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How to Watermark Your Video with Text/Image/Timecode in Easy Steps?

Adding a watermark to the video is perhaps your lowest-hanging fruit to prevent your work from stealing. However, the output result with the watermark you got from most video editor apps is not all desired. Some editors are extremely slow and complicated to use, and other easier apps often come with very limited functions and create pixelated outcomes. Now what? Don’t fret, VideoProc is there to help you losslessly add text/image/timecode watermark to any videos in a fast and easy way.

Watermark Your Video
Watermark Your Video

There are many types of watermarks you can put to videos

  • Text: you can add one or many lines of text in any font installed on your system in your favored color and size.
  • Images: you can add customized copyright logos, trademarks or any nice pictures in PNG/JPG formats to your footages. The support of PNG formats means that you can overlay a logo with a transparent background.
  • Timecode: the video can be watermarked with time dynamically or with year, month and day. Not like the font or color? Simply change it in one click with VideoProc. You can, of course, change the time information by adjusting numbers.

You are free to change the size/position/transparency information of your watermark!

  • • Drag to Resize your logo, and change its position.
  • • Adjust the position of your watermark to pixel-level.

Is It Possible to Fast Add Watermarks While Still Keeping Video Quality?

The answer is yes. VideoProc provides the most efficient way of adding customized watermarks to the complete duration of a video, without causing quality loss or errors like audio/video out of sync, only audio/video streams.

It enables you to put a watermark on your contents without any sacrifice in quality. You can keep the original format, bitrate, resolution and other properties. Or you can change this information according to your own needs.

If the source video comes with a shaky/fisheye frame or noisy background, you can use VideoProc to perfect your content by removing the stabilization, correcting the distorted frames or denoising your contents.

Some of the Other Features that Mile VideoProc Away from its Competitors are:

  • • The build-in complete editing toolkit allows you to trim, cut, crop, resize and rotate footages
  • • Filter your videos with Sharpen, Emboss, Vintage, Painting.... to make your content more attractive
  • • It can watermark almost all types of videos including MKV, AVI, MP4 and 370+ formats in total
  • • Equipped with full GPU acceleration to boot video processing efficiently without eating up your CPU

How to Add Watermarks to Your Videos? [With Picture Tutorial]

To begin with, free download the best editor - VideoProc for Windows or VideoProc for Mac . It is compatible with all existing popular Windows OS such as Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 (32bit/64-bit), and Mac OS such as macOS Mojave, High Sierra, etc.

Step 1: Import Your Video to VideoProc

After launch VideoProc, Click Video > +Video, and then select the source video to VideoProc.

Step 2: Add and Adjust the Watermark

Click Watermark to reach the interface of Edit Video, and check Enable Watermark.

How to Add Text Watermarks to your Video?

Add Text Watermark to Video
Add Text Watermark to Video
  • 1. Tick Text under Enable Watermark, and then input the words, such as your channel name.
  • 2. Click A to change the text font, size, and color.
  • 3. There are 3 blank bars, each stands for a separate line. It's for users who need to watermark videos with multiple lines of text.
  • How to add Image Watermark to your Video?

    Add Image Watermark to Video
    Add Image Watermark to Video
  • 1. Tick Image, and then click Add Image.
  • 2. Browse on your PC/Mac and choose a picture watermark in jpg or PNG format.
  • 3. You can drag the surrounding line on the preview window to resize the image.
  • How to add Timecode Watermark to your Video?

    Add Timecode Watermark to Video
    Add Timecode Watermark to Video
  • 1. Tick Time code, and then the video will be marked with time dynamically or with year, month and day.
  • 2. Use the up and down arrow aside of time information to adjust the time.
  • 3. Click A to change the font, color, and size of the timecode watermark.
  • How to change the position and transparency of your watermark?

    Adjut the Watermark
    Adjut the Watermark

  • Transparency: move the blue slider left or right to decrease or increase the transparency
  • Position: there are 3 ways to change the position
  • 1. Drag the watermark to the target position.
  • 2. Click the up/down arrows on aside Left, Top, Width and Height.
  • 3. Type to change the figures on aside Left, Top, Width and Height.
  • Size: Drag the surrounding line of the text/image watermark in the preview window to adjust the size.
  • Step 3: Click Done and hit Run

    VideoProc is now putting watermarks on your Video. The output folder will pop up once it finishes the job.

    Free Download VideoProc - The Best App to Add Watermarks to Your Videos


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