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Using Chroma Key (Green Screen) in VideoProc Vlogger

Chroma Key is a post-production technique used for changing the background of a particular video into another scene. In VideoProc Vlogger, it works by segmenting foreground from background, making the original background transparent, then converting it to another (virtual) background. By enabling it, you can easily to place any desired background behind the subject or presenter.

Free download VideoProc Vlogger to convert your video with green/blue screen into a stunning background.

Watch video tutorial on how to use Chroma Key in VideoProc Vlogger, or read text instructions below.

What Chroma Key Effects Can VideoProc Vlogger Bring to You?

Chroma Key effects can make the uninspiring walls in your office or home studio look like on the moon, Mojave Desert, or any place you prefer, when you make a training video or record presentation slides. Doing so will make your video look more impressive. In that case, you may save a large cost on studio building since it can help to replace any background