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Boasted as the future of events, WebEx breaks in full fury as online conferences start to run their full course. However, with more businesses joining in the party, multiple vulnerabilities of Webex disclosed have put the security in danger, one resting in its insufficient validation of values within the recording files formatted as ARF (Advanced Recording Format). No workarounds are yet known to address this defect in the software updates released by Cisco. But an alternative video converter to convert ARF to MP4 could lend a hand.

What Is ARF

As an advanced recording scheme proprietary to WebEx, the ARF file serves as the most widely used format in WebEx network-based events, but due to insufficient validations, security issues are exposed in the ARF file:

An attacker could exploit the vulnerability by sending a user a malicious ARF or WRF file through a link or email attachment and persuading the user to open the file. A successful exploit could allow the attacker to execute arbitrary code on the affected system with the privileges of the targeted user.

Another is that carrying a large capacity to store literally all data generated during a conference, including audio, video, participant lists, and tables of content, etc. ARF sees a high degree of incompatibility with most multimedia players apart from Network-Recording Player, an application designed by WebEx to play back ARF files. This naturally raises the bar of post video editing work.

As thus, an optimal solution is to convert ARF to MP4 or other formats.

Tips: For the uninitiated, in the October 2020 update, WebEx has standardized the recording format that all-new recordings in WebEx Meetings could be stored in MP4, presenting a wider choice of playback tools, better security, and a more effortless collaboration experience.

Convert ARF to MP4 with WebEx Network Recording Player

As a free technology provided by Cisco for playing back vendor recorded WebEx meetings in .ARF and .WRF (WebEx Recording File) format, WebEx Network Recording Player could help convert ARF files to MP4, WMV, and SWF videos on Windows devices.

Hint: Converting an ARF recording to MP4 format using WebEx Network Recording Player is not available in macOS.

Step 1: Install the WebEx Network Recording Player for ARF files on your computer.

Download WebEx Recording Player
Download WebEx Recording Player

Step 2: Launch the software, go to the File > Open to open the recording file.

Or you can double-click the ARF file in your Windows File Manager window, which will activate the WebEx Network Recording Player automatically.

Step 3: After loading your ARF file, click File > Convert > MP4 (MPEG-4)

You could also choose SWF (Flash) and WMV as the output format.

Convert ARF to MP4 with WebEx
Convert ARF to MP4 with WebEx

Step 4: In the Save dialog box specify the location that you are going to place the file.

Don't forget to select the content elements in the Content Options Panels, and adjust the quality, and video codec.

Step 5: Convert the ARF file.

Apart from rejecting Mac OS conversion, other inconveniences are yet dredged up using the system. Users grumbles about the limited number of media formats supported and (to say politely) less-usable interface in WebEx Network Recording Player. Some feel disgruntled by the rough quality after conversion compared to the original ARF file even toggling on the high-quality option.

For those reluctant to throw their faith on the software due to all the failings it brings along, especially the Mac users, you'd better resort to a third-party alternative - VideoProc.

Convert ARF to mp4 with VideoProc

VideoProc, an ultimate ARF to MP4 converter, runs as a versatile video processing solution accessible to both Mac and PC devices. It peaks Level-3 Hardware Acceleration and extends the smoothest 4K/8K video editing and transcoding without jeopardizing the quality. Integrating a myriad of input codecs and output formats, VideoProc could convert ARF to MP4 the most effortlessly, and meanwhile render minimum bugs during the operation, ensuring the users a flawless user experience.

Features Protrude:

  • Full GPU Acceleration to deliver the 47x real-time faster speed reserving quality.
  • The spartan and straightforward interface of the full-featured converter together with a basket of basics and advanced presets enable users to transcode the ARF files to other formats within only a few clicks.
  • Equipped with a 370+ codec library, it is compatible with a wide range of videos from camera, GoPro, iPhone, Android, camcorder, DJI, etc.
  • Flexible parameters to resize, enhance videos and adjust a full set of resolutions, bit rate, frame rate, aspect ratio, etc.
  • Built-in media downloader engine and screen recorder, easily downloading and recording online videos, music, playlists, channels, or M3U8 streams from 1000+UGC websites.

How Exactly to Convert ARF to MP4 Using VideoProc?

Step 1: Download and launch VideoProc.

Convert ARF to MP4 with VideoProc
Convert ARF to MP4 with VideoProc

Step 2: Import the ARF files.

Click Add video or simply drag and drop files to the program. Bulk import and conversion are available as well.

Import ARF files
Import ARF files

Step 3: Select the output format.

Go to the Target Format list, in which you could find tons of formats that you could work with.

ARF target format
ARF target format

Step 4: Edit your files if necessary. (Selective)

VideoProc carries both easy and high-level edits options, which could meet the demands for cut, crop, merge, rotate, merge, effects, stabilize, denoise, subtitles, and lens distortion correction, etc.

Edit ARF file
Edit ARF file

Step 5: Convert and export.


How to free convert ARF to MP4 online?

As a quick in-and-out solution, online conversion is feasible to ARF files. One platform recommended is Online Converter, which comes as a fast and free online converting tool that supports multifarious formats transcoding.

How to convert ARF files to WMV (Windows Media Player)?

Changing ARF files to WMV is workable in ARF player:

  • Step 1: Launch the ARF file installed in the computer
  • Step 2. Start conversion. Go to File > Convert Format > WMV (Windows Media).
  • Step 3. Click OK to start.

One thing you need know is that the process might generate some unwanted issues like that in ARF to MP4. Thus it is suggested that you resort to other alternative substitutes like VideoProc, AnyMP4, Online-Converter, etc. if running into similar problems.

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