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YouTube to MOV Converter Tools and Guides

MOV is QuickTime file format developed by Apple. This format is efficient to contain high quality content, and is widely supported in Apple system. If you frequently sync movies to iPad, you would know that, iOS devices only accept MOV and MP4. You won't be able to play other mainstream format, say, MKV or AVI on iPhone and iPad.

Streaming YouTube is fun with fast network, but sometimes, we do prefer to save videos, either for the purpose of preserving content we love, or for editing. With YouTube converter, you can retrieve fantastic content, and stack up your drive.

How to Convert YouTube to MOV without Loading Error

Online tools are handy to use for small size videos. However, most of these sits come and go quickly, or undergone sporadic issues with YouTube videos. For stable video retrieving and high quality conversion, you might want to consider a decent piece of desktop software.

We use VideoProc in this tutorial. The workflow is, copy and paste the link of the video you like, save it to your hard drive with VideoProc, and then convert the video to MOV or other format, right inside the software.

Step 1. Fetch YTB Video and Save on Your PC

Paste the link of your videos to save it on your local drive. You can opt for various resolutions and settings. If your videos are grouped under a list, you can batch save the content too.

Step 2. Add video.

Go to Video panel from VideoProc home screen, and click Add to load videos retrieved in step 1. Drag-and-drop also works.

Step 3. Choose output format

Select a target format at the bottom. In this case, we choose MOV. By the way, VideoProc has 420+ presets to export.

Based on your specific needs, you can select MOV (Apple QuickTime format), MOV for Web (to share online with optimal quality and speed), MOV for Facebook, for Final Cut Pro (MOV ProRes), MOV for iMovie, etc.

Step 4. Convert to MOV (or other format you prefer).

Check Hardware Acceleration and Use High Quality Engine, then hit Run to convert YouTube to MOV.

Why preset profiles matter in video converter?

Output quality of a video largely depends on the codec settings of converter. For the less techie crowd, it's almost impossible to manually tweak with parameters to get the best of a video in transcoding. A decent video converter readily takes the guesswork of selecting the optimal bitrate, codec, and compression algorithm to convert video at high quality. With VideoProc, you can use 420+ output formats for different situations, each guanrantees the optimal bitrate for high quality conversion.

Why desktop converters are safer than online converters?

When the conversion is complete, you have to download the converted MOV file from the online tool. And this act could put your computer in danger. Because malware, spyware, worm, etc. usually infect the users via online tools, freeware, email attachments, dubious websites, and much more.

If your computer was infected by malicious software, your personal information could be easily accessed and obtained for hackers. While desktop application downloaded from official website is always secure.

Free Download VideoProc to convert online content to MOV, and enjoy the video instantly.

Disclaimer: We do not advocate downloading or converting authorized or copy-protected media content.


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