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How to Convert AIFF to MP3 [Free & Online]

Let's consider such a scenario. As a Mac user, sometimes you wanted to send a tune to your friends or uploaded a song to a certain website. However, the mostly used audio format in Mac is AIFF, which is an uncompressed format with large file size (a 3-minute standard AIFF file is worth about 30MB). Undoubtedly, no one wanted to download a 50 MB song on their phone, and such a file size usually went beyond the length limit for lots of websites. In this case, the most common workaround that you can take is to convert AIFF to MP3.

What Is an Aiff File?

Let's make it clear what is AIFF before we go further. Audio Interchange File Format, aka AIFF, is an audio file standard developed by Apple to store digital sound data in macOS.

AIFF vs. MP3



  1. Lossless, Uncompressed
  2. Broadcast CD quality music format


  1. Huge file size
  2. Not practical for a portable devices with small storage space
  3. Can't play on many devices



  1. A relatively smaller file size after compression
  2. Palatable musical quality
  3. Supported by most devices


  1. Loss compression

Actually, with the aid of specific algorithms, the acoustic difference caused by compression between AIFF and MP3 cannot be noticeable on the common portable devices. So it's acceptable to convert AIFF to MP3 given limited storage space or other related constraints.

In the following parts, you will walk you through a few software troubleshooting steps that will help you convert AIFF to MP3.

3 Ways to Convert AIFF to MP3. Click one of the links below to jump straight to your most interested part.

Method 1: How to Convert AIFF to MP3 Free Online?

If you are an occasional user who has a few small AIFF files that need to be converted to MP3, then give online-convert a try. This web-based AIFF to MP3 converter enables us to do the conversion without installing any third party software which is very convenient to use. However, we don't recommend you to use any online apps when you need to cope with multiple or large size AIFF files. Why? Those tools have limits in file size and quantity, and the conversion efficiency relies high on your network condition. Thus means it may refuse or respond very slowly to your conversion request. Besides, it's really hard to keep your personal information 100% safe.

How to Convert AIFF to MP3 Online?

Step 1: Click and go to the free and online file converter

Step 2: On the Audio Converter tab, click Select target format and Select Convert to MP3. Then check Go for the next step.

Select output profile

Step 3: Click Choose Files to import the source audio > Start conversion

Convert AIFF to MP3 Online

Step 4: Download the converted MP3 file in the pop-up page.

Method 2: Fastest Way to Convert AIFF to MP3 on Mac and Windows

The fastest and most useful method to convert AIFF to MP3 is using VideoProc. It enables you to convert 370+ audio and video to 420+ types of files including AIFF to MP3. You can convert the AIFF files separately or in batch. VideoProc is very speedy which can process media at speed 72X faster than real-time play thanks to the level-3 GPU acceleration technology. In addition, it allows you to adjust the output parameter including bitrate, sample rate, channels, metadata information and many more in a very easy manner.

Key Features of VideoProc AIFF to MP3 Converter:
• Convert AIFF to MP3, M4A, OGG, FLV, and other popular formats
• Customize the audio sample rate, bitrate, codec, channels, metadata information and more
• Built-in Downloader: extract audio, video, and subtitles from 1000+ websites
• Complete Video Editing Toolkits: trim, merge (enable to joint audio), filter, subtitle videos and more
• Level-3 Hardware Acceleration: convert files at speed up to 72X than real-time play
• Run smoothly on Windows and Mac

How to Convert AIFF to MP3 with the Best AIFF to MP3 Converter in 2 Steps on Mac and Windows ?

Step 1: Import the AIFF File
Download and launch VideoProc, and then click Video > put a check to the +Music button to add the AIFF file from local drive

Step 2: Convert AIFF to MP3
Select MP3 format at the bottom of the windows > Click Browse for output location > Check Run to get it started

Select output format

VideoProc gives you full control for the output file, you can go to Codec Option after selection MP3 as the target format, and then:
• Fast adjust the output quality: move the quality slider left or right to get lower or higher quality
• Change parameter: enter desired sample rate, audio channel, bitrate and audio codec information
• Change media image cover, albums, artists and other metadata information: click Name & Tag

Method 3: How to Convert AIFF to MP3 Using Audancity?

Audacity is a well-known audio editor with rich advanced features. This free and open-source program also enables us to convert uncompressed type of audio like AIFF, as well as lossy codec like FLAC to MP3, WAV, AC3, M4A, and many other formats. A small downside of Audacity is its 80s style of interface with difficult terminologies which is not friendly for beginners or occasional users.

Step 1: Import AIFF File to Audacity.
Download and install Audacity on your computer.
Launch Audacity, click File at the top-left corner of the window > Put a check to Open to import the AIFF file.
Alternatively, you can click File > Import > Auido to import the AIFF file.

Convert AIFF file

Step 2: Export AIFF as MP3 File.
After you have loaded the AIFF file, click File again > hover on Export > and click Export as MP3.

Step 3: Adjust the Parameter.
Go to the Format Options section, and here you're advised to choose Preset as the Bit Rate Mode.
The default quality is set to be standard, 170-210kbps (bitrate), you can choose a higher/lower quality as you like.
But remember, the higher the quality, the larger the output files size.
As for variable speed and channel mode, we can leave them as default.

Open the AIFF file

Step 4: Start the Conversion from AIFF to MP3.
Click Save and Audacity starts to convert AIFF to MP3.

Export AIFF as MP3

All in all, the above 3 methods to convert AIFF to MP3 can help you complete most of your converting tasks. And you can choose any one of them in response to your practical needs.


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