5 Best GIF Croppers: How to Crop A GIF Easily and Quickly

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Gif cropper is a tool or an application which can help us to remove the unwanted part from the images of a GIF, like the watermarks or something else similar, or change it to match the specific aspect ratio requirements, or shape it into a circle to make it lovely and special, or more. In this post, we have rounded up 5 such tools to help you achieve those goals easily. Each of them would be with the how-to steps.

1. VideoProc

To crop a GIF on your computer, we recommend VideoProc to help you. It works as a powerful multimedia file processing tool. And cropping Gifs is just one tiny feature of its. Let's see what VideoProc can do for us in details, about GIF files cropping and more:

  • Cropping a GIF is as easy as ABC.
  • It crops a GIF with precise loop time, duration, frame delay, and duration settings.
  • Versatile to make a GIF from a video, add effects, add watermark, and rotating, etc.
  • GIF conversion is included. You can change the GIF format to any video format that you want.
  • Also come with some basic video editing features and a screen recording tool.

How to Crop A GIF using VideoProc

Step 1. Launch VideoProc and load the file you want to crop.

Run VideoProc on your computer, click the Video icon to get into another pop-up page and then choose the +Video icon to load your GIF file.

Step 2. Choose an output format you to export in at the bottom, e.g. MP4.

choose output format in VideoProc

Step 3. Click Crop in the editing bar, and tick the box before Enable Crop.

Now you can crop your GIF as you like. Drag the window freely or change the position numbers to target the part of the GIF that you want. After all, settings are finished, click the Done button to get back to the homepage.

crop video in VideoProc

Step 4. Export the cropped file.

Choose the location folder where you would like to save your edited file, and click the RUN button to start processing. After it finishes, now you have your GIF cropped and saved in MP4 format.

Step 5. Import the cropped file to VideoProc to convert it to GIF.

Reload the MP4 file to this software, and find the GIF feature in the Toolbox at the bottom of this application. Lastly, hit the RUN button to get the cropped GIF that you have made.

GIF feature in VideoProc

You can make a GIF smaller or improve the GIF quality in VideoProc. Double-click on the GIF icon in Toolbox, you are enabled to change the image size from 320x240 to 1920x1080.


GIFGIFs.com is a web-based tool for editing animated GIFs. GIF cropper is just one of its multifunctional tools. You can find most GIF editing solutions here, including rezising, rotating, compressing, and adding text to GIFs after uploading your GIF files to it.



  • It gives you the file size of the result before downloading.
  • Other GIF editing features include resizing, reversing, rotating and adding texts.


  • The GIF file is limited to 20Mb.
  • Can't drag the box to crop GIFs intuitively.

How to Crop A GIF in GIFGIFs

1. Open Gifgifs in your browser.

2. Upload a GIF file by clicking the UPLOAD GIF button.

3. Set the dimension of the GIF. Choose the exact width and height number that you like. So this requires that users should know the original width and height of the GIF file.

4. Hit Crop to start processing and finally download the result.

3. iLoveIMG

iLoveIMG is a web app that enables you modify images for free. You can crop, resize, compress, and convert image formats in seconds. Of course, it crop GIFs in the same mannner. And to make your GIF more attractive, it lets you to add texts to genrate a GIF meme right after cropping.

crop image iLoveImg


  • Watermark-free
  • Easy and intuitive operation.
  • No account required.


  • Only limited to image cropping.
  • Does not support importing by pasting URLs.;

How to Crop A GIF in iLoveimg

1.Go to iloveimg.com. And choose the Crop Image tool.

2. Select images from your computer or from the Google Drive and Dropbox.

3. Crop your GIF file by adjusting the box directly or set the value of the width and height.

4. Hit Crop Image to export the file. After the processing, download the cropped image.

4. EZgif

This is a simple and free GIF cropper featuring both custimizable dimensions and preset aspect ratio (1:1, 4:3, 16:9, 3:2). But what you can do is not limited to crop. You can also split, add effect, resize, and optimize GIFs in a few clicks.

choose GIF Ezgif


  • A multifunctional GIF maker to crop, convert, resize, split, and add texts to GIFs.
  • Three cropping modes.
  • No watermark.


  • Can't import GIF files from online drives.

How to Crop A GIF in Ezgif

1. Go to the website of Ezgif and upload your GIF file. You can import from the local, or with just a URL.

2. Navigate to the editing features at the top bar. And choose Crop. Three cropping ways are provided, moving the box, setting the position number, and changing the aspect ratio. Choose the one you prefer. And lastly, choose the Crop button to start.

3. Save the GIF file.

5. Kapwing

If your plan is cropping GIFs on your mobile phones or tablets, Kapwing is worth a shot. Kapwing is a web-based collaborative platform for creating images, videos, and GIFs. With it, you can do more than just cropping with your GIF files. Let's find out.


  • Requires no sign-in.
  • Various editing tools for GIFs, images, videos.


  • A little complicated to crop on browser and download the file in the app.
  • Watermark in free version.

How to Crop A GIF with Kapwing

Step 1. Open Kapwing on your mobile browser.

There will be a lot of tool options available on its website. So which one should you choose? Please go for the Kapwing Studio on your mobie device, since it has all the features for video, image and GIF editing.

Step 2. Edit and crop your GIFs.

Go to Tools > Crop GIF. Then you can start with your GIF cropping and more. To filter your GIF, select your GIF and choose Adjust from the bottom toolbar. To add text, select the layer again and press Text to write, edit, and arrange the text you want.

Choose Kapwing Studio

Step 3. Download the cropped GIF to your mobile device.

When the file has been processed successfully, copy the page's URL. And then open the Kapwing app to download the file with the URL. Kapwing app is only there to help users download Kapwing edited files onto your phone quickly and conveniently.

download Kapwing file

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