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How to Add Text to GIF without Losing Animation

With memes and animated stickers spreading like a virus, we sometimes find that animated GIFs with text speak better than our plain language. Ever wished to add text to GIFs with your own words? Let’s spice up the message you want to convey right away.

Dedicated GIF makers are essential for best output. With the wrong tools, you might lose animation after adding text to your GIFs. There are simple tools on the market that offers you ready to use font and styles, as well as advanced programs for more granular controls. Such as the timing of text appearing on GIFs, overlay of multiple pieces of texts, frame-by-frame fine tune, etc. Beginner or pro, you will find a text to gif tool that suits you on this page.

• GIF files that you want to add text to.
• If you are planning to clip a section from a movie, you need to convert videos to GIF.

Giphy-Add Text to GIF for SNS Sharing

Giphy could be one of the best choices to integrate GIF hosting, sharing and editing across mobile phones and desktop computers. If you are a big fan of Instagram story, you probably have seen a ton of those animated GIF stickers. That is a feature drawn on Giphy’s millions of vivid animations. With Giphy online or app version, you can search for hilarious memes and stickers, edit and put text on GIFs, and even enabling a gif keyboard on your mobile.

How to add text to a gif?

Step 1. Prepare your source file, and click Create. It could be a video, GIF, still image, etc.

Step 2. Upload your file to Giphy.

Step 3. Go to the Caption tab, and type the words you want to put over GIF. Giphy has trendy font styles ready to use. You can select MEME, pixel, and even use animated text with fabulous effects.

Step 4. Once you are done, Hit continue to upload (you can toggle Public off to keep the uploading URL private). When it’d done, you can download GIFs by clicking Media. You will be given four options to download.

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How to send GIF in text?

Once you finished creating GIF memes, you can save them on your iPhone and quickly send it when texting. If you have Giphy app installed, you can even use it as a GIF keyboard.

Step 1. Launch iMessage app.

Step 2. At the bottom of the screen, you shall see oval-shaped icons, from which you can add GIFs, stickers, and pictures. Tap Giphy icon to add animated GIFs, or tap photo app to find GIFs you created and saved.

Prefer GIF text timing and more parameters?

Giphy grows with user-created content from all over the world. If you prefer not to register and sign in to create GIFs, and hate the mandate uploading to your account to get a download link, there are three additional free online tools to create GIF with text.

Ezgif.com – Webp APNG Killer

Ezgif is a free online GIF maker with basic editing tools. Instead of using a timeline-based interface, it auto breaks your uploaded files into individual frames. You can manipulate text on each frame, determining the in and out of each title. It would be confusing in the beginning, but users might soon discover that they should set the parameters for the timing of text. For instance, for the default set frame: 1-end, your text stays on the animated GIFs the entire looping. Likewise, if you put dialogues on GIF, you can set sentence one to appear from frame 1 to 15, and sentence two from frame 16 to the end.

• Support GIF, APNG, WebP.
• Option to add text on a frame-by-frame basis.
• Option to convert to video, PNG, JPG, MNG, FLIF, sprite after the GIF is generated.

• Fonts are not displayed by how they looks, only font name is available. You will have to choose each font and click set button to see whether you like it or not.
• No batch conversion from Webp to GIF.
• The maximum uploading file size is limited to 35 MB.

Gifntext.com – Calling for NLE Power Users

Gifntext adopts a timeline-based interface to add text and edit GIFs. It’s much easier if you have video editing experiences previously, as the underlining logic is similarly. You can add words to GIF, drag the knob to determine when the text appears, and stylize text with both filling color and stroke color. Besides overlaying text, you can also add images over the GIF, such as adding a glittering sun glass over the face. All editings happen in one place, where you can also crop GIF, speed up or slow down the animation, and resize the image.

• Option to turn off animation temporarily while you are editing text.
• User-friendly interface with basic editing functions enough for GIF-making and add text over GIFs.

• Only support uploading GIF to add text. If you have webp or other video formats, you will have to first convert them to GIFs.
• The interface could be a little complex, and it takes some learning curve to get the desired GIF output.
• Relatively slow processing time.

Gifgifs.com – Less is More

Gifgifs adopts a linear process to add text to GIFs and apply basic editings such as crop, resize, split, rotate and reverse. It is easy to use for beginners who have no experience in editing. You can simply upload the file, start to add text, pick color and font, drag the title to the right place and hit set to see the outcome. Once you are happy with the text, you can then click crop or other utilities to process.

• Relatively quick in processing.
• Ready to use GIF database grouped by different categories.

• You cannot pause the animated GIF while adding text. The looping could be distracting as you cannot focus on text creation.
• Only support GIF, JPG or PNG. For other formats, you have to convert video to GIF with other tools.

GIFs help to forge stronger emotional connections with the receiver, and GIF with text speaks louder. Unleash your creative power now, and start to create gif with text today.


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