Premiere Pro Does Not Support Some Codecs Well

It seems that Premiere Pro supports virtually most video audio codecs and formats according to the official version. But sometimes when you import, for example, an MOV, an MKV, a GoPro Hero 7 or even an MP4 video to this editor software, it will fail, won't show up in the timeline or will play only audio but no video. See the common problems below:

  • Can't Import MKV File to Adobe Premiere Pro

    Till now, MKV has not been added to the official supported format list. Another reason is that "can't import MKV in Premiere Pro" problem still happens every now and then, mostly for codec missing...

  • Can't Import HEVC Videos to Adobe Premiere Pro CC

    HEVC (H.265) is one of supported file formats in Premiere Pro. However, lots of feedbacks and personal experience tells us that not all HEVC videos can be well accepted by this video editor. Incompatibility is probably the main reason.

  • File Formats Not Supported by Premiere Pro CC

    Can't import MKV, MP4, HEVC or Hero 7 video into Premiere Pro? Check the list of formats supported and not supported by Premiere Pro. And solve the codec missing or unavailable issue by installing codec or converting video format.

  • Why Can't I Import MOV to Adobe Premiere Pro/Elements

    Your Adobe Premiere Pro or Elements won't import MOV files produced by iPhone, Canon, DJI, iMovie, Final Cut Pro, or other devices/programs? Now your issue can be fixed by the solutions here.

  • Can't Edit HERO7 Video in Premiere Pro

    Why can't your GoPro Hero 7 video be imported in Premiere Pro? Before getting down to the steps to fix GoPro Hero video not working, let's learn something about video decoding...

  • Can't Import MP4 File to Adobe Premiere Pro CC

    It is no exaggeration to say that MP4 is the most widely used video format accepted by 99% of video hosting sites, media players, and electronic devices. Adobe Premiere Pro is surely one of the supporters of MP4...

The crux of the matter is the codec and format support. For example, Adobe Premiere does not stretch for DivX, EVO, F4V, FLV, MCF, MPEG TS, OGG, RMVB video formats, and it even does not support MKV container format (with linchpin in decoding) and HEVC codec well enough. There are three different methods to troubleshoot this problem.

Three Solutions to Solve Codec/Format Issues:

Part 2. Editing Large 4K/HEVC Video File is a Big Headache for Premiere Users

4K Ultra high definition is already a challenge for both hardware and software. 4K video, generally coming with high frame rate, bulky file size/bit rates and newer-generation codec, will frequently yield troubles in the process of playback and post-production. Problems arise in importing, editing and rendering when 4K video files to Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

Part 3. Quality Problems During Post-Production

Some people complain that the image quality of a video will be degraded after imported to or exported from average video editors. That is because re-encoding (which will surely lead to video quality reduction) will happen during such post-production. There are many other causes. Please find the reasons and fixes for your quality related questions.

Part 4. Idiot-Proof Guides for Premiere Beginners

Not all video editing demanders are experts. Indeed, there are a crowd of neophytes and amateurs. The guides below are all idiot proof and user friendly. You may also find some entry-level alternatives to Premiere for basic video processing without rendering.

  • How to Crop Video with Adobe Premiere Pro? (with Picture Tutorial)

    Still, wonder how to crop videos by using Premiere without quality? This tutorial shows you many different ways to frame the video to the desired area with Adobe Premiere Pro.

    Reuben Zaback Dec 06, 2019 Crop Videos | How-to Guide
  • How to Upscale Video to 4K or Downscale to 1080P Easily

    How to upscale video to 4K? Besides option to set to frame size and detail-preserving upscale, you can also use a video scaler to create new pixels.

    Farrah Penn June 18, 2019 4K
  • [Video Editing 101] How to Cut Video in Premiere Pro without Rendering

    If you simply want to cut a clip without adding a dazzling array of transitions, complicated effects, motion graphics or make multiple sequences like experts do in filming industry, using Premiere Pro to finish the task of a simple cut is cracking nuts with steam hammer.

    Farrah Penn April 25, 2019 Cut Videos | How-to Guide
  • Adobe Premiere Doesn't Support NVENC Natively

    It's really strange to us that software like Premiere doesn't natively support NVENC to use related NVIDIA graphic cards such as GTX 1080 Ti to encode video faster. As a result, the CPU is highly used and the encoding is extremely slow.

    Farrah Penn April 29, 2019 GPU Acceleration | NVENC

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