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Best YouTube to GIF Converter | GIF Maker

Summary: Making GIFs out of your favorite video is a great idea. We round up best YouTube to GIF converter, online and offline, to help you GIF-ify everything right away.

Believe it or not, GIF was initially designed as a still photo format to preserve and share photos at high quality. Today, with memes and stickers go viral in social media and messaging, GIF becomes a punchy and hilarious form to convey a message in a funny way. Plus, it can also be utilized to make tutorials, taking place of short videos.

Best YouTube to GIF Converters

# 1

Put "gif" before an URL to create YouTube GIFs: This is probably the quickest way to take, say, a clip from YouTube and turn a section into GIFs.

Step 1. Copy the URL of the video, and paste it into your Chrome, Firefox or any other explorer.

Step 2. Put gif before youtube in the url and hit enter. For instance, you got this string:
type gif to make it like this:

Step 3. Now you are in the window to extract sections you like and make it a GIF.

There are plenty of adjustments you can choose to make, such as adding captions and stickers, changing hue, cropping the GIF frame, and flipping.

Once you are done, go click the Create GIF button at top right, and you will be able to save the gif privately, or directly share it to Instagram, Facebook, twitter and so on.

Please note that put a watermark on your work in free version. You can remove watermark by signing into the premium version.


Gifrun offers a minimalist layout to create gifs from YouTube. There are no distracting fancy stickers or effects. You can quickly set gif duration (maximum of 10 seconds), choose start and end time, and how large you want to gif to be: 100px, 200px, 300px, 400px, 520px. Then you can hit CREATE GIF and download it without register or any other hassles.

Super quick to extract media from the link you input
Simple layout, no Ads or log-in requirement
Directly save gifs, no share-and- then-save hassles
Option to quickly choose export resolution
Free, no water mark
No stickers, crop, flip, etc.
Limited text layover adjustment.


Makeagif is a handy online GIF maker for YouTube, Facebook, and your local clips. The free version comes with basic functions, including speed changing, setting gif duration, and adding text and stickers. If you don't need complex parameters to tweak with, this tool is sufficed to use.

Add multiple texts over GIF with customizable fonts
Easy to speed up or slow down the animation
Limited duration: Log in to create GIF longer than 10s
Most stickers are available in premium version


Imgflip offers free GIF maker to create animations. You can pull sources from YouTube, upload your own images and videos. Though the basic version only allows you to convert to GIF up to 20s, without limited options to add text or stickers. Still, this online GIF converter is very stable, at the time of our testing, no sporadic issues with YouTube resources.

You can rely on Imgflip as the optimal video to GIF converter, and then shifting to other tools to spice up the content with stickers and captions.

Free to use.
High success rate to pull resources from video websites, YouTube, etc.
Rigid limitations on file size.
No stock stickers, though you can upload PNG files as your stickers.

#5 Gfycat

Gfycat is more about GIF sharing and socializing, though you can use its simple maker to quickly churn out YouTube gif, or make your own with local videos and pictures. With 180 million MAUs, you can certainly find hilarious GIFs to share via Reddit, Snapchat and Whats app.

Gfycat also support GIF with sound, call it a gag if you prefer, as it is simply a de facto video. Though there is no denying people are found of gif with sound. There are great ideas of happy birthday GIF with sound, and Merry Christmas versions.

Free gif maker online with essential utilities.
Active community to share animated GIFs and memes.
Less parameters to customize your GIFs.
There are sporadic issues with YouTube to load videos
GIF with sound

How to Convert YouTube videos to GIF animation

Online gif converters refuse to work from time to time. In such a case, you can resort offline GIF converters. How does it help? Generally, desktop GIF makers are packed with toolbox to download video, extract sections, and create GIFs out of those clips.

In this tutorial, we demonstration how you can make YouTube GIFs with VideoProc.

Step 1. Fetch videos sources you like.

With VideoProc, you can easily save videos from your favorite site. There are two options:

Option 1. Record the content with built-in Recorder.

Option 2. Convert URLs to videos and store them on your local drive.

Step 2. Add video into editing panel.

Step 3. Select GIF from Toolbox at bottom tab.

Step 4. Tweak with parameters such as duration, loop time, and image size.

Click RUN and it's done!

A Word on VideoProc

VideoProc is a one stop video creation tool, with video editing, recording, downloading, converting and DVD digitalizing all packed into one integrate software. Besides convert movies to GIFs, you can also convert MOV to MP4, extract music from videos, cut, crop, merge and stabilize videos. Specializing in 4K, VideoProc supports full speed hardware acceleration to speed up your video processing.

Free Download VideoProc to Create GIFs from YouTube Clips, and get GIF-y happy in no minute.

Disclaimer: We do not advocate downloading or converting authorized or copy-protected media content.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ping-pong effect in GIF Makers?

Ping-pong effect makes your GIF looping forever. You can think of it as boomerang. Without which, your GIF might loop for several times and then the animation stops.

You can also create Ping-ping with Instagram Boomerang App to get looping fun.

Creating GIFs from YouTube not working?

Online tools are notoriously unstable, and the intermittent issues with URLs are commonly seen. Making GIF online works mostly with files you uploaded. If yours fails to convert, you might want to consider fetching YouTube content and edit with offline gif maker tools.


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