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Convert YouTube to WebM in the Most Secure Way [Trouble-Free]

What Is a WebM File?

WebM format has evolved into an absolute favorite of YouTubers around the globe coupled with its compatibility with most popular web browsers such as Opera (support begin with Opera version 11.5), Firefox (support start from Firefox 4), Edge (support Edge version higher than 14) and Chrome (browser version 6 and later are supported). It can even be played in Safari with third party assistance. For Safari web browser, browser version under v.12 will only support VP8 video codec. The WebM file format is used by YouTube for its HTML5 Player. Later versions of Android are also supported by WebM file format which has led to its supremacy amongst smartphone users. WebM makes use of VP8 or VP9 codec which is substantially superior to MP4 format based on H.264 codec.

But when it comes to converting YouTube videos to WebM format, you are bound to get confused with a large number of tools available in the market. In most cases, these tools do not work as per expectations and can even corrupt your file in the process. Keeping such things in mind, our experts have scanned the market and have come up with VideoProc for being the easiest and quickest desktop converter for an effective YouTube to WebM conversion.

Part 1: Desktop Converter Or Online Converter – Which One Would You Choose?

While trying to convert YouTube videos into WebM format, users are presented with the dual options of going ahead with either a desktop converter or an online converter. Let us now take a detailed look at each of these two variants so that you can easily take your pick amongst both of them:

Safety – Desktop variants have greater level of safety than online ones which are more susceptible to malware threats.

Upload File Size Limits – Online video converters usually have an upper limit on the file size uploads. Users do not have to deal with any such trouble in the case of desktop converters which allow them to convert considerably large files without facing any problem.

Conversion Speed & Time – Desktop converters are more capable in converting files in a speedier fashion compared to online tools.

Supporting File Format – The desktop converters also win the top slot when it comes to working on a variety of file formats. While the online tools have a specific field of application, you can attain greater possibilities with their desktop counterparts.

Now, that you have gained a clear understanding of the supremacy of desktop video converters over online tools, let us take a look at the best desktop converter and the steps of converting YouTube videos to WebM format using the same.

Part 2: Convert YouTube to WebM With VideoProc


VideoProc by Digiarty can serve as your best choice if you don't wish to be bothered by the bevy of advertisements which are common with its free of cost peers. Level 3 hardware acceleration helps VideoProc in processing 47x faster while lowering down CPU usage to a bare minimum level. You can thus easily bank on VideoProc for converting YouTube videos into WebM format without undergoing any quality loss and that too while optimizing file size in the way. Apart from video conversion, you can also engage in a plethora of editing functions with VideoProc. It thus becomes easy to cut, crop, merge, split, add subtitles, rotate and flip, add effects, stabilize, add watermarks, denoise, proceed with lens correction and even convert 3D into 2D with VideoProc. In one word, the possibility of VideoProc is endless. But today we are going to focus on the steps in which it can convert YouTube videos into WebM format.

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Step 1: Launch VideoProc on your desktop.

Primarily you will have to download and run VideoProc in your Windows or Mac PC. Here you will be presented with four different options in the primary interface and you will have to select Video as you shall be undertaking video conversion in the next steps.

Video Processing

Step 2: Import Video/Videos.

You need to click on the +Video button for importing the YouTube video you wish to convert. VideoProc also supports the import of multiple videos for undertaking batch transcoding.

Step 3: Select Your Desired Output Format.

Various popular formats can be accessed by clicking on the Video tab at the bottom of the interface. If WebM format is not present in the list, then you will simply have to click on Target Format and access more profiles.

Step 4: Specify The File Location.

You can now set the output folder by clicking on Browse > choose the destination folder accordingly. Ultimately, you will have to click on the RUN button to initiate the transcoding process.

YouTube to WebM

Final Words

With VideoProc, the resourceful YouTube to WebM converter, you are bound to feel delighted with complete flexibility present in terms of tools availability and conversion speed. An easy to navigate interface further adds up to the overall lucrativeness of VideoProc which can cater to people of varying skill levels. Download VideoProc today and convert all those YouTube videos into WebM format without having to break any sweat.

Disclaimer: It is imperative to note here that Digiarty Software Inc. does not advocate the violation of Copyright Act. Any copy-protected file you download with VideoProc is not recommended for commercial use.


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