How to Convert MKV to AVI Losslessly? Pick a Converter Here.

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Everyone needs a decent MKV to AVI converter! Imagine a scenario where you are finally ready for that long-awaited movie night, all set with your cozy blanket, popcorn, and wine. And just when you are about playing the movie, your Xbox denies your request as your MKV movie file is not supported. Well, I would go mad. If you are one of those people like me, who is in favor of storing tons of TV shows and movies for playback on Xbox, you ought to know to convert MKV to AVI could make our life easier.

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How to Convert MKV to AVI

What Are MKV and AVI?

Before you pick up the best MKV to AVI converter that suits you most, there is something you should know about MKV and AVI.

MKV and AVI are 2 different video container formats used for storing audio and video files. Have you ever noticed that sometimes you can switch subtitles and language in different languages when playing MKV movies? That's one of the most favored features of MKV. This advanced multi-media container has good fault tolerance and compatibility which is capable of holding an unlimited number of high-resolution video, audio, image, and subtitle tracks in a single file.

However, what makes MKV great is also its biggest downfall, for example

  • MKV takes up a large chunk of your storage. You may need 8GB of disk space to hole a 150-minute 720P MKV movie with multi-audio tracks.
  • Many devices won't play MKV files correctly, for instance, iPhone, iPad, and some prevalent TVs.

To save space for your hard disk, and enjoy the stunning videos on the go, you need a good MKV to AVI converter to convert MKV to AVI or any other. So read our round-up of the top 6 MKV to AVI online and desktop converters.

How to Convert MKV to AVI with VideoProc?

VideoProc is a one-stop video processing software packed with video converter, downloader, screen recorder, and a completer editing toolkits which runs on Mac and Windows. It enables you to convert media from 370+ formats to 420+ formats including MP4, MOV, 4K HEVC, WEBM, etc. You can transcode MKV to AVI or vice versa in batch. Even a beginner can get the desired output in 3 clicks thanks to its intuitive interface. Armed with GPU acceleration, you can convert video and audios at speed 72X faster than real-time play. It doesn't require a high-end computer or video terminologies to get the job done.

Step 1: Download and launch the converter and click Video icon.

Click the +Video button to add videos. You can simply drag and drop MKV videos.

Step 2: Choose AVI at the bottom format selection bar.

Convert MKV to AVI VideoProc
Convert MKV to AVI VideoProc

Step 3: Hit Run. Convert MKV to AVI mission accomplished.

• To change default output folder, click Browse right above the Run button.
• You can also trim, cut, crop videos. When all the editing is done, simply hit Run.

How to Convert MKV to AVI with Freeware?

#1 VLC Media Player - MKV to AVI Converter Freeware

Most of us are happy with this old friend - VLC - as a decent media player. It allows us to watch videos in whatever type of formats. But do you know VLC Media Player can work as a full featured free MKV to AVI converter to convert MKV to AVI on both Mac and PC? It is completely free and won't bring the output with an annoying logo.

Step 1: Open up the VLC media player. Click Media > Convert/Save > +Add to import the MKV video files that you'd like to convert to AVI.

VLC Convert MKV to AVI
VLC Convert MKV to AVI

Step 2: Click on Convert/Save to enter a new panel named Convert

Step 3: Click on the gray tool icon to enter the profile edition panel, and select AVI as the encapsulation format. Click Save.

Step 4: Click Browse to set the needed output file location

Step 5: Hit Start to ask VLC media player converting MKV to AVI

#2 Handbrake - Professional Free MKV to AVI Converter

The latest version of Handbrake doesn't support the conversion from MP4 to AVI. However, you can roll back the earlier 0.9.3 version to make AVI output available.

handbrake Convert MKV to AVI
Handbrake Convert MKV to AVI

Step 1: Launch Handbrake 0.9.3 version. Click Source > Video File to load the MKV clips that you need to convert.

Step 2: Click Browse to set the output file location on your computer

Step 3: Select AVI File on the drop-down list of Format. They can be found in the section of Output Settings.

Step 4: Click the green Start icon to start the transcoding process

How to Free Convert MKV to AVI Online?

