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4 Ways to Convert MP4 to JPG – Free, Online, Windows 10/11, Mac

By Cecilia Hwung | Last Update:

JPG or JEPG is a widely used format for digital images with lossy compression. Whenever people want to extract images from MP4 videos to make stop motion videos, timelapse-looking effects, or slideshows, JPG is regarded as the best target format.

However, taking JPG snapshots from a video manually consumes much time and energy. So, we come to show you the best MP4 to JPG converters that can take over the task. Without further ado, let's see how to convert MP4 to JPG for free on Windows 11/10/8/7 and Mac.

Convert MP4 to JPG

1. How to Convert MP4 to JPG with VideoProc Converter

VideoProc Converter comes with a versatile conversion toolkit. Aside from converting and transcoding video and audio files in 370+ formats, it's capable of converting videos to JPG, PNG, and GIF. Different from other converters that take snapshots randomly, VideoProc Converter converts MP4 to JPG in sequence so you won't miss any desired frames. Meanwhile, it gives you full control over the quality and the count of JPG images.

As a multifunctional video processing program, it is also shipped with features below:

  • Support 370+ formats including but not limited to MP4, MOV, JPG, PNG, MP3, 4K…
  • Level-3 hardware acceleration speeds up 4K and HD video conversion 47x real-time faster.
  • Convert, transcode, and resize videos without perceivable quality loss.
  • All-in-one video solutions: edit, compress, record screen, rip DVDs, download videos, and more.

MP4 to JPG Converter Free Download on Windows and Mac

Step 1. Import an MP4 video to VideoProc Converter.

Open VideoProc Converter on your computer. Click Video > +Video to import an MP4 video to it.

Load MP4 to VideoProc Converter

Step 2. Convert the MP4 video to JPG in its Toolbox.

Open Toolbox at the bottom of the interface and double-click Snapshot. Set the picture format to JPEG (.jpg). Keep the original image size and input a number for the picture count. Then click Done to close the tab.

How to convert MP4 to JPG in VideoProc Converter

Tips: VideoProc Converter captures snapshots evenly in the given duration. If you want to extract every frame from the video, set the number according to the frame rate, e.g. 300 for a 10-second video at 30fps.

Step 3. Export JPG images from VideoProc Converter.

Select a folder on your computer to save the pictures in JPG format and hit RUN to convert the MP4 video to JPG.

2. How to Convert MP4 to JPG Online

You may find a bunch of free online converters but be frustrated by its limited output formats. That's because many of them only work with video formats. If you want to convert videos to images or image sequences, we found some feasible MP4 to JPG converters online.

Be aware that, online tools may contain ads or unknown viruses. Do not put your computer at risk if you are not sure of its security.

#1 Online-Converter

Online-Convert is a free MP4 to JPG converter for any device with internet connections. It accepts videos smaller than 100MB and packs converted JPG files into a zip folder for you to download. However, this tool does not let you control the amount of JPG images because it always takes snapshots every 2-3 seconds.

Step 1. Input and visit in the address tab on your browser.

Step 2. Choose Image Converter and Convert to JPG.

Step 3. Upload your MP4 video from your computer, Dropbox, or Google Drive.

How to convert MP4 to JPG with Online-Convert

Step 4. Hit START and wait for it to convert MP4 to JPG online. When it is over, click Download to save them.


EZGIF is similar to Online-Converter, only accepts MP4 files under 100MB. But this online and free MP4 to JPG converter offers less advanced settings and converts files more quickly. If you want a try, here's how.

Step 1. Go to on your browser.

Step 2. Click Video to GIF and choose Video to JPG under the tab.

Step 3. Select an MP4 video from your computer and upload it online.

Convert MP4 to JPG online with EZGIF

Step 4. Set the start and end time, image size, and frame rate. Click Convert to JPG.

Step 5. Now you can see a list of JPG images. Then you can download them as a zip file.


The max video size in ACONVERT reaches 200MB. If you have a relatively longer or larger MP4 to convert online, it's a good option. But it converts MP4 to only one JPG picture. So it's hard to get the desired snapshots with its random selections. Another drawback is the intrusive ads on the interface.

Step 1. Open online.

Step 2. Upload an MP4 video to it. Choose JPG as the target format.

Convert MP4 to JPG online with ACONVERT

Step 3. If necessary, adjust the image quality or resize the image.

Step 4. Paste the unpacked FFmpeg files onto this new folder.

3. How to Convert MP4 to JPG with VLC

VLC is a media player with which you can capture snapshots while playing an MP4 video. But note that it's different from converting a video to image sequence. Let's see how to convert MP4 to JPG on Windows and Mac using VLC.

Step 1. Launch VLC media player. Open Tools > Preference > Video. And choose JPG in the snapshots option.

Step 2. Click Media > Open File to import the MP4 that you want to convert to JPG.

Step 3. During the playback, expand the Video option and choose Take Snapshot. Then VLC will save a JPG picture at this moment.

Convert MP4 to JPG with VLC

Step 4. Repeat the step, and you can convert more video frames to JPG.

Optional Methods:

If you want to convert the entire video to an image sequence in JEPG, enable Scene video filter in its advanced settings before playing it in VLC. But note that, once the filter is enabled, any video played with VLC will be converted to images. So remember to cancel it when you finish this task.

4. How to Convert MP4 to JPG with Adobe Photoshop

For users who just want a quick and free method to convert MP4 videos to JPG format, we do not recommend Photoshop because it's expensive and has a steep learning curve. But if you've already bought and installed Adobe Photoshop on your computer, it is a good way to convert your MP4 video to JPG format with it. Here's how.

Step 1. Launch Photoshop on your computer. Drag and drop your MP4 file to its interface.

Step 2. Click File in the top bar and choose Export > Render Video.

Step 3. Customize the file folder if needed. Then click Adobe Media Encoder and change it to Photoshop Image Sequence.

Convert MP4 video to JPG with Photoshop

Step 4. Choose JPEG in the format option. Then set the video duration, image size, and frame rate.

Step 5. Click Render and wait for it to export JEPG images to the folder you've chosen.

Note: Only Photoshop CS6 Extended and Photoshop CC versions work with videos.

MP4 to JPG Converter Comparison

  OS Price MP4 File Size JPG Quality JPG Count

VideoProc Converter

Windows, Mac

Free for 5-min video























Windows, Mac, Linux






Windows, Mac






Online converters and VLC are free but put many limits on video file size, the amount of JPG pics, or the output quality. Photoshop can fulfill most of your needs but is too expensive. As you can see above, VideoProc Converter offers the best conversion service as well as bonus features like editing, compressing, and downloading.

Now free download it and convert MP4 to JPG without any fuss!

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