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How to Convert OGG to MP3? | 4 Easy Online & Free Methods

Why Convert OGG to MP3?

OGG, also known as OGG Vorbis, serves as one of the best open-source formats for audio compression, which is available to everyone for free and capable of compressing more files than MP3. However, many hardware makers don't like free formats. As a result, adobe flash player, safari and 60% of operation systems (not included Android OS) don't natively support open-source formats. Players Supporting OGG Format:

• Miro
• Windows Media Player (with Directshow filter)
• MPlayer

In contrast, we can hardly find a media player that won't play MP3. That's why many people need a fancy OGG to MP3 converter to change OGG to MP3 or other more compatible formats. Then how to convert OGG to MP3? In this post, we outline 4 different methods to change OGG files to MP3 on Windows and Mac. Keep reading.

Best Solution Use VideoProc - Professional yet Easy OGG to MP3 Converter

VideoProc – Convert OGG to MP3 on Windows and Mac in 3 Steps. Some of it's key features

  • • An all-to-any converter: can convert MP3, WAV, FLAC, APE, OGG and other 420+ formats from 370+ popular and rare formats.
  • • Retain the sound quality: customize the bitrate rate, sample rate and more which enables you to convert OGG to MP3 without quality loss.
  • • Fast Conversion Speed: audio files that are in large size can be converted instantly.
  • • Build-in Downloader: users are also allowed to extract music (playlists) from 1000+websites like YouTube.
  • Free download VideoProc today and start batch converting OGG to MP3 now!


    How to Convert OGG to MP3 with VideoProc? 3 Steps

    Step 1: Import the OGG File.

    Launch VideoProc on your Windows or Mac. (Notice: Here we take VideoProc on Windows as an example. Pictorial below is a screenshot from its Windows version.) Click Video > +Music to add one or many OGG files to the list.

    Step 2: Convert OGG to MP3.

    Select MP3 on the section of Target Format.
    You can click Codec option to have advanced settings in output formats and quality.

    ogg to mp3 conversion

    Step 3: Start the Conversion.

    Click Run in the lower right corner to start conversion.

    Bonus Tips:

  • • You can use VideoProc to convert video formats including MKV to MP4, DVD to digital...
  • • Click Merge before hit Run to joint multiple audio/video files into one.
  • • Click Codec option to adjust the quality, bitrate, sample rate, and metadata information, etc.
  • Method 2 Run Audacity - Open-Source Freeware to Convert OGG to MP3

    Audacity is an open-source and cross-platform audio processer that allows you to free convert OGG to MP3 on Windows, Mac, and Linux. It is favored by many music producers with lots of advanced features in audio editing and processing, for example, cut/trim/split/reverse audio, add sound effect and etc.

    How to Convert OGG to MP3 using Audacity?

    1. Launch Audacity.

    Go to the official site of Audacity to have the latest version downloaded and installed on your computer.
    If you are using an earlier version of Audacity, you may need to download the LAME MP3 library on your Windows, Mac or Linux computer.

    2. Add the OGG file to Audacity.

    Click File > Import > Audio to load the OGG file that you would like to convert to Audacity.
    You can also drag and drop the target file to the app directly.

    ogg to mp3 conversion
    Import OGG to Audacity

    3. Convert OGG to MP3.

    Click File > Export > Export as MP3. And adjust parameters including bitrate mode, quality, variable speed, channel mode as you like.

    4. Start the Conversion.

    Click Save, Audacity will start to convert OGG to MP3.

    Method 3 Use VLC media player to Convert OGG to MP3

    You heard me right. VLC media player, well known as a multi-media player app, is also capable of converting OGG to MP3 and other popular formats. However, this hidden feature is not that friendly for beginners. The myriad of options for audio codecs and parameters may easily befuddle a newbie.

    How to Convert OGG to MP3 using VLC Media Player?

    1. Import the OGG File to the Player.
    Launch VLC media player. It is able to run on Windows, Mac, and Linux.
    Click File > Convert/Save, and then click + Add to import one or many OGG files to the app.

    2. Convert OGG to MP3.

    Click Convert/Save to open up the Convert panel.
    Select Audio-MP3 from the drop-list of Profile.

    Convert OGG to MP3 VLC
    Convert OGG to MP3 VLC

    3. Adjust the MP3 Parameter.

    You can skip this step if you are a beginner.
    Click the gray tool icon on aside of Audio-MP3 to go to the Profile edition panel. There you can click Audio codec to have advanced settings on the encoding parameters including bitrate, channels, and sample rate.

    4. Export the MP3 File.

    Click Save after everything setting properly.
    Hit Browse to set a folder to hold the MP3 files and then click Save > Start.
    VLC media player now starts to convert OGG to MP3.

    Method 4 Use Online OGG to MP3 Converter to Convert Small Audio

    You can use online-audio-convert or other fancy web-based media converter to change the OGG file to MP3. But what you should always bear in mind is, don't convert any private recordings via online tools. They are hard to guarantee the security of your private information. Besides, you are not advised to convert any large OGG files, as online converter sets limits on the file size (usually under 200MB), and the conversion speed is super slow due to its high reliance on network conditions. Anyway, the online converter is still a convenient option that can help you easily covert small OGG files to MP3.

    How to Convert OGG to MP3 Free Online?

    Step 1: Select the OGG to MP3.

    Visit the official site of online-convert. Go to Audio converter and select convert to MP3.

    Step 2: Load OGG Files to the Free App.

    Drag and drop the OGG file to this online converter. Or you can click Choose Files to add OGG files from your hard disk. Online-audio-convert is compatible with cloud storage solutions like Google Drive and Dropbox.

    Upload Video to Online Converter
    Upload Video to Online Converter

    Step 3: Convert OGG to MP3

    In the section of Optional settings, you can adjust the output parameters like bitrate, resolution, sample rate, and audio channels.

    Step 4: Start the Conversion.

    Click on the Start Conversion button to start the conversion from OGG to MP3.

    Final Thoughts

    VideoProc aims to be the most professional one-stop video/audio editing software assistant to help users to edit video/audio efficiently and effectively. apart from format conversion like OGG to mp3, It is specially designed for cutting, trimming, splitting, merging, cropping, rotating, flipping, mirroring videos and converting videos or audio to multiple formats. Besides, it is also capable of recording screen on any part of your computer to help users with online tutorials, e-learning and so on. On top of that, VideoProc supports hardware acceleration to make the editing buttery smooth and highly effective. In a word, VideoProc can achieve whatever you may think of on a video or audio conversion.



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