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Top 10 Video to GIF Converters [Trim and Convert Easily]

Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) is a popular image file format which makes use of lossless compression to retain the image quality. Animated GIFs are an absolute rage amongst the modern millennials making rampant use of massaging apps in meme culture.

If you want to convert your favourite section of a video into a GIF, then you have come to the right place. No matter you are in the mood for top online video to GIF converters, or the desktop counterparts, you can easily find it out in this post.

Funny Facts about GIFs

• Invented in 1987, GIF is in its thirties now, ancient than you might think.

• Synonymous with short animations, GIF was initially still image designed for efficient compression.

• Steve Wilhite, the creator of GIF claimed that it shall be pronounced "jif", i.e. no hard "g".

• GIF was initially developed to standardize image all across the internet. The ultimate aim of developers back then was to minimize impact on bandwidth while making images easily readable.

• Facebook made its website more GIF-friendly in 2015.

Why More People Convert Videos to GIFs

• Attention Grabbing – Compare between a lame old video and a 3 second GIF. The second one surely stands out as the more interesting option to share interesting moment.

• Large Variations - Marketers will hardly fall short of GIFs given their abundant nature. Even when they fail to create their own GIFs, they can seek out the assistance of GIF stock libraries such as GifBin, Giphy, Imgur etc.

• Simplicity - You can create a GIF even if you do not have adequate subject knowledge. All you need is a good video to gif converter.

Best Desktop Video to GIF Converters

Online video to gif converters might seem to be the best solution provided you have excellent internet connection. But think of a scenario where you need to work with limited bandwidth capacity. An online tool won't be of much help in such a case and this brings us to our next part of discussion, i.e. desktop video to gif converters. Let us now take a look at five of the best options available in the market:

1. VideoProc

This easy to use video editor provides users with the option of turning mp4 to gif in a convenient fashion. Users can make GIFs out of SD, 720P, HD 1080P and 4K UHD videos in MOV, MP4, MKV, HEVC, WMV, FLV, AVI and similar formats. VideoProc even offers users with the option of converting online videos or YouTube clips into GIFs. In stark contrast to the online converters, VideoProc offers complete control over the entire GIF export process.

How to convert video to GIF using VideoProc

Step 1. Go to Video from home screen.

Step 2. Click on +Video to add your source video. We are using MP4 here.

Step 3. Select GIF from Toolbox at the bottom.

Create GIF from Video - VideoProc

Step 4. Click option (gear-shaped icon beside your video), and drag the knob to select a section you want.

Step 5. Click Done and Run to finish converting MP4 to GIF.

Powered to the core by Level-3 hardware acceleration, VideoProc can provide you with fast results without compromising the quality.

2. GIFBrewery

This minimal converter features a simple interface which makes it ideal for people of all skill levels. It even offers rich customization possibilities for making changes to the resolution and frames per second.


• Offers fairly decent input format support.
• Freeware software features a few filters to change the color of GIFs.

• Help section is extremely limited.

3. GIFBrewery

This intuitive GIF creator has been specially developed for catering to Mac users. Its minimalistic interface features easily understandable buttons and menus. Users can navigate easily through the interface and find their required options.


• Compatible with almost all formats supported by QuickTime.
• Users can make adjustments to playback direction, style effects, frame rate and even add captions.

• Cannot be used in Windows systems.

4. Microsoft GIF Animator

This is a unique offering of Microsoft which helps in converting AVI video files to GIFs. Users just need to upload the AVI video and delete redundant frames for making the animated GIF. Users can make changes pertaining to color palette as well as dimensions. The preview option is particularly helpful in understanding the end results.

• Transparency of output can be set for more professional results.
• Extremely easy to use and configure freeware.

• Has limited support towards video formats.

5. Any GIF Animator

You can make use of this free tool to convert video files into animated GIFs. It is compatible with MKV, 3GP, MPG, MP4, WMV, AVI and similar formats. Users can easily determine the beginning and end position of the video for easy conversion.

Create GIF from Video - VideoProc

• Offers the option of adjusting saturation, brightness and contrast of final GIFs.
• Supports clipping and cropping of GIFs as well as usage of text overlay.

• File selection can be a bit problematic especially while working with multiple files.

Best Video to GIF Converters Online

While trying to turn video in to gif using online tools, you need to ensure their ease of usage. As you will be draining valuable internet bandwidth while doing the same, you need to have the backing of highly dynamic video to gif converters. These converters should make it easy for users to develop customized interactive images coupled with their advanced feature set. Enough said, let us now take a look at five of the best online video to gif converters:

1. Giphy

This powerful converter helps users to convert video from Vimeo, YouTube or simply their local computer storage to vibrant GIFs. It renders support to a plethora of formats and comes stocked with multiple tools to help you nail a professional finish. You can bank on this video to gif converter to trim videos prior to conversion and add captions. The entire process is extremely simple and ideal even for first timers.


• Has a clean and easy to understand interface.
• Supports the conversion of almost all video files to GIF.

• Videos must be under 100MB and under 15 minutes long.

2. Convertio

This uncomplicated GIF converter can process all file formats for producing brilliant GIFs. Users can upload either video or image files to create application specific GIFs. These can be uploaded either through your computer or from Google Drive, DropBox and even simply pasting the website or file URL. Apart from the obvious mp4 to gif conversion, it can even convert GIF files to MP4 videos.


• Free tool which doesn't require any registration.
• Extremely easy to understand converter which makes the ultimate job a hassle-free one.

• Available only for users of Windows OS.


This brilliant tool stands out with its illustrious design which is an absolute treat to the eyes in comparison to peer tools. You can create GIF images easily by converting videos from different websites using IMGUR.

• Intuitive and clean interface which allows simple copying and pasting of video URLs for GIF creation.
• Allows users with the option of adding captions to the GIFs.

• Functionality is limited in terms of editing GIF images.

4. LunaPic

This free converter can be used without any extra installation so that you can get on with your conversion work without any delay. The beautiful website interface is bound to delight users of all skill levels as it offers a bevy of powerful functions.


• Has a very easy to understand interface.
• Processes the ability of batch conversion for saving your time and effort.

• Ads might pop up during conversion.

5. Filmora Meme Maker

The rich feature set of this video to gif converter helps with easy editing, customization and conversion. It offers users with the option of using different overlays and stickers apart from adding text or title. It works well in both Mac and Windows systems and can easily process all popular media file formats.

• Allows the export of both videos and images directly to GIF format.
• GIFs created can be shared easily over Vimeo or YouTube.

• GIFs cannot be shared over Twitter or Facebook directly.

Final Words

GIFs initially gained popularity in Pinterest, Tumblr, Reddit and Buzzfeed. But lately it has also received wide acceptance from Twitter and Facebook. You can choose any of the 10 online tools and software's for creating your own set of GIFs. But VideoProc surely stands out from its peers in terms of its versatility and customization possibilities. While most of the GIF converters mentioned above do not support HD 1080P or 4K videos, VideoProc handles the task in a seamless manner. Try it out today with bonus video editing features.


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