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5 Ways to Convert WebP to MP4 (+2 Bonus Tips)

By Cecilia Hwung | Last Update:

Some users are trying to convert WebP to MP4 because of compatibility issues. For instance, you may not be able to upload animated WebP to reddit, or import a WebP file into Premiere Pro for editing. Here you will find 5 ways to change WebP to MP4.

Convert WebP to MP4

WebP is developed by Google with the aim to provide better image quality, or in other words, maintain the same quality with smaller file sizes. Based on the SSIM quality index, a lossless WebP file are 26% the size of PNG, and up to 34% the size of JPEG.

Since WebP also supported animated version and alpha channel, it functions as GIF on the web. Still, not all platforms, devices or software support WebP. Besides converting WebP to GIF, you can also use the WebP to MP4 converters below.

Convert WebP to MP4 with VideoProc Converter AI

If the WebP file is rejected by SNS platforms, you can use VideoProc Converter AI to convert WebP to MP4. VideoProc Converter AI is a one-stop media toolkit for video and audio conversion, downloading and recording. Besides converting video to GIF, it supports 420+ formats output.

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Note: The Windows version now supports AI-powered Super Resolution, Frame Interpolation, and Stabilization to enhance video and image quality. These AI features are not yet available in the Mac version but will be coming soon.

Steps to Convert WebP to MP4:

Step 1. Free download and launch VideoProc Converter AI on Windows or Mac computer.

Step 2. Go to the conversion module by clicking the Video icon from the main interface.

Convert WebP to MP4 Using VideoProc Converter AI

Step 3. Add WebP file into the software, and choose MP4 as the target format at the bottom section.

Now you can choose the output path and click Run to start converting WebP to MP4.

Byond WebM to MP4 Conversion - VideoProc Converter AI Is a Complete Video to Video/Audio Toolbox!

Bonus Tip 1:

For animated WebP, since it is looping forever, using online WebP to MP4 converter will lose that looping feature. With VideoProc Converter AI, you can simply record the animated WebP into MP4, looping as long as you wish.

Bonus Tip 2:

If you have multiple WebP files, and you want to convert them into one MP4 video, to create short videos or GIF-styled looping video, you can use free video editing software VideoProc Vlogger to convert WebP files to MP4.

Step 1. Download VideoProc Vlogger for Windows or for Mac.

Step 2. Create a new project, and set the resolution the same as the WebP image (you can also change it later inside the program).

Step 3. Drag and drop multiple WebP files into media library, and then drag them into the timeline.

In the same way, you can import music and add the audio as background music for the video.

Step 4. Click Export and select MP4 as output format.

Now your WebP images are converted into one MP4 video. In similar easy ways, VideoProc Vlogger also helps you to turn GIF into a video.

Convert WebP to MP4 Online with Free WebP Converters

#1 WebP to MP4 Converter:

Online Converter is a versatile online media conversion service, and it even supports convert unit. In terms of media, it allows users to convert one video format to another, audio to audio, change image format, and convert digital books and documents.

WebP to MP4 Online Converter

It offers a dedicated page for the WebP conversion. You can upload animated WebP or still images to be converted.

As with other online converters listed here, the converted MP4 will be 00:00:00 seconds and plays quite fast. For animated WebP (which can loop forever like GIF), the converted MP4 will lose the looping effect.

If you want to keep the looping effects after converting animated WebP to MP4, learn how to loop a video here.

Step 1. Go to the WebP to MP4 online converter page

Step 2. Click the Choose File button, and go to the folder you store WebP files to add it.

The maximum file size supported by OnlineConvert is 200 MB. If your file exceeds the size, you can either compress the file before uploading, or use the desktop converter in method 1 that doesn't impose such limitations on your file.

Step 3. Click the convert button and wait for the server to process your file.

If you want to cut video clip or change its resolution, you can tick the box next to Options.

Step 4. Once the WebP to MP4 conversion is completed, you can click the Download Now text to save the file to the local storage.

  • Since there are ads with a download button on the conversion page, make sure you click on the correct area. The link to save the converted file is the blue anchor text, not the button.
  • When you click the text Download Now, there will be ads pop-up, you can click elsewhere on the page to quit the ads window.
  • If your WebP file comes with the alpha channel (transparent background), the converted MP4 will go with white background.

#2 WebP to MP4 Converter online: EZGIF

As suggested by its name, EZGIF is built to offer easy solutions for GIF related processing, such as making animated pictures, or converting animated files to video. Primarily an online GIF maker, this site also offers tool to convert WebP to MP4, including still picture and animated WebP.

Convert WebP to MP4 Online using EZGIF

Step 1. Visit the WebP to MP4 online converter page on EZGIF.

Step 2. Drag and drop the WebP picture or animation into the uploading box area.

  • If your WebP file is from online resources, and you still have the link (such as those memes from, then you can copy and paste the link in EZGIF.
  • Make sure the WebP file size is under 50MB when uploading to this online converter.

Step 3. Click Upload button to confirm sending the WebP file to the online server.

Step 4. EZGIF offers simple editing tools before the conversion. You can click respective button to apply edits.

Step 5. Once you are happy with the settings, click the Convert WebP to MP4 button.

If your WebP has an alpha channel, the converted MP4 will have black background by default.

#3 Online Converter: is another online converter that truly support WebP to MP4 conversion online. You can upload animated WebP and download it as MP4 to playback without error.

Convert WebP to MP4 Online using MP4TO

Step 1. Select the WebP image on your computer to add it to the online tool.

Step 2. Click the Upload button and wait for the conversion progress.

If you want to convert WebP to MP4 in batch, credits are needed to upload multiple files at once.

Step 3. Click the generated MP4 to download.

According to, every user can convert files up to 2GB for free, but the uploading is limited to one file per time. Therefore, even if all the WebP files are under 2GB, you still need to convert WebP to MP4 one by one.

#4 MConverter

MConverter allows for 200MB WebP files per time to convert to MP4. You can add animated WebP or still images. Once the WebP file is uploaded, make sure to select MP4 as the output format.

Convert WebP to MP4 Using MConverter

One thing to notice is, it seems the converted MP4 file cannot be played by Windows Media Player, which says the format is not supported. However, you can play WebP converted MP4 in VLC media player.


How to Convert WebP to MP4 with VLC?

Currently, WebP to MP4 conversion is not supported in VLC. You can follow the general conversion routine, but the resultant MP4 won't play in any media player.

For instance, no matter it is WebP image or animated WebP, you can import it into VLC in Convert/Save window, and choose MP4 H264 as the export file. VLC won't throw any error at you when generating the video, but in fact, that converted MP4 is not playable.

Can I Convert WebP to MP4 with FFmepg?

At the time of writing, FFmpeg doesn't support converting WebP to MP4. It will generate alerts "image data not found error" and tells you that was due to unsupported chunk.

For more detailed information and feature request, you can check the tickets submitted here on supporting decoding animated WebP images.

Is WebP supported by all browsers?

According to, WebP image format is supported in 79.2% of browsers. For instance, Chrome v9 to 22 offers partial support and fails on lossless WebP or those with alpha channel, v23 and onward supports all WebP format.

As for the WebP Animation support, use the following browsers: Google Chrome (desktop and Android) v32+, Firefox v65+, Microsoft Edge v18+ and Opera 19+.

About The Author

Cecilia Hwung is the editor-in-chief of Digiarty VideoProc. With over a decade of experience, she specializes in delivering insightful content on AI trends, video/audio editing, conversion, troubleshooting, and software reviews. Her expertise makes her a trusted ally in enhancing users' digital experiences.

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