Something worth noticing before getting to know the list of the best MKV to AVI online converters. The web-based tool still has many limitations, such as output quality, conversion speed, etc. One of the most annoying things is the limitation of the supported input file size. Most of us convert MKV to AVI to save up space which implies the source MKV is usually very large. However, the majority of online MKV to AVI converters can't process MKV files beyond 100M.

#1 Bender Converter

MKV to AVI Convert using benderconverter
MKV to AVI Convert using Benderconverter

Free users of this online MKV to AVI converter can transcode MKV file smaller than 100MB to MKV. If your movie happens to be larger than this, you would need to go for the paid version costing $9.95 per month. The paid account allows you to convert the MKV file with a size smaller than 500 MB. As for how many MKV files you can convert per day, there is no limitation. BenderConvert has relatively fast conversion speed and wide output format options.

• No limitation on the number of files converted
• Less costly paid version
• Convert audio and video files rapidly, less than 1 minute

• File size limitation: 100 MB in the free version and 500M for paid account

#2 Online UniConverter

MKV to AVI uniconverter
MKV to AVI Uniconverter

UniConverter from Wondershare supports the input and output of 1000+ video and audio formats and claims to have a 30x speed as compared to other converters without any video quality loss. The layout of this basic online MKV to AVI converter is very straightforward and is liked by many new users. Moreover, it provides a 30-day free trial period of usage. However, it only handles MKV files no larger than 100MB.

• Fast conversion speed
• Huge variety of file formats available
• Beginner-friendly interface without extra bells and whistles

• Maximum file size: 100MB
• Slow video uploading and analyzing speed
• Lack of advanced settings in output parameters

#3 SaveTheVideo

SaveTheVideo is not an MKV to AVI converter that allows you to convert MKV video files from local disk. However, it still secures a place on our list because it is very much versatile. SaveTheVideo is capable of analyzing video links from 1000+ online sites. In respect of the output video format, your output could be MKV, FLV, MP4 file, and many more. It even allows you to cut the video to multiple clips. Additionally, it claims to guarantee file security and privacy.

MKV to AVI Convert using SaveTheVideo
MKV to AVI Convert using SaveTheVideo

Two warm notes from SaveTheVideo: 1) it doesn't recommend you for converting any HD or UHD MKV videos. 2) the MKV video link you paste shouldn't be any private URL or from websites that need to log in.

• Variety of video file formats available
• Support rough cut videos
• Support download SNS videos

• Doesn't allow for import video from hard disks or online drive
• Slow video link analyzing speed
• May reduce the original video quality

#4 How to Convert MKV to AVI using Online Converters?

Step 1: Click the Site URL and direct to video convert page.

Step 2: Click Browse to import the original MKV file that you need to convert to AVI.

Step 3: After successfully loading the MKV file, select AVI files as the format you'd like to download.

Step 4: Click Convert to free convert MKV to AVI file online.

Frequently Ask Questions about MKV to AVI Converter

Q1. How to Convert MKV to AVI online large files?

When you are about to convert a large MKV file, you'd better avoid using online tools, as it highly depends on bandwidth, network speed, and server. You may encounter file broken while downloading, quality loss, or conversion failure due to other invisible factors.

Q2. How do I Converter Multiple MKV Files to AVI?

For easy converters like VideoProc and VLC media player, the procedure of batch conversion is no different from single file processing. Just remember to import all the needed files into the app in the very beginning.

Q3. How to Convert MKV to AVI without Losing Quality?

Simply remuxing MKV to AVI won't cause quality loss, otherwise, it will. You can use VideoProc or other robust converters that boast outstanding encode/decode capability to transcode videos without visible quality loss. Setting a higher output bitrate also helps to retain quality.

Final Words

Honestly speaking, the current world lives and breathes in videos. And hence, video compression and conversion become quite a necessary element for all movie and music lovers. We have recommended the top 3 MKV to AVI converters for converting MKV to AVI online. Given the limitations that online MKV to AVI converter has, you can try out one of the best desktop converters - VideoProc. It's an all-in-one video processing tool for converting, compressing, enhancing, and editing videos.

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