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File Format Not Supported by Premiere Pro CC - Adobe Help

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Convert Video to Premiere Supported Format to Fix "e;File format not supported"e; Error

"e;I often get the message 'file format not supported' when importing a video file into Premiere Pro. Anything I can download to allow Premiere Pro to import more file types? If not, what are the best programs that convert videos between .mp4, .mkv, .avi, and other common video formats?"e;

It is difficult to pin down what exactly went wrong if your video can't be imported into Premiere Pro or doesn't show up in the timeline. But your 1st step should always be to check if it is on the list of File Formats Not Supported by Premiere Pro. If yes, then converting video to Adobe Premiere Pro would solve the problem. Or you will be caught in a series of complex troubleshooting steps.

File format not supported in Premiere Pro
File format not supported in Premiere Pro

File Formats Not Supported by Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Instead of a long list of accepted file types, we put formats that might not be supported by Premiere Pro in the first place, so that you can make sure in the very beginning if your "e;Premiere Pro can't import video"e; problem is caused by format/codec missing or not. Check now!

Video Formats
DivX MPEG-4 Part 2 video encoded to meet DivX profiles .divx
EVO Contains MPEG-2 Part 2, H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, VC-1 .evo
F4V A container format for Flash media .f4v
FLV Sorenson, VP6, Screen Video, H.264/MPEG-4 AVC .flv
MKV Natively supported now but still has importing problems .mkv
MCF An unfinished container format specification and a predecessor of Matroska  
MPEG TS JPEG 2000, TICO, etc .ts
Ogg Theora, Dirac, OggUVS, MNG, etc .ogg
RMVB RealVideo 8, 9, 10 .rmvb

Most Premiere Pro Importing Error is Caused by "File format not supported"/codec missing The Key: Convert Your Video to Adobe Premiere Pro Supported Formats. The Easiest Solution

Analysis: "e;File format not supported"e; message denotes that the video decoding fails, and of course your video can't be imported. To solve the problem, just convert video to a Premiere Pro compatible format in two ways: convert with or without transcoding.

  • Convert with transcoding – for example, when you convert MKV (VC-1) to Adobe Premiere Pro supported MP4 (H.264), the process comes with the change in codec (from VC-1 to H.264).
  • Convert without transcoding – for example, when you convert AVI (HEVC) to Adobe Premiere friendly MP4 (HEVC), the conversion doesn't bring up any data loss or change in codec (from HEVC to HEVC). In this case, you are just moving the whole intact video file from one container (AVI) to another (MP4).

You can easily convert MKV, MOV, iMovie file to Adobe Premiere Pro compatible formats by using video converter software, such as Handbrake, VideoProc Converter, FormatFactory, Freemake Video Converter, etc. If you prefer freeware, try HandBrake. But to use HandBrake, you need to be very skilled at video parameter adjusting to some extent. All considered, VideoProc Converter would be a good option in both video decoding/encoding and video editing, for being easy and professional. It allows you to convert MP4, MOV, YouTube, iMovie and almost all types of files to Adobe Premiere supported file formats in one click.

VideoProc Converter - One-Click Way to Fix File Format Not Supported on Premiere Pro

  • Support 370+ input formats including MOV, MP4, AVI, and videos captured by GoPro, DJI, iPhone...
  • Output media are in file formats natively supported by Adobe Premiere Pro.
  • Enable beginners to convert any videos to Premiere friendly formats in 3 steps.
  • Easy editing experience: cut, trim, crop, merge, stabilize, denoise…

Download VideoProc Converter on Windows convert video to Adobe Premiere Pro

Download VideoProc Converter on Mac convert video to Adobe Premiere Pro

How to Convert Video to Adobe Premiere Pro Supported Video Format with VideoProc Converter

Step 1. Open VideoProc Converter and click into Video module. Then click "+ Video" button at the top left corner to load your video. Or you can drag and drop to import the video files unsupported by Premiere Pro to the program.

VideoProc main interface
VideoProc Converter main interface

Step 2. Since "File format not supported" happens a lot when importing MKV files, let's take converting MKV H.264 to Premiere Pro as an example. We would want the outcome to be premiere friendly formats like MP4 H.264. Move to the "Target Format" area, switch to the "Video" tab, and then select "MP4 H.264".

Convert MKV to MP4 in VideoProc
Convert MKV to MP4

Step 3. For there is no need of transcoding, check "Auto Copy" box, so that the video conversion can be done in a flash. To convert video with transcoding, such as MKV HEVC to MP4 H.264, Check "e;Nvidia/Intel/AMD"e; to use GPU acceleration. Press button RUN and start the video conversion. Later you should import your new MP4 H.264 into Adobe Premiere Pro CC without any problem.

Check Auto Copy in VideoProc
Check Auto Copy

What File Format Does Premiere Pro Accept

Adobe Premiere natively supports many types of files including video formats like Apple ProRes, ASF, AVI, DNxHD, DNxHR, H.264 AVC, HEVC, MP4, MOV, and audio formats including AAC, MP3 and more. Go to Adobe Premiere Pro Supported File Format to see full lists.

1. What audio format is supported by Adobe Premiere Pro?

It supports 3GP, 3G2 (.3gp), AAC, AIFF, AIF, ASND, OMF, BWF, M4A, MP3, and WAV audio format.

2. What types of video formats does Premiere support?

Adobe Premiere Pro supports popular multi-media format including AVI (Windows AVI and DV AVI), MXF, MP4, VOB, Windows Media (ASF, WMV), and DV, as well as the majority of MPEG-based formats, as like H.264 AVC, HEVC, M4V, M2V, MTS, M1V and M2T(S).

