VLC Not Editing Video/Audio Files

VLC is renowned not only for its robust and muti-platform playback ability, but its basic and quick editing function. When a minor tweak is needed, many users find it handy to edit videos in VLC right after viewing. But VLC won't always work things through as boasted.

Can a media player eventually become a good editor? No way. Sometimes you just need a simple, specific and professional tool.

Bypass VLC Not Editing Issues Once for All in Three Steps


Step 1. Download & install VideoProc, a focused and easy-to-use program that excels at video editing.


Step 2. Click "Video" button on the home interface, and click on "+ Video" button to add videos or audios files.


Step 3. You can convert media format, cut/crop/merge video, add effects/watermarks, adjust playback speed...


Step 4. Press the big RUN button to apply all the changes and save them to the target file folder for easy access.


edit video with VideoProc


Note: Check "Nvidia/Intel/AMD" tick box to boost speed by taking full use of Hardware Acceleration Engine.


Part 2. VLC Not Converting Video/Audio Formats

VLC has a very limited format output range for formats conversion - only 21 types of video formats and 4 types of audio formats. And you might fail to even convert DVD to digital in VLC. Quality loss due to conversion in VLC is almost impossible to avoid.

Part 3. VLC Not Playing Some Video/Audio Issues

VLC can run into trouble when dealing with larger files or cutting-edge video formats. HEVC 4K 60fps video playback issues, playback greenish issues, not playing UDF/Gopro files... We round them up here and offer precise solutions.


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Part 4. All-round Guides on How to Use VLC

Since there's no indepth VLC manual for users to look up, here we provide some simple guides on using VLC for video converting, editing and media playback.

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