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Top 5 YouTube to OGG Converter Tools (Steps Included)

By Cecilia Hwung | Last Update:

OGG refers to a compressed audio file that is similar to that of an MP3 file. However, the quality of OGG files is comparatively better than MP3 files having a similar size. They even contain song metadata like track data and artist information. A large number of portable music players and software music players are compatible with OGG files.

You can make use of this multimedia container format for storing audio, video, metadata and text files. OGG stands out as the best choice for converting YouTube files since it offers audio tracks at lower bitrates compared to other lossy formats. Although OGG is not lossless, it can be streamed at full speed over the internet. Today we are going to talk about 5 best YouTube to OGG converters which you can avail for the job completing.

#1. VideoProc Converter

A large number of OGG converters are present in the market. But in most of the cases, they present a difficult learning curve ahead of the users. Keeping such things in mind, we have decided on VideoProc Converter to serve as the best YouTube to OGG converter available for both Windows and Mac users around the globe. It allows you to convert YouTube to OGG, AC3, FLAC, and other 300+ formats, which opens up greater versatility ahead of its users. What's more, it enables you to convert YouTube playlist to OGG in batch without taking much time thanks to the support of level-3 GPU acceleration. It retains stellar audio and video quality and also keeps you buffered from all possibilities of CPU crashing or overheating.

How to Convert Any YouTube Video to OGG File with VideoProc Converter

Step 1. Run this application on your Windows or computer, and choose the Downloader tool.

Choose VideoProc Downloader
Choose VideoProc Converter Downloader

Step 2. Click on the Add Video menu.

Choose Add Video in VideoProc Downloader
Choose Add Video in VideoProc Converter Downloader

Step 3. Copy and paste the YouTube video URL into the box and apply Analyze to look for all information about it. This would last too long. After finding them all, VideoProc Converter would display them in list. Mostly, there would be no OGG format file, this is because the original source of this video does not contain it. But no worries, choose one format randomly, either video or audio. Lastly apply the Download Selected Video button.

Analyze URL in VideoProc Downloader
Analyze URL in VideoProc Converter Downloader

Step 4. Click on the Download now button to start grabbing the file that you just select.

Download youtube video in VideoProc Downloader
Analyze YouTube video in VideoProc Converter Downloader

Step 5. Now you have the YouTube video or audio file saved on your computer. Back to VideoProc Converter's homepage, choose Video tool, where we will show you how to change the file into OGG format.

Step 6. Choose the +Video button to import the downloaded YouTube video file. If you have downloaded the audio file in above steps, just choose the +Music button.

Step 7. After file loaded, jump to the bottom of the application, find and choose the OGG format under Music column. If you cannot find it there, please click on the Target Format feature to have more options.

Step 8. Now choose the output folder path and click on the RUN button to start making the video or audio OGG format.

Convert YouTube to OGG in VideoProc
Convert YouTube to OGG in VideoProc Converter

#2. Catchvideo

If you don't wish to install any heavy-duty software in your device, then you can easily opt for an online option to convert YouTube to OGG. These serve as the perfect choices for users who wish to undertake audio conversions once in a blue moon and are not very keen on getting top-notch quality. Let us now take a look at 4 of the most popular online YouTube to OGG portals which can cater to your requirements. And Catchvideo is the first one.

How to Convert YouTube to OGG with Catchvideo

1. Copy the URL of YouTube File, and paste it on the blank bar.

2. Select OGG as the output format. You can choose the bitrate, sample rate, and channels information as you like.

3. Click Convert.

Catchvideo Convert YouTube to OGG
Catchvideo Convert YouTube to OGG

#3. Anything2mp3

You can avail this free of cost conversion tool to convert any YouTube files to OGG format. It also supports the output of AAC, MP3, and WMA for adding up to its level of versatility. Users can also take their pick amongst different bitrate options of 96K, 128K, 192K, and 320K. You can simply drag and drop the YouTube media that already exist on your computer to anything2mp3. It displays ads on the top sides, but basically, it is a safe place to extract OGG from YouTube.

How to Convert YouTube to OGG with Anything2mp3

1. Copy the URL link of YouTube audio or video that you would like to convert to OGG.

2. Paste the YouTube link into the converter box.

3. Click Download link from URL.

4. Select OGG as the output formats, and then select the needed bitrate.

5. Click CONVERT File, that's it.

Anything2mp3 Convert YouTube to OGG
Anything2mp3 - Online YouTube to OGG Converter

#4. YouTube-OGG

The web-based application, though work very unstable, still has gained global popularity given its compatibility with more than 2000 sites. The range of output formats is excellent, including OGG, AC3, AIFF, FLAC, M4A, and more. You can use YouTube-OGG to turn any YouTube file without copy protection to OGG in minutes. Though it doesn't give you access to have fine-tuned on the parameters of the output OGG file, there won't be too much quality loss.

How to Download a YouTube to OGG with YouTube-OGG

1. Paste the target YouTube URL at Video URL and click Continue.

2. Select OGG as the conversion formats.

3. Click Download to start the conversion.

YoutubeOGG Convert YouTube to OGG
YoutubeOGG Convert YouTube to OGG

#5. VideoMP3Convert

VideoMP3Convert can convert YouTube media to OGG, MP3, AAC, FLAC, WMA, WAV, and M4A. We put it on the bottom of this list as it comes with too many ads and slow conversion speed, which is not friendly for users who need to do many conversion jobs. But it is still a decent web app with features like the wide range of supported output formats, full compatibility with prevalent browsers, and register-free conversion service.

How to Convert YouTube to OGG with VideoMP3Convert?

1. Copy the URL link of the YouTube video or audio that you would like to convert.

2. Enter that URL link to VideoMP3Convert.

3. Click OGG on the section of Formats.

4. Click Convert, then VideoMP3Convert will start to turn YouTube to OGG. The process may take minutes or longer.

5. Click Download > Save link as to save the generated OGG file.

VideoMP3Conver Convert YouTube to OGG
VideoMP3Conver Convert YouTube to OGG

The Bottom Line

Now that you have gained a clear idea of all the video converters available for initiating the YouTube to OGG conversion, you can easily take your pick amongst the five different options. However, VideoProc Converter stands out from its peers as it works seamlessly with a variety of formats and that too in an easy-to-use manner. Users can retain a 90% compression ratio without making any compromise in terms of image quality. This helps users in enjoying the original file quality even after conversion.

Disclaimer: We do not advocate downloading or converting authorized or copy-protected media content.

About The Author

Cecilia Hwung is the marketing manager of Digiarty Software and the editor-in-chief of the VideoProc team. She pursues common progress with her team and expects to share creative content and useful information with readers. She has a strong interest in copywriting and rich experience in editing tips.

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