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2 Easiest Ways to Convert iTunes Movies to MP4

By Cecilia Hwung | Last Update:

Although iTunes Movies app is replaced by the Apple TV app after macOS Catalina, it still holds every video you bought or rented on Windows OS or previous macOS. However, Apple locks down the media content with DRM and does not let you play iTunes movies on other operating systems. To watch such a video on your non-Apple TV, tablet, and smartphone, or make a DVD copy, converting iTunes movies to MP4 is taken as the most effective method.

Apple employs M4V to contain videos files that are rented or purchased from the iTunes movie store with DRM restrictions. So how to convert iTunes Movies to MP4 involves M4V to MP4 conversion and DRM removal.

Anyway, we'll get you covered. In this post, we'll show you the best video converter to convert M4V iTunes movies to MP4 no matter whether it's DRM protected or not. Let's see how the powerful iTunes movie converter works for you.

M4V to MP4 VideoProc

1. Convert iTunes Movies to MP4 without DRM

The video converter software we are going to use is VideoProc Converter as it can convert M4V to MP4 on all Mac and Windows computers. It has 100+ MP4 preset profiles for TV, DVD, Web, Android, Sony, and Microsoft devices. In addition to converting iTunes M4V to MP4, it supports 470+ formats (MOV, MKV, AVI, WebM, HEVC, H.264, MPEG2, etc.) to meet all your needs.

And notably, VideoProc Converter takes advantage of GPUs to speed up the conversion from iTunes Movies to MP4 and Apple TV to MP4 by 47x real-time faster while maintaining the original quality. If necessary, you can cut, merge, crop, add subtitles, or apply other simple edits to your iTunes videos in the same program.

VideoProc Converter – Best Converter for iTunes Movies/Apple TV

  • Provide effective solutions to convert DRM-free and DRM-protected movies to MP4.
  • Unique High Quality Engine to keep the original quality during the conversion.
  • Process large/long/4K/HDR movies 47x faster by Level-3 Hardware Acceleration.
  • 100+ MP4 output presets for TV, Android, Xbox, PS4/5, YouTube, Facebook...
  • Cut, merge, crop, add subtitles, compress, download videos from 1000+ sites, etc.


Now download VideoProc Converter and see how to use it to convert iTunes DRM-free movies to MP4 on Windows and Mac.

Step 1. Get a video downloaded from iTunes Movies. Right-click on the video and choose Show in Finder on Mac or Show in File Explorer.

M4V to MP4 VideoProc

Step 2. Open VideoProc Converter. Click "Video", then drag the iTunes movie from Finder or File Explore to its interface.

Import iTunes movies to VideoProc Converter

Step 3. Click "Video" at the bottom and choose "MP4 H.264" or "MP4 HEVC".

M4V to MP4 VideoProc

Step 4. Enable hardware acceleration, set the output folder, and hit the "RUN" to start converting M4V iTunes Movies to MP4.

2. Convert iTunes Movies to MP4 by Recording

Also, VideoProc Converter has a built-in screen recording tool. You can use it to record DRM-free movies while playing in iTunes or Apple TV app on your computer, and then save the recording in MP4 format.

This HD screen recorder is powerful to record large long movies without lagging and does not harm the original quality. Keeping this at your hand, you can convert any Apple TV content or iTunes movies to MP4 for free and enjoy them anywhere anytime.

Now free download and install VideoProc Converter and see how to use it to convert iTunes to MP4 with ease.

Step 1. Open VideoProc Converter and choose "Recorder" on its homepage.

Open screen recorder in VideoProc Converter

Step 2. Open "Settings" in the top right corner. Make sure the quality of recordings is set to high and the format is MP4. Choose the "Screen" mode in VideoProc Converter.

Convert iTunes movies to MP4 free in VideoProc Converter

Step 3. Launch iTunes and play the film you bought on iTunes in full-screen mode. Hit the red button in VideoProc Converter, and it will start recording the iTunes movie in 5 seconds.

Record DRM-protected iTunes movies in VideoProc Converter

Step 4. Play the video from the beginning when the recording starts. When the movie is over, stop VideoProc Converter, and it will save an MP4 recording for the iTunes movie on your computer.


Can iTunes convert M4V movies to MP4?

No. The only trick you can use is to convert videos to audio formats like AAC, MP3, WAV, and AIFF.

How do I convert Apple TV to MP4?

Apple TV does not let you play and convert purchased movies outside of Apple apps. Fortunately, there's a workaround in VideoProc Converter. Launch it, click Recorder and Screen. Then play a movie on Apple TV on your Mac or PC, and start recording. VideoProc Converter will save the screen recording in MP4 HD on your computer.

Can VLC convert iTunes movies?

VLC cannot convert iTunes movies with DRM, but all movies or TV shows you bought or rented on iTunes are locked down by the DRM scheme.

Can HandBrake convert iTunes movies to MP4?

HandBrake does not remove iTunes movies DRM and transcode it MP4 like VLC. Users are only allowed to convert DRM-free M4V to MP4 in HandBrake.

Disclaimer: Removing iTunes DRM is not recommended. Please check the copyright law in your country and remove iTunes Movies DRM for fair use.

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