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4 Ways to Convert M2TS to MKV without Losing Quality

By Cecilia Hwung | Last Update:

Built upon the MPEG-2 transport stream specification, the M2TS file is designed as a standard used on Blu-ray discs, and also for random-access media, such as DVDs, hard drives, or solid-state memory cards, which thus becomes the preferred choice for users to back up Blu-ray content. But grumbles arise as users find the finite compatibility and relatively large size of M2TS videos, catalyzing the demand to convert M2TS to MKV.

Why convert m2ts to mkv (mkv vs m2ts)?

  • Greater compatibility, more efficient, and future-proof: Unlike the M2TS file, MKV holds movie menus as well as chapter markers in the file, so you can go with a certain chapter without jumping forward and backward, making the whole viewing process more efficient.
  • Small file size with less space occupied: You can select whatever meta info you wish to preserve and get rid of the redundant Blu-ray elements for minimum output size.
  • No quality loss, thanks to the fact that MKV contains all the types of data found in M2TS files.

Thus, in this post, we will zero in on the practice of how to convert m2ts to mkv with the best 4 m2ts to mkv converter!

The Best Way to Free Convert M2TS to MKV with No Quality Loss

Programmed as a robust free M2TS to MKV converter for both Windows and Mac, VideoProc Converter that encompasses 370+ input and 420+ output codecs enables you to free convert M2TS to MKV, MP4, and other formats in simple clicks. Powered by Full GPU acceleration along with an exclusive algorithmic design, the m2ts to mkv converter could expedite the M2TS to MKV conversion while retaining video quality and optimizing file size. Own to the intuitive interface, the video converter helps streamline the process for either the green hands or the old staggers.

VideoProc Converter

VideoProc Converter – The Best M2TS to MKV Converter with No Quality Loss

  • Remux M2TS to MP4, MKV and other formats with 1:1 bit-to-bit copy; no quality loss.
  • Full hardware acceleration to hasten batch M2TS to MKV conversion, no CPU overuse/overheating issues.
  • A basket of video editing tools and presets to further polish the M2TS videos.
  • Customize output MKV files property for resolution, bit rate, frame rate and more.
  • Beyond just the top video converter, but also the best video compressor, downloader, and an easy editor.

Step 1. Free download VideoProc Converter, launch it and import your M2TS files.

Load M2TS Files in VideoProc Converter

Step 2. Select MKV as the output profiles.

In the bottom of the interface, choose MKV as the target format. Or you can go to the Target Format where you can find more MKV formats paired with other codecs.

Choose MKV as Target Format in VideoProc Converter


Since the MKV can hold any of a great many compression streams, including the MPEG-2 stream, it is possible to pull the exact stream from M2TS and put it into the MKV container if the M2TS source file shares the same coding formats. Hence, you can convert M2TS to MKV without touching the audio/video, and achieve the lossless 1:1 auto-copy. To do so:

1. Click the Option button > Format, and in Audio Codec Options, enable Force Copy, which will pass through audio streams formatted in AAC, MP3, DTS, and DTS-HD.

2. Return to the interface, and enable the Auto Copy option sitting above the Run button to retain the 1:1 audio and video quality.

lossless m2ts to mkv convert with VideoProc Converter

Step 3. Enable Hardware acceleration, choose the output directory, and click Run to free convert M2TS to MKV without quality loss.

Convert M2TS to MKV with MakeMKV

Characterized mostly by its thoughtful working pattern, MakeMKV, available for Windows, macOS, and Linux, is an ingeniously DVD and Blu-ray ripper that could convert M2TS to MKV, as its name suggests. Devoid of the GPU acceleration though, the m2ts converter could manage the processing task at a respectable speed.

Convert m2ts to mkv with makemkv

How to convert m2ts to mkv with MakeMKV

Step 1. Download MakeMKV, open it, and go to the Files > Open files to import M2TS video file.

Step 2. Select the M2TS files imported, and set the output folder.

Step 3. Click Make MKV to convert M2TS to MKV.

Convert M2TS to MKV with HandBrake

Devised as an adept free video transcoder, HandBrake could convert almost any video format to universal codecs on Windows, Mac, and Linux, including M2TS to MKV. The myriad formats and features set in the practical interface are easy to dive into while converting M2TS to MKV.

Convert M2TS to MKV with HandBrake

How to free convert m2ts to mkv with HandBrake

Step 1. Download HandBrake, launch it and load you M2TS source file to the tool.

Step 2. Go to the Output Settings, and select MKV as the output video format. And you can further you edit using the tabs down below to tweak frame rate, bitrate, quality and more.

Step 3. Select a destination folder, and click Start Encode button in the top to convert M2TS to MKV.

Convert M2TS to MKV Online for Free

For those who are after a quick solution to convert .m2ts to .mkv, the online converter would be a great way out. Amid assorted online tools, we have singled out the top pick for you – CloudConvert.

Running as a devoted online file converter, CloudConvert features strong support for over 200 formats sweeping almost all the popular document and file formats. Embedded with a clean and straightforward interface, the tool brings to the users the effortless M2TS to MKV conversion workflow. In addition, as is put in its privacy policy, data security is ensured for all uploads and downloads, and no files will fall into the hands of any other third party. But note that the free usage limit is 25 conversions per day.

Convert M2TS to MKV with Cloudconvert

Step 1. Go to the CloudConvert, import the M2TS file, and make sure to set the output as MKV. Batch conversion is allowed.

Step 2. Hit the Convert button to convert M2TS to MKV.

Step 3. When the conversion process is complete, click Download to save the converted MKV file.

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