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Believe there are a lot of people who have been bored with the default ringtone of their phones and prefer to change it to something they like better. The "Opening" in Apple iPhone, for example - pleasant as it is, may bore the users after being heard repeatedly. However, the trouble of making a change is that not all the audio formats are supported by iPhone, which means that you cannot randomly download a piece of music to your phone as the ringtone, without changing its format.

The default audio codec for iPhone ringtone is AAC (Advanced Audio Coding). Both M4A and M4R are encoded by AAC, and they seem just two different file extensions. Then do we still need to convert from one to another?

M4A vs M4R: Both for iPhone Ringtones, but Any Difference?

M4A is a MPEG-4 file only for audio. The official extension of MPEG-4 file is MP4 which includes both video and audio data. When the audio is only contained, it uses .m4a file extension. This format is popularly used by Apple for unprotected music downloaded from iTunes Music Store.

M4R is another iPhone ringtone format. But it is neither easy to download an M4R audio file online, nor can get it totally free. The differences between M4A and M4R are subtle, but there are a few things to note:

1. M4A (AAC), M4R (AAC) and MP3 can all be accepted by iPhone as ringtone, but after exported from iPhone, the .m4a file extension will become .m4r automatically.

2. The DRM copy protected music purchased from iTunes Store will be in the file extension of .m4r. Simply changing M4R to M4A will not remove the copy protection.

3. To custom an M4A ringtone file to M4R is indeed just to rename it to M4R. The only difference lies in the file extension. The encodings, file sizes and qualities are all the same.

So, a M4A to M4R converter is not really needed unless you have special purpose (such as, to add your ringtone to iTunes, in which case .m4r is suggested). Read below to see how to convert audio formats easily, not limited to M4A to M4R conversion. You can also scroll down to the end to see tips on making ringtones for iPhone.

VideoProc - a powerful audio/video processing program that can convert media files!

  • 1. Convert audio formats, e.g. M4A to M4R, OGG to MP3, MP3 to AAC.
  • 2. Convert video to audio, e.g. MP4 to MP3. It supports 370+ video audio codecs and formats.
  • 3. Download music files from online platforms such as YouTube, SoundCloud, Facebook,
  • 4. Record live streams so you will not miss live games, sports etc.
  • 5. Control multitrack audio/video.

How to Convert M4A to M4R with VideoProc

Step 1: Launch VideoProc and tap Video.

Add Video - VideoProc

Step 2: Tap +Music on the top to import the M4A audio that you want to convert.

Step 3: After the music is loaded, tap Music in the bottom column then choose M4R (AAC) in the Target Format column as the output format. Besides, you may do other settings such as quality adjustment by tapping the Option icon according to your own preferences.

Convert M4A to M4R - VideoProc

Step 4: Click Run in the lower right corner to start conversion.

Apart from what's mentioned above, VideoProc allows you to convert audio between formats like MP3, AMR, WAV, OGG, FLAC etc. with crystal clear Dolby Digital 5.1 channel surround sound. Moreover, it is capable of extracting audio from video, and coping the audio bit-for-bit instantly from the source to AAC, AC3, MP3, DTS, DTS-HD without any loss of quality. On top of that, VideoProc is also an expert in the field of video editing. It is able to cut, trim, split, merge, crop, rotate, flip, mirror video efficiently, meanwhile, it functions as video downloader, video converter and video recorder as well. In a word, VideoProc pushes the boundary of what you can create on a video or audio in every possible way!

Bonus Tips:

• Apple requires the ringtone to be no longer than 40 seconds, and between 8 and 320kbps. You may need to acquire some tips on making and adding ringtones to iPhone.

• Unlike Android, Apple does not support downloading ringtones directly for iPhone. But VideoProc can help you download songs and audio files from online sites and convert them to M4A, M4R or other iPhone ringtone format.


Author - Kayla Collins

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