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[Solved] How to Use VLC to Trim or Cut a Video on Mac?

To skip complex steps and cut/trim videos on mac accurately see: tutorial liked by 85% of users

How to Freely Trim or Cut Video on Mac with VLC Media Player

Can I trim video clips in VLC on Mac? The answer is yes. But, how can I trim a video clip using VLC on Mac? This is a common question that users would ask when they try to cut their videos with VLC on Mac:

"I am running VLC 1.1.5 64-bit on Mac OS X 10.6.6. On the web I found instructions saying I should click on Video - Advanced Controls in the menu bar to reveal options that let me trim and cut video clips. However, there is no such option in my copy of VLC."

"What I want to do is cut a 2-minute portion from the middle of a two-hour long footage (in MXF format that QuickTime can't open) that I've got."

"Is there another way to trim and cut clips of videos in VLC? Or should I use other (preferably free, Free, and open source) software?"

Cut or trim videos in VLC on Mac
Cut or Trim Video in VLC on Mac

Like the above user, there are always sections of your video that you don't like and want to erase. The following tutorial will teach you how to get rid of the unwanted parts of your videos with VLC.

Tutorial: How to Use VLC Media Player to Cut or Trim Your Video Clips on Mac

Step 1: Download and install the newest VLC for Mac.

  • Always go to the VLC official site to download installation packages to avoid any potential risks.

Step 2: Reset the Output Directory

  • Launch VLC media player from the Launchpad or application on your Mac. Navigate to the Preference window which is accessible from the VLC menu at the top ribbon. Click the Input/Codecs tab.
  • Choose a location to store the trimmed file by clicking the Browse button under Record directory or filename.
  • Hit the Save button to have the settings come into effect.
  • Reset an Output Directory
    Reset an Output Directory

Step 3: Load the Source Video to the Playlist

  • Drag and Drop the targeted video file into the playlist. Then, it will start playing automatically.

Step 4: Start Cutting a Video

  • Move the playhead to the start point of the video where you want to cut and pause the video by hitting the spacebar.
  • Move Playhead to Select Start Point and End Point in VLC Mac
    Move the Playhead to Select Start Point and End Point in VLC Mac
  • Go to the Playback at the topbar > select Record from the dropdown menu. At this time, you can see a checkmark appearing next to Record, that means you have selected the start point.
  • Cut and Trim Videos in VLC Mac
    Cut and Trim Videos in VLC Mac
  • Press the spacebar again to resume the playback. When the playhead reaches the targeted end point, pause the video and go to select Record hidden on the Playback menu at the top bar once again. After that, you have successfully trimmed the video, though there is no notification or anything having you been aware of it.

Step 5: Check the Output Folder

  • You can find the trimmed clips in the location you chose before through the Finder.

As a free media player, VLC can offer relatively satisfactory service for basic video editing in most cases, but it doesn't mean it can match all your expectations. Especially when you want to make more professional cuts and trims (such as cutting video in large quantity), you may find this software not reliable enough. Besides, as you can see, VLC cut up the unwanted part or maintain the highlight of videos by recording which is a cumbersome procedure and is not very precise.

Go through this list of Top 10 video cutters free and online to find the one that best suits you if you have time, or go directly to use VideoProc, a more expertise video editor, if you want to make your cutting/trimming work easier and more delicate.

Difficult To Cut/Trim Footages with VLC on Mac, Not to Mention Cutting Precisely Need to cut or trim video on Mac easily and accurately? 85% people reach out to VideoProc .Easier & Accurate Solution

Unlike many other professional video editing software on the marketplace, VideoProc doesn't involve any complicated operations and it works fast and efficient which will save you a lot of time and energy. The brief and clean working interface of this software can also offer you an enjoyable and comfortable editing experience. In addition, VideoProc is not merely a video cutter, but a multifunctional video editing tool that provides with best editing service such as merging, cropping, adding effects and even converting, etc. So, why don't you try this amazing software? Keep reading this article to know how to cut clips with VideoProc.

VideoProc - The One-click Way to Cut or Trim Video Clips on Mac Precisely by Seconds

  • Enable frame-by-frame or second-by-second cutting or trimming on Mac
  • Simple and inituative interface takes you no learning curve to use it
  • A vast number of export and output options give you complete control over all type of videos
  • The support of hardware acceleration make the cutting process 47X faster than real-time play

Download VideoProc to Cut or Trim Video on Mac

Download VideoProc to Cut or Trim Video on Windows

How to Cut or Trim a Video on Mac with VideoProc?

Step 1. Launch VideoProc and click the +Video button to import one or more video files into the program. On the Edit Toolbar, click the Cut button.

Cut a video in VideoProc
Cut a video using VideoProc

Step 2. Drag the green knob to set the beginning and the ending of the wanted video section. Click the orange scissor icon to cut the clip. Hit the Done button to finish the cutting.

Step 3. If you want to cut more clips, drag the green knob to pinpoint the different position and repeat step 1-2. You can also adjust the sequences of different clips by clicking the up and down arrow of each clip. When finished, click the Done button and all your cut clips will merge into a new video.

Final Words:

As you can see, VLC is great for its performance as a media player, but as a video cutter, it is not that perfect. By contrast, VideoProc is a more professional and versatile editing tool that can not only simplify the cutting/trimming, but also provides you with a lot many other useful functions for video editing. So why not give VideoProc a try as this software can make your editing much easier?

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