DJI Video Editing Solutions

VideoProc is an easy way to refine and recreate your DJI footages.

  • Basic editings: cut, crop, merge, rotate, subtitle, denoise, speed up, slow down, etc.
  • EIS-enabled, provide the same stabilizing effect as RockSteady
  • Various popular video formats available to output.
  • Level-3 hardware accelerated 4K/HD video editing.

What Are the Editing Apps for DJI 4K Clips?

Both DJI drones and sports camera Osmo Action support filmmaking in 4K. Osmo even shoots 4K in RockSteady at up to 60 fps. But official apps like Mimo, DJI Go and DJI Go 4 are more of wireless controllers than editing apps. To polish your DJI footages, a 4K video editor is needed.

Top 10 4K Video Editors for Slow Computers
4K editing is very likely to get stuck for large file size and high frame rate. Professional video editors, usually power-hungry suites per se, require computer configurations for smooth operation. So you may need 4K video editors friendly to common computers...

Review of DJI Drones and Sports Cameras

New: Review of Ronin-SC
This is a review of DJI's new Ronin-SC gimbal. Except for being heavy (1.1kg), this stabilizer has many merits, such as its spot mode and great compatibility.
Farrah Penn Jul. 24, 2019 Ronin-SC
DJI OSMO Action VS GoPro Hero 7 Black
This is the up-to-date review of 2019 new DJI OSMO Action, and a comparison with GoPro Hero 7 Black in specs, prices, video stabilization, battery life, etc.
Jordi D. Rodríguez Jun. 27, 2019 DJI vs. GoPro
Review: RockSteady vs HyperSmooth
Stabilization is essential for action camera. DJI RockSteady vs GoPro HyerSmooth, whose algorithm is better? Check out detailed rocksteady resolution list.
Farrah Penn May 24, 2019 Video Stabilization
DJI Osmo Action Specs - DJI 4K Video Editing Tips
Have a quick look at the specs of DJI Osmo Action 4K camera for 2019, and get tips of DJI 4K video editing for high quality sharing: cut, crop, merge, filter, deshake and many more.
Jordi D. Rodríguez May 16, 2019 4K Editing

People Also Ask

Is DJI's Osmo Action better than GoPro and why?
Check the specs to know which one is better for you:
DJI Osmo Action
1. Rocksteady
2. Waterproof: Yes
3. 4K HDR: Yes
4. FOV: 145°
GoPro Hero7
1. HyperSmooth
2. Waterproof: Yes
3. 4K HDR: No
4. FOV: 149°
More specs... Jun. 27, 2019
DJI Review 2019: New OSMO Action VS GoPro Hero 7 Black
Does DJI Osmo Action stabilize video in HDR?
The answer is No. RockSteady is not available in all presets. Change to 4K 4:3 or 1080p 100fps, and the RockSteady option will be grayed-out. If you switch to HDR mode, there is even no RockSteady icon on the screen. But you still can deshake the DJI HDR video in postproduction, by using stabilizer software. To know more about HDR video stabilization, read this article...Jun. 3, 2019 How to Use RockSteady Stabilization in HDR Mode?
RockSteady vs HyperSmooth: which one does a better job?
We ran a test on both DJI Osmo Action and GoPro Hero 7 Black. Here is the result: RockSteady in DJI Osmo Action and HyperSmooth in GoPro Hero7 Black deliver the same performance in most cases. If there is difference, it is invisible to the bare eye. Some users claim that DJI's RockSteady outputs better quality than GoPro in the most extreme scenarios. To know more, see our roundup of EIS stabilization in this article...Apr 24, 2019
RockSteady vs HyperSmooth, Which One Is Better?
How to split a DJI recording easily?
Step 1. Run VideoProc and then 'Video'.
Step 2. Import DJI footage by clicking '+ Video'.
Step 3. Move down to Toolbox and double click 'Split' button.
Step 4. Set segement numbers, average segment duration, start time, end time and Done.
Step 5. Check hardware acceleration engine and choose output folder.
Step 6. RUN the video splitting.
May 29, 2019
How to Split DJI OSMO Videos without Audio/Video Syncing Issue

DJI HD/4K Video Editing Tips

How to Use RockSteady Stabilization in 4K 4:3 Mode?
Cannot apply DJI's RockSteady Stabilization in 4K 4:3 Mode? You can find the reason and the way out in the article and fix any of your HD/4K videos easily.
Jordi D. Rodríguez Jul. 24, 2019 Video Stabilization
Why Is Video Cropped in DJI's RockSteady EIS?
Why is video/image cropped after using RockSteady stabilization in DJI OSMO Action? How much does RockSteady crop image? Any other video deshaking methods without video cropping? See the answers here.
Jordi D. Rodríguez Jun. 3, 2019 Video Stabilization
How to Edit Slow Motion Video from DJI Osmo Action
Wondering about how to edit slow motion video from DJI Osmo Action? You can do in-camera slo-mo or slow down footage in post editing.
Farrah Penn May 31, 2019 Slow Motion

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