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What Is the Best Video Bitrate for 1080p?

By Alisa Cassiel | Last Update:

Bitrate and resolution are two main influential factors that decide the quality of a video you play on your every sort of devices. Surely, there are some other factors like video codec. Some of you may wonder if there is a certain connection between bitrate and resolution. For example, some would ask what the best video bitrate is for 1080p HD videos? To know its answer, you need to have an understanding of bitrate and resolution at first.

What Is the Best Video Bitrate for 1080p?

In fact, there's no definitive answer to the best video bitrate for 1080p. Many other factors such as streaming platform, the speed of your internet connection and codecs should be taken into consideration when adjusting a video bitrate. That is to say, what you need to do is to adjust the parameters to the most suitable bitrate for your specific editing, sharing or playing requirements. Here are some advisable 1080p bitrate settings for various situations below:

1. Video bitrate for 1080p on streaming platforms

Theoretically, videos of high bitrate tend to have better quality in large size, which would cause problems like buffering or even crash especially when the network connection is poor. Thus it is important to set a bitrate that can balance the video quality and size. Different platforms requires different bitrates for 1080p streaming. Here we've made a list for your reference.

Sreaming Platform

Bitrate for 1080p 30fps

Bitrate for 1080p 60fps

YouTube SDR

8 Mbps

12 Mbps

YouTube HDR

10 Mbps

15 Mbps


3,500 to 5,000 kbps

4,500 to 6,000 kbps


2,800 kbps



Maximum: 720p, 4000 kbps



Maximum: 720p, 4000 kbps



Maximum: 720p, 4000 kbps


2. Video bitrate for 1080p uploading to YouTube

As you may know, YouTube provides two types of video uploading standards, SDR (Standard Dynamic Range) and HDR (High Dynamic Range). They do have difference in color clarity and realism in images and videos. HDR contains more image details thus better in displaying contrast of colors than SDR.

As for SDR uploads, we highly recommend you a bitrate of 8 Mbps for a standard frame rate video (24, 25, 30 fps) and of 16Mbps for the high frame rate one (48, 50, 60 fps). For HDR uploads, we suggest you a bit rate of 10 Mbps and 15 Mbps for the standard frame rate and high frame rate, respectively.

3. Video bitrate for 1080p under different Internet connection

We've already talked about 1080p video bitrate on different platforms like live streaming or online uploading, and internet connection is another thing makes you adjust video bitrate for 1080p. Although there're two kinds of transcoding mode settings due to different internet connection, their demands for bitrate are the same.

Whether it is the cloud transcoding mode setting or the local transcoding mode setting, a bitrate at 4000-8000 kbps is strongly suggested for your full HD 1080p displayer. But it is worth noting that to work successfully at such a bitrate, you need to guarantee a workable encoding processor and bandwidth.

How to change the bitrate for 1080p - VideoProc Converter AI

Users usually choose video converter freeware such as HandBrake to adjust video bitrate. But, compared with HandBrake, VideoProc Converter AI is a more easy-to-handle video editing software which can auto calculate bitrate for your 1080p video. Or, you can also manually set your videos to VBR or CBR and set the parameters in its Video Codec Options.

Change 1080p Video Bitrate
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Note: The Windows version now supports AI-powered Super Resolution, Frame Interpolation, and Stabilization to enhance video and image quality. These AI features are not yet available in the Mac version but will be coming soon.

What Is Bitrate?

If you have no idea about bitrate for 1080p at all, perhaps you should learn of the terms first. Bitrate indicates the speed at which the data is transferred from one place to another in a given time. Its measurement unit includes:

  1. bps = bits per second
  2. kbps = kilobits per second
  3. Mbps = megabits per second

Bitrate is mainly classified into three types:

  1. CBR = Constant bitrate, which can maintain a stable transmission speed of the data all through the video, but used rarer nowadays for it limits the image quality when more complex video segments are involved.
  2. VBR = Variable bitrate. VBR is applied to more circumstances as it can adapt itself to data need by allocating data amounts in a different situation, especially segments with motions.
  3. ABR = Average bitrate. Since video size = bitrate x duration, apparently, ABR makes file size predictable.
Video Bitrate
Video Bitrate

What Is 1080p?

1080p is a form of the resolution indicating the number of pixels extending across the whole screen. To be more specific, 1080p (p stands for progressive scanning) usually represents that there're altogether 2,073,600 pixels taking up the screen, with 1920 pixels vertically from left to right and 1080 pixels horizontally from top to the bottom. 1080p can be one of the best resolution options nowadays for screen displaying, for it can richen the details of screen images and does not take much space like 4K and 8K.


There's never a best video bitrate for your 1080p video, whereas, there's a most effective one if you adjust it to. Check our list of bitrate for 1080p videos whenever you have different playing or sharing needs, and convert the video bitrate to an appropriate one accordingly with a converter.

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