How Do You Convert DAT File to MP4 on Windows and Mac

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A file with an extension of .dat is not recognized a standard one as it is actually a data file that stores typical information used by a system or an application. Actually, DAT files don't have one typical program to open as most other standard files do. For example, a DAT file in VCD can be opened with a commonly-used video player while some other DAT files may resort to some related applications to open them. Media players that can open a DAT file are: RealPlayer, Windows Media Player, etc.

If you happen to have one DAT file which can't be opened on your Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android or other portable devices, then you may consider converting DAT to MP4. In this guide, we will share you with a 4-step method to make it.

DAT File to MP4

To convert DAT to MP4, we suggest you a one-stop video processing program - VideoProc. It is capable of handling tasks like to edit, convert, resize, and adjust 4K UHD videos, DVDs, and music easily at a fully accelerated speed. Beyond that, VideoProc well supports converting between hundreds of video formats like WMV, AVI, FLV, MOV, M4V, etc., which makes it the best video file converter as well. You can choose the output format and video resolution directly according to your own needs.

What makes VideoProc your premium choice? One of striking merits of VideoProc is that it is a piece of quality-oriented software, so there's no need to worry about the quality loss on image. No such issue occurred or will happen to VideoProc.

VideoProc - one-stop video processing software

Competitive Features of VideoProc to Convert DAT to MP4

  • Supporting OS: Windows, Mac.
  • It is stable and runs smoothly without crash; it is safe without malware or any plug-ins.
  • It can not only quickly import large DAT files, but also avoid small bugs like crashes and flickers.
  • It is fully GPU accelerated, which makes it possible to convert DAT files to MP4 at a high speed.
  • It is a quality-oriented converter, which converts DAT files to MP4 with excessively high efficiency without quality loss.

Step 1: Open VideoProc on your desktop.

Open VideoProc after the installation, and click on Video to enter its video processing panel after launching.

Video Processing Tool VideoProc
Choose the Video option in VideoProc launching interface

Step 2: Add DAT file(s) to it.

After you enter the video processing interface, click the +Video button to import your DAT files. (You can import one DAT file or multiple DAT files as you wish as VideoProc can batch process them at one time.)

Add DAT Video to VideoProc
Click the +Video button to import DAT files

Step 3: Choose MP4 as the output format.

Click the Video tab on the bottom area of the interface, where you can see different kinds of output formats clearly listed. Choose MP4 as the output format.

Choose MP4 H264 Output Format - VideoProc
Under Video box, choose MP4 as the output format

A Warm Note:

If you want to adjust parameters of your video, click on Target Format, where you can set the video bit rate, frame rate, resolution and more parameters.

Adjust Parameters - VideoProc
Adjust parameters in Target Format

Step 4: Start the DAT to MP4 conversion.

Check the Engine box that will assure you a high-quality DAT to MP4 conversion. Choose the output folder where you would like to store the MP4 video, then click the RUN button to start the DAT to MP4 conversion. And finally, you can get an converted MP4 file from DAT.

A Warm Note:

If you want to have one combined MP4 video after the export, remember to check the Merge box under the preview window in the right interface.

Convert DAT to MP4
Click on RUN and convert DAT to MP4

Final Words

VideoProc is able to meet all your requirements for a media converter. It can easily convert a DAT file to an MP4 video at a high speed while retain the 1:1 fine quality. Apart from DAT to MP4, VideoProc well supports hundreds of video and audio formats conversion. You can upload videos of various formats and convert them to different video formats without restrictions on the file size and length. Moreover, it provides a plethora of video editing functions, eg. to losslessly compress video and audio files, to upscale low-resolution video up to 4K, to add effects and fine-tune your video clips, to name a few, which makes your video processing like plain sailing.

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