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How to Convert a DAT to MP4 Video File to Make It More Compatible

When you download a video on the Internet, you may often encounter a situation - the video you download is in DAT format or some other formats and you are unable to open or watch it on your Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android or other devices. What you should do then is to CONVERT the DAT file to MP4, a format which allows you to open and operate without effort.

To Convert DAT to MP4 Online or Not?

Many people are apt to use free online tool that offer services without the need of downloading a single app. However, while converting DAT to MP4 online, some problems may frustrate you.

For example, since DAT files are always large in size, it will take much time to upload and convert it online. There may be image quality loss, and there may be some bugs like flickers or crashes during the converting process.

This article will recommend you a powerful GPU-accelerated video converter which can help you avoid all these problems and provide you with excellent user experience.

DAT to MP4 Converter: VideoProc Is Your Best Choice

VideoProc is but beyond a powerful video conversion software. It supports hundreds of video formats like AMV, AVI, FLV, DAV and etc. And customers can choose the output formats and resolutions directly according to their own needs. Why VideoProc is the premium choice?

• Compared with online converters, it is more stable that runs smoothly without crash; it is safer without any malware or plug-in.

• It not only can meet the need of quickly importing large DAT videos, but also can avoid small bugs like crashes and flickers.

• As the only full GPU accelerated video processing software, it makes it possible to convert DAT videos to MP4 videos at a high speed.

• VideoProc is a quality-oriented converter. It can convert DAT files to MP4 files with excessively high efficiency but without image quality loss.

Indeed, VideoProc is a one-stop video processing program, It can edit, convert, resize, and adjust 4K UHD videos, DVDs, and music easily at fully accelerated speed. Customers can find more functions like cutting, cropping, merging and compressing. And one of the most striking advantages of VideoProc is that it is a quality-oriented high speed software, so you don’t have to worry about the loss of image quality.

A Step-by-step Wizard: How to Convert DAT to MP4

Generally there are four steps to convert a DAT video to an MP4 video.

Step1: Free download VideoProc and install it.
Free download VideoProc and install it on your Windows or Mac.
Supported OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (32 & 64 bit).

Step2: Open VideoProc and import video.
After you have registered, double click VideoProc icon, and open it. Then click "Video" button to enter the video page. Then click "+Video" to import your video.(You can import one or multiple videos.)

Add DAT Video to VideoProc

Step3: Choose the proper output format - MP4.
Click "Video" button on the bottom of the interface, here you can see different kinds of output formats, just choose the one according to your own needs. Click "MP4" to choose the output format.

Choose MP4 H264 Output Format - VideoProc

(Here if you want to set other parameters of the video, click "Target Format", and you can set the bit rate, frame rate, resolution and some other parameters.)

Adjust Parameters - VideoProc

Step4: Click "Run" button and export video.
Choose the output folder where you would like to store the video, then click "RUN" button to start the DAT to MP4 conversion, and finally you can get the video you want.

Run - VideoProc

VideoProc - A Powerful Media converter:

VideoProc is able to meet people’s requirements for a converter. It can easily convert a DAT video to an MP4 video at high speed and with little quality loss. But more than this, VideoProc supports hundreds of video and audio formats. Customers can upload videos of various formats and convert them to different video formats. It also provides many other video functions and thus makes video process become easier more convenient.


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