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How to Convert M4A to WAV Free? - The Best 3 Ways

Before we kick off this M4A to WAV conversion topic, we should know some brief introduction on M4A and WAV and why or when to convert them. Keep reading.

What Is M4A?

M4A stands for MPEG-4 Audio, which means that the file contained in M4A has the filename extension of .m4a. Today, most songs we download from iTunes Store are contained in M4A. It is so widely used that media players from VLC, iTunes, QuickTime, Windows Media Player, mobile devices and more support this format. M4A files are encoded with lossy Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) or Apple Lossless Audio Codec (ALAC), which intents to reduce its file size.

What Is WAV?

WAV is a standard format seen mainly on Windows computers. Besides Windows Media Player, it can be opened with VLC, iTunes, QuickTime, Microsoft Groove Music, and some other media player as well. WAV files are generally larger in size since they are usually uncompressed, thus they are of better quality than M4A.

If you are seeking for one simple way to batch convert your M4A audio files to WAV formats, you are landing on the right web page. In the following part, we will introduce you 3 ways to convert M4A to WAV for free easily on Windows/Mac. Check them out one by one and find your ideal weapon to hack M4A to WAV batch conversion down today.

Method 1: How to Convert M4A to WAV with Professional Converter - VideoProc

First, let us catch a quick glance at the well-nominated software. VideoProc is one powerful audio/video editor and media converter that specialize in all types of media file format conversion. With its super built-in technology - Level-3 Hardware Acceleration Engine, all media format types can be batch converted into another in a few seconds without any quality loss, for sure. Either commonly used audio file format or not, up to 10+ audio formats are there for you to choose from.

Free download VideoProc today and start batch converting M4A to WAV now!

Launch VideoProc on your Windows or Mac . (Notice: Here we take VideoProc on Windows as an example. Pictorial below is screenshot from its Windows version.) Double click VideoProc product image on your desktop to open it

Step 1: Add music files to the list.

Click Video > +Music to add M4A file(s) to the list, or you can simply drag and drop the music file into the centerboard.

Step 2: Start converting M4A to WAV.

After loading up all M4A files, select Music in the section of Target Format. And then Click WAV.

Step 3: Run the conversion process.

Click Browse to set an output destination for the generated WAV file(s). And then hit RUN to start to batch convert M4A to WAV.

Convert M4A to WAV
Convert M4A to WAV

Bonus Tips:

1. Click Codec Option to open up the format parameter adjusting panel. You are going to have full control over the exported WAV file.

• Move the quality slider left or right to get a lower or higher quality
• Go to Audio Codec Options. You can enter the desired Audio Codec, Sample Rate, and Bit Rate information.
• Click Name & Tag to enter a new panel where you can adjust the Output Name, Song Name, Arities, Album, Genre, Images and other metadata information.

2. You are also allowed to convert M4A files to other formats, namely, MP3, M4R, AAC, OGG, FLAC, and more.

3. Click Merge if you need to joint multiple M4A files into one.

Customization Setting
Customization Setting

Method 2: How to Convert M4A to WAV in iTunes?

Apple iTunes can work as an M4A to WAV converter. It is a default app on Mac, but it is also available for Windows users. Import, choose the right encoder, you will get a WAV file soon. Below are the detailed steps to convert M4A to WAV.

Convert to WAV with iTunes
Convert to WAV with iTunes
  1. Launch iTunes, Click on Preference from the Edit menu. Go to General > Import Settings.
  2. Choose WAV Encoder in the drop-down menu next to the Import Using. Save the change by clicking on OK.
  3. Right-click an M4A file, open it with iTunes.
  4. Choose the opened M4A file on the iTunes library, choose File > Convert > Create WAV Version.

Con: The problem is that the WAV file will be in the iTunes library. It can be played on iTunes. However, you can't drag it to the desktop or other places you like for sharing. Besides, you can’t use iTunes to convert DRM protected M4A to WAV.

Method 3: How to Convert M4A to WAV in Audacity?

Audacity is an open-source audio editor that also allows you to convert M4A to WAV on Windows, Mac, and Linux without paying a penny. But before everything gets started, you have to download FFmpeg Library.

1. Download and install Audacity.

  • 1) Launch Audacity. Go to the menu bar to click Edit > Preferences. Select Libraries on the pop-up dialog window.
  • 2) Hit the Download icon, this will lead you to open up an Audacity FAQ window on your browser.
  • 3) Click see FFmpeg installation section for the needed operation system.
  • Follow the instruction on the open-up new webpage to download the target file.
  • 4) Run the downloaded file. Install the Setup assistant, and then finish it. When you go back to Libraries, you'll see the FFmpeg library is downloaded successfully.
  • 5) If you can't see any changes you make a while ago, restart Audacity and repeat the whole above-mentioned process FFmpeg library is successfully downloaded.

Warm note: some of you may also need to have an LAME MP3 library installed on your computer. The process is the same as installing the FFmpeg library.

Audacity Libraries
Audacity Libraries

2. Add M4A File(s) to Audacity

  • Launch Audacity again. Go to File > Open and select M4A file(s) you want to convert.
  • 3. Convert M4A to WAV

  • Click on File on the menu bar and select Export > Export as WAV. (See how to download and convert YouTube to WAV)
  • 4. Start the Conversion

  • Set an easy-to-found position as the output file folder. Click on OK to save changes. The conversion process will soon start.
  • Final Thoughts

    M4A is incompatible with some former portable devices so it is not considered to be an ideal format to store audio files. Compared with M4A, WAV is a standard audio file format and compatible for more obsolete portable devices.

    To convert M4A to WAV in iTunes, you can't drag it to the desktop or other places and only iTunes DRM-Free M4A files can be converted.

    To convert M4A to WAV in Audacity, you'll have to follow long and drowsy steps to download a LAME MP3 Library and FFmpeg Library, which make simple task a complicated one.

    However, to convert M4A to WAV in VideoProc, the best media converter, only 3 simple steps within a few seconds will convert M4A to WAV with no quality loss.


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