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Free DJI Video Editor for users of all levels

  • Beginners can make pro-looking videos easily
  • 100% free, clean and safe to download and use
  • Adjust speed, add music, denoise, remove fisheye, correct color
  • Capable of editing 4K, high fps, large, and long DJI footages
  • More creativity: split screen, green screen, PiP, stylish transitions
The Best DJI Drone Video Editing Software
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Top 6 DJI Video Editors for PC and Mac

By Cecilia Hwung | Last Update:

It's time to edit the DJI drone footage you just took of, say, the snow-capped mountain peaks after getting some fantastic aerial shots of them. A DJI video editing program can help you out in this situation by turning the acquired footage into absolute magic. The top 6 DJI video editors are gathered in this article so you may improve your action camera footage. If you want a DJI video editor for PC or best video editor for DJI mini 2, you're lucky to get some solutions.

Top 6 DJI Video Editing Software for PC and Mac

1. VideoProc Vlogger - Free DJI Video Editor

Target Users: all creators

Supported OS: Windows & Mac

Verdict: the best free 4K HEVC video editor for DJI mini 2 and best DJI video editor for PC

Best Free DJI Editing Software - VideoProc Vlogger
VideoProc Vlogger

Grumbles over drone video editors being too complicated to pick up, scarce format support, low-spec computer stutters, and freezes during video editing could be found everywhere. VideoProc Vlogger can help to dissipate your headache. Efforts have been taken along the development of the software so that every creator, either the novice or the pros, could be reckoned with.

Running as a complete free video editing, VideoProc Vlogger can gratify all you requires when it comes to DJI videos editing and goes even beyond. Powered by 4K-capable Hardware Acceleration, the software never ceases to refresh the users with an ever-increasing using experience. Furthermore, a full basket of editing tools could help relish your work and answer all your editing needs.

Free download the best DJI editing software for PC and Mac — VideoProc Vlogger:

Protruding Features

  • One-stop video editing program that takes every situation you might come across into consideration, presenting you the cutting edge motion/speed/color/audio editor in the pleasant free journey
  • A wide range of formats support enables itself to work with just about any video that you shoot with your DJI cameras, relieving you from the format incompatibility issue
  • Impressive capabilities to preview, edit, render and export UHD 4K/8K DJI video content with negligible quality loss
  • Tons of features grant you to handle all sorts of scenarios you might run into as you edit your drone footage, including video stabilization, denoise, lend distortion correction, low light or over-exposed footage fix, etc
  • The intuitive and easy-to-manage interface which processes precise timeline with classified tracks and a clear cutting operating areas helps to alleviate the seemingly heavy work

See how to edit DJI videos easily >>

2. VideoProc Converter AI

Target Users: beginners & intermediate users

Supported OS: Windows & Mac

Verdict: the fastest and easiest video editor for rendering large and lengthy DJI videos

VideoProc Converter AI is indubitably powerful in terms of the core technology and editing tools. Programmed as a free lightweight DJI drone video editor for the beginners and intermediate users, it could run through various media files 47 times faster assisted by a full hardware acceleration. And with an array of essential tools, you could fast edit and make the best out of your DJI footage.

VideoProc Converter AI for DJI Video Editing
VideoProc Converter AI

Free download the easiest video editor for drone video processing — VideoProc Converter AI:

Free Download for Win 7 or later
Free Download For macOS 10.13 or later

Note: The Windows version now supports AI-powered Super Resolution, Frame Interpolation, and Stabilization to enhance video and image quality. These AI features are not yet available in the Mac version but will be coming soon.