Apple ProRes, ProRes HDR, Panasonic AVI-Intra, DNxHD/DNxHR by Avid (capsulated in MXF/AVI), Rush, CRM, OpenEXR, R3D are also supported by Premiere Pro.

3. What types of images/subtitles/text supported by Premiere Pro?

Premiere Pro supported still images (sequences): AI, EPS. BMP, DIB, RLE, DPX, EPS, GIF, ICO, JPEG, PNG, PSD, PTL, PRTL, TGA, ICB, VDA, VST, TIFF. As for text, captions and subtitles, it supports DFXP, MCC, SCC, SRT, STL, and XML.

Video is Not on the Formats Not Supported List, but Still Can't be Imported

Remember that whether your video can be imported or not depends on video codec format, not video container format. Yes, they are not the same thing. H.264 ≠ MP4 is a case in point. The problem can be solved by converting video with transcoding. The following two examples will make it clearer.

  • Example 1 - Premiere Pro supports MP4, but not all MP4 can be importedMP4, a container format, is natively supported for import by Premiere Pro. But it comes with the details "QuickTime Movie, XDCAM EX". An educated guess is if your video is not QuickTime (MPEG-4 Part 12) but the extended part MPEG-4 Part 14 (.mj2, .dvb. .dcf. .m21, .f4v), or the video is recorded by XDCAM SD, XDCAM HD/HD 422, it might not be loaded correctly even if it is MP4.
  • Example 2 - MKV seems to be not supported, but can be imported sometimes MKV is not on the official supported file format list, but actually it has been natively supported in Premiere Pro 2018 12.1 and later, although there still are loading errors. Our test shows that some MKV videos can be loaded, while some others cannot. The reason might be that MKV is a container format, but video codec format is the linchpin in decoding.

Solution 2: Install codec to fix File format not supported error. +

  • If there is an alert box like "e;HEVC Codec must be installed to use this feature. Clicking OK will install and enable this codec for immediate use"e;, just click "e;OK"e; and the HEVC codec will be installed immediately. Till now, it seems only to be working for HEVC videos.
HEVC codec must be installed in Premiere Pro
HEVC codec must be installed in Premiere Pro
  • Download QuickTime. Adobe stopped support for QuickTime 7 era formats and codecs since Premiere Pro 12.1, as a result of which "e;File format not supported"e; or "e;codec missing or unavailable"e; issue happens when import some older codec videos. Installing QuickTime would solve the problem on Windows 7/8.1. But it doesn't work on Windows 10, according to user feedback. Download QuickTime 7.7.9 for Windows
Download QuickTime codecs
  • Download third-party codec pack. Search codec pack for Adobe Premiere Pro CC online and Google will give you millions of results. Choose a reliable source. Be aware that there might be codec conflicts, leading to chaos of most files unreadable. A method not recommended by Adobe.

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Solution 3: Upgrade Premiere Pro, Buy License, Etc to Fix File Format Not Supported Error. +

If you imported a video in both codec and container compatible with Premiere Pro, but failed with "File format not supported", try the following solutions.

  • Adobe only allows licensed Creative Cloud members to access to some codec, such as HEVC. So your problem might be solved simply by stopping using the trail version and purchasing a code.
  • There is no problem to import a Samsung HEVC clip, but when it comes to GoPro Hero7 HEVC video, it crashes. Upgrade your Premiere Pro, maybe from 2018 to 2019, to have a try. Sometimes it just doesn't add support for your file. It is said that Premiere Pro CC 2019 hasn't yet supported H.265 XF-HEVC, a brand new codec used by new Canon XF-705.

Test on Importing HEVC File in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018

HEVC Samples
Video codec
Audio codec
4k_video.MOV by iPhone X HEVC AAC
4k-hevc-60fps.MP4 by GoPro Hero7 BLACK HEVC AAC

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Solution 4: Try VideoProc Vlogger – A Free Premiere Pro Alternative that Put No Limits on Formats +

If you imported a video in both codec and container compatible with Premiere Pro, but failed with "File format not supported", try the following solutions.

Still cannot fix the File Format not Supported by Adobe Premiere Pro error? Tired of checking the audio and video codecs of each media clip you need to handle? Don't want to bother yourself reading the long supported file format list of Adobe Premiere Pro over and over again?

That's where VideoProc Vlogger comes in. This free and powerful Premiere Pro alternative puts little limits on codec and container formats. It supports H.265/HEVC, H.264/AVC, VP8, VP9, HDR10, Apple ProRes, MOV, MKV, WebM, AV1, and more. Thus, you can easily edit the video files recorded by iPhones, GoPro, DJI, DSLR, iframe cameras, webcams, and hundreds of other prevalent devices without having to convert the formats in advance.

Use Premiere Pro Alternative to Fix Error

To speak of the editing features, this full feature yet free video editing software offers almost all common-used features available on Adobe Premiere Pro, including ripple edit, rotate, zoom in/out, rotate, split, and picture/video overlay, and green screen, etc. Even better, there are hundreds of transitions, LUTs, time remap effects, voice change presets. With them, you maximize your creativity without hassles.

Let's download this free tool to fix file format not supported by Premiere Pro now!

  1. Download VideoProc Vlogger on Windows
  2. Download VideoProc Vlogger on mac

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Final Words:

"File format not supported" in Premiere Pro can be solved in various ways. Hope one of the solutions mentioned above can help you out.

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