

"With VideoProc Converter, you can convert videos, audio files and DVDs to over 420 output formats. VideoProc Converter uses full GPU acceleration, which enables it to process even 4k videos quickly, without compromising quality."

VideoProc Converter AI

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One-stop video processing software for your daily digital life. Enhance footage with built-in AI upscaler, frame interpolation, and stabilization tools for sharp, smooth and steady visual experience.

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