Banner of VideoProc Converter AI
Compare VideoProc Converter AI with VideoProc Vlogger >

Protruding Features

  • Process 1080p, 4K, 8K videos (including 4K 60fps videos from Mavic Mini 3 Pro) without glitches or high CPU usage
  • Convert highly compressed DJI video format to editing-friendly codec
  • Impressive capabilities to preview, edit, render and export UHD 4k/8k DJI video content with negligible quality loss
  • Accessible to correct lens distortion, adjust playback speed, get rid of annoying noise and stabilize the video captured using DJI cameras with advanced deshake algorithm
  • Enhance your DJI image with color grading, inserting effects and filters and more

3. Adobe Premiere Pro

Target Users: advanced users

Supported OS: Windows & Mac

Verdict: best for backing up HEVC DJI videos data through Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Premiere Pro, the industry-leading DJI editing software, can serve you well while trying to edit the footage captured through your DJI Drone. It can be used as a DJI drone video editor that is powered to the core by Adobe Sensei which helps in crafting polished footage having a professional appeal.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC for DJI Videos
Adobe Premiere Pro

Protruding Features

  • Has the ability of exporting videos in a variety of formats
  • All the data gets backed up automatically in Apple Cloud
  • Comes with enhanced tracking as well as masking capabilities
  • Footage can be edited in all formats ranging from 8K to virtual reality

4. Cyberlink PowerDirector

Target Users: beginners

Supported OS: Windows & Mac

Verdict: best choice for 360-degree drone camera users

If you have a 360-degree drone camera, then you are bound to feel benefitted from using the Cyberlink PowerDirector. This versatile tool can proceed with synchronized editing of footage captured using multiple cameras. You can use it as a DJI mini 2 editing software.

Cyberlink Power Director
Cyberlink PowerDirector

Protruding Features

  • Vector shapes can be both applied and edited using precise keyframe controls and auto-fit text
  • Motion graphic elements can be merged with the titles of videos to impart a stylish look
  • 18 transition effects can add a professional touch to your captured footage
  • Supports multi-GPU acceleration and OpenCL for editing 4K clips as well as videos without succumbing to system lag

5. Davinci Resolve

Target Users: advanced users

Supported OS: Windows, Mac, and Linux OS

Verdict: a free choice for easing out the post-production process

This DJI drone video editor has gained a lot of popularity amongst professional video editors who make use of the same in free post-production process. A unique thing about Davinci Resolve is that it can handle parallel engines for enhancing the color grading process as well as quality.

Davinci Resolve - DJI Video Editing Software
Davinci Resolve

Protruding Features

  • Supports real-time video editing in 2K resolution
  • Offers powerful new features like speed wrap, facial recognition, etc.
  • Both effects and grades can be applied to clips
  • End projects can be directly uploaded to Vimeo and YouTube

6. iMovie

Target Users: beginners

Supported OS: Mac and iOS

Verdict: built-in Mac tool for amateur users

This DJI video editor comes built-in to every Mac system and even features an easy learning curve making it ideal for amateur users. iMovie can serve you well if you wish to undertake basic editing work on footage. It features an intuitive design and simple accompanying instructions which can enhance your knowledge about the same.

iMovie Video Editor

Protruding Features

  • Can be used on your iPhone and iPad apart from Mac laptops or PCs
  • Support 4K video editing without suffering quality loss
  • Animated titles and credits can be added to the footage from the dozens of available styles
  • 10 high fidelity video filters can impart a professional look to your movie

How to Edit DJI Videos Easily on Windows/Mac

With more and more video editor hitting the market, it becomes ever easier to transcode, render and edit 4K/large videos captured by DJI cameras. Here you will be led to a complete tour of how to edit the DJI video footage easily with VideoProc Vlogger, and the tutorial holds true for either the amateur users or the old hands who desire something more exciting.

Step 1: Create a new project, import your DJI videos, and drag the files to the timeline.

Step 2: Cut, trim, split, or merge the clips.

Step 3: Add transitions and filters to your video.

Step 4 : Make your DJI videos more cinematic.

Adjust Speed

Manipulating the speed dynamically is one of the most commonly used methods to stick out your DJI video from many, and this is the very crucial step you don't want to miss.

1. Open speed editor through clicking on Speed in the toolbar.

2. Choose the built-in speed presets or drag the shape of Bézier curve to manually control the rate of speed change.

Adjust Speed

Add Background Music / Denoise

Using the right music could make much difference to the videos, but that actually comes with a few tips to work with.

