How to Convert VOB to MP4 on Mac with VOB File Converter

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If you are reading this article, chances are you either have trouble playing a VOB file or converting it to MP4. You've probably known that VOB is the container format in DVD-Video media, which can contain digital audio, video, subtitles, DVD menus, and navigation contents as well.

To convert VOB to MP4 on a Mac seems easy enough, only if you have a reliable VOB to MP4 converter. Otherwise, you can still encounter problems, such as VOB time length issues, converted audio problems, incorrect aspect ratio or conversion error with subtitles, and so on.

Thus, this article will list the four free and most reliable converters to convert VOB to MP4 on Mac, so you can either use the VOB file for playing in different players or for further editing and sharing.

Convert VOB to MP4 on Mac

Convert VOB to MP4 on Mac with No Watermark

VideoProc is a professional and cutting-edge converter that allows you to convert VOB to MP4 and many other popular formats. Commercial software usually comes with annoying watermarks, but with VideoProc, you can enjoy your videos with no watermark. It works at high-speed thanks to the powerful GPU acceleration. It's capable of converting VOB to MP4 just in seconds without compromising the original video quality. The conversion of VOB to MP4 is nothing but smooth with VideoProc.

Reasons You Should Consider Using VideoProc

  • Speed. Boosted by the advanced GPU acceleration, the process to convert VOB to MP4 using VideoProc is many times shorter than using other converters.
  • Quality. VideoProc will 1:1 clone DVD to ISO, VIDEO_TS, and MKV. Keep subtitles, navigation menus, and other details intact.
  • Reliability. During the conversion process of VideoProc, there won't be problems common to other converters, such as incorrect video duration, audio/video out of sync problem, and so on.
  • Versatility. In addition to converting VOB to MP4, VideoProc also supports more than 370 codecs and 420 formats. For your information, VideoProc can also convert MP4 to VOB.

Step 1. Load VOB Files in VideoProc

Launch VideoProc and click Video on the main interface.

Hit the +Video button or drag and drop the file to the interface to load your VOB file.

Load VOB Files in VideoProc

Bonus Tip:

VideoProc can also batch convert VOB to MP4.

For batch converting VOB to MP4, click the +Video button multiple times to load more VOB files one by one or click the +Video Folder button to load all the VOB files in the folder at one time.

Step 2. Choose MP4 Encoding Settings

Choose MP4 in the Target Format section.

Click the gear icon named OPT to set the parameters in the pop-up window (optional).

Choose MP4 as Target Format in VideoProc


Format tab: Here you can set quality, video codec options, and audio codec options, such as frame rate, resolution, aspect ratio, profile, and level, etc.

Edit Video tab: Do some simple edits to polish up your footage. Cut and crop the video clip, add effects and subtitles.

Name & Tag tab: Add media cover, rename the output file and edit meta information.

MP4 Encoding Settings in VideoProc

Step 3. Start Converting VOB to MP4 on Mac

Click Browse to choose the output folder. Press Run to start the conversion.

Pro Tip:

Tick off NVIDIA/Intel/AMD to enjoy faster conversion boosted by GPU acceleration.

Convert VOB to MP4 on Mac with VLC

VLC is a popular local player for many Mac users for supporting a wide variety of media files and formats. It's compatible with Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Unix, iOS, Android, etc. Besides, VLC Media Player comes with many hiding features. You can also use VLC as a file format converter to convert VOB to MP4 on Mac.

There are some criticisms since VLC is not primarily designed to convert videos. For example, you can only convert one video once, and the conversion process can take a long time. But it can still handle the task.

Step 1. Add the VOB File to VLC

Open VLC Media Player and choose the File on the top toolbar.

Go to Convert/Stream... from the dropdown menu.

Click Open media in the pop-up window to select your VOB file.

Add VOB File to VLC

Step 2. Choose Profile and Destination

Choose profile and set parameters by clicking the Customize button.

Set the output folder using the Choose Destination option.

Choose Profile and Destination in VLC

Step 3. Convert VOB to MP4

Press Save to start the converting process.

Convert VOB to MP4 on Mac Using HandBrake

HandBrake is an open-source video transcoder. This multi-platform converter can convert video from nearly any format to a collection of universal profiles.

However, you may encounter some common HandBrake issues sometimes, including no title found, audio/video out of sync problem, and so on. But generally speaking, converting VOB to MP4 can still be quite a simple task with HandBrake. The following steps will show you the way.

Step 1. Import the VOB File

Launch HandBrake. Click the Open Source button at the top left of the interface to import the VOB file you want to convert.

Import VOB File in HandBrake

Step 2. Select MP4 as Output Format

Navigate to the Summary tab, click the dropdown menu named Format and choose MP4 as output format.

Rename the MP4 file and set the save path at the bottom of the main interface (optional).

Select MP4 as Output Format in HandBrake

Step 3. Start the Conversion Process

Click the green Start button at the top of the main interface to start converting VOB to MP4 files on your Mac.

Convert VOB to MP4 on Mac for Free Online

FreeConvert, the online converter, could also be a decent choice to convert VOB to MP4 on Mac, especially when you are not willing to install any third-party software. It's easy to use and compatible with almost any browser. All you need to do is to upload your VOB files.

In addition, as an online tool, the drawbacks are also obvious. The conversion speed will depend on your network situation. Once the network is disconnected midway, the conversion process has to restart. In addition, the file size is also limited. Max file size of FreeConvert is 1GB, which is relatively large. Follow the tutorial below to convert VOB to MP4 for free online with FreeConvert.

Step 1. Upload the VOB File

Head to FreeConvert VOB to MP4 Converter in your browser.

Click Choose Files to select and upload the VOB file you want to convert.

Upload VOB File to FreeConvert

Step 2. Convert VOB to MP4

Click and expand the Advanced Settings option to customize more parameters (optional).

Press the Convert to MP4 button to start the conversion process.

Convert VOB to MP4 via FreeConvert

Step 3. Download the Newly Converted MP4 File

Press the Download MP4 button to start saving the MP4 file to your Mac when the status changes to Done.

Sum Up

All these four methods to convert VOB to MP4 on Mac have been proven effective.

If you don't want to download any software and have a good network condition, the online converter FreeConvert is best for you. VLC can also convert VOB to MP4 on your Mac if you already have it as a media player. Handbrake is a popular handy converter.

But if you have any trouble during conversion, try VideoProc, the easy and lightweight video converter. With the advanced GPU acceleration technology, VideoProc is best for converting VOB to MP4 at high speed without sacrificing the original video quality.

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