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There's time that you want to make remixes or add additional audio tracks to video recording, or you want to deliver your favorite music and audio books to your smartphone (iPhone, Samsung), PC (MacBook), any other MP3 player (iPod) and video game consoles (PS4, Xbox), but you will find it an annoying job to do if your targeted audio files are of WMA (Windows Media Audio) format. Thus, in most cases, you need to convert WMA to WAV, which is a more widely recognized audio format to meet your demand.

Why We Need to Convert WMA to WAV

1. The core difference between WMA and WAV lies on that WMA files theoretically only support the Windows Media player or some related Windows programs, namely, it won't work if you wish to run it on other players and programs, such as mp3 players or computers with other operating systems like MacBook (iOS system). By contrast, WAV is compatible with nearly all media players and audio system.

2. WMA is a compressed audio file, while WAV is an uncompressed one. As a result, WMA asks for small space for its storage, while WAV takes up much larger space but with better quality.

3. WMA files nowadays generally have DRM protection, which means, without legal permissions, you won't be able to obtain access to them even if you copy them directly to your electronic devices.

4. WAV audio file would be much easier to edit, since it is uncompressed, and does not request any complicated encoding/decoding process.

There may be more what WAV beats WMA, however, our mission of this post is telling you how to change the .wma format to .wav format. And in the following part, we will show you all the details. Check them now.

How to Convert WMA to WAV with A Few Clicks

Choosing the right WMA to WAV converter is essential for the efficiency of this audio converting job. And VideoProc would be the best option that we sincerely recommend. It can help you easily undertake any sound converting project, as it has powerful features listed below:

1. VideoProc supports batch file conversion, that's to say, it can convert more audio files at the same time which will save you more time.

2. Besides WMA to WAV conversion, VideoProc allows users making conversions between various audio formats, as it supports most of the popular audio formats on the market including not just WMA, WAV, but MP3, M4A and so forth. If you don't know what audio format you need, you can choose your device model and VideoProc will automatically convert it to a compatible format.

3. VideoProc also supports improving the sound quality of the original audio files.

So why not download and install VideoProc on your Windows or Mac computer now, and then follow the detailed steps below to quickly finish the job?

Step 1: Add an WMA audio file to VideoProc

Choose Video option at it homepage and go into another page. Click the +Music button to load one or more WMA audio files (songs) into the program.

Step 2: Choose WAV as the target format

Select Music tab on the bottom of the interface and choose the right format WAV. If there you cannot find the WAV format, you can select it in the Target Format option.

Step 3: Convert the audio

Click the Browse button to select a destination folder to save the resulting file. And then choose the RUN button to start the conversion.

Convert WMA to WAV in VideoProc

Appendix: to adjust audio parameters, you need to hit the codec Option button, under the Format tab where you can adjust the sound quality, audio codec, channel, sample rate and bit rate.

Set Audio Parameters on VideoProc

VideoProc Can Do More than You Think

As you can see, VideoProc can be your best choice to make conversions from WMA to WAV audio, or more audio files of other formats to any formats you want, let alone it is fast and easy-to-use.

Besides as a WMA to WAV converter, VideoProc is also the one-stop video editing software that makes it easy to edit, convert, resize and adjust 4k ultra high-definition (UHD) videos, DVDs, and music to produce a polished video you’d be happy to share. No matter you are a pro or just getting started, powerful VideoPro can be your perfect choice.


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