1. Add music files to the timeline from Media Library.

2. Open Audio Editor by clicking Audio in the toolbar, and adjust music volumes, set fade in/fade out, denoise and more to work out a desired effect.

3. Another tip you could try is to sync the video with the music that has stronger rhythms and beats.

Audio Editor

Color Editing

Color grading tends to be the very punch line to DJI video editing since people are consistently sensitive to colors.

1. Select the footage, and open the color editor by clicking color.

2. Apply Luts/Filters, and adjust exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, whites and other parameters.

3. HSL editing to adjust individual color ranges in the video.

Color Editor

Learn more about how to color grade DJI D-Log files>

Motion Effect

Creating dynamic movements is a great way to create cinematic DJI videos.

1. Open Motion Editor by clicking Motion in the toolbar.

2. Playback the video and pause where you want to insert a movement.

3. Choose a preset or manually adjust the frame and click Add. And preview the result.

Motion Editor

Remove Fisheye (Lens Distortion Correction)

1. Click the clip.

2. Go to the inspector on the right hand and find the Lens Distortion Correction.

Lens Distortion Correction

DJI Video Editing Tips: What to Do with Drone Videos

DJI videos usually have high bit depth, high frame rate, ultra-high resolution (such as 4K), high bitrate, etc. The common video editing tools available in the market are inadequate to handle the same and usually succumb to quality degradation as well as crash. This in turn creates the requirement of a professional video editing software which we have listed down above.

Moreover, here we have rounded up some easy but useful techniques that you could apply in editing your drone video:

  • Split/Cut: remove any unwanted clips, such as crash from the last flight.
  • Insert transitions and filters to create fluent cohesion between the clips that you piece together.
  • Correct color/brightness: keep the frames protected from under or over exposure which becomes extremely necessary when the sun is around, and learn to make the best out of the color correction, grading and blending to create specific atmosphere.
  • Video stabilization: remove all signs of shakiness from the captured frames.
  • Speed controls: create dynamic speed ramping effect and make slow-mo as well as time-lapse videos which are currently in rage amongst media professionals.
  • Motion controls: learn to master the language of the camera movement, reframe and zoom in or out the clips to any aspect ratio while keeping the moving objects in frame.
  • Sound controls: don't forget to remove the annoying noise mixed in, and add background music properly.

Does DJI Have a Video Editor

Yes, DJI users mostly bank on its default application. For shooting, editing and sharing videos on mobile devices, DJI GO 4 was developed for Spark, Phantom series, while DJI Fly for Mavic Mini and Air. But they don't have any PC version. DJI released Mavic Mini 3 Pro that can shoot 4K videos at up to 60 fps and 4K HDR video at up to 30 fps. It could be increasingly difficult for people who prefer to edit large 4K/8K footage smoothly or edit video on a bigger screen with more functions.

DJI Video Editing Software
DJI Drone Video Editing

DJI GO 4 app runs on a mobile, and it is a nice choice to edit drone videos on-the-go.

However, there are some pitfalls that could make your mobile editing a nightmare:

  • DJI videos are saved in cached versions in the DJI GO app. Thus, if you wish to edit and save it at high definition, i.e., better image quality, you will have to download its copy from the SD card of your drone to the computer. Then why not proceed to edit on PC with more flexibility?
  • Working on a mobile makes things harder because you can only operate on a smaller interface.
  • Smartphones are usually not equipped with adequate memory which is necessary for saving large 4K DJI footage.
  • Action camera and drones use highly compressed codec to store video files, by so doing, they are able to capture videos at 1080p/4k and higher resolutions while keeping the file size small. However, decoding the highly compressed codec requires more computing power, and may cause problems such as iPhone overheating or app crashing.

Sometimes, you will find yourself search for the best DJI video editing software on Windows or Mac, and all the above annoyance would be gone for good with the right tool.

Final Words

We hope the discussion could add value to your reserve about the best DJI video editing software, and narrow things down for you when making a choice. Each one of them come with their own set of bells and whistles, and could help you undertake holistic video processing with their own versatile functionalities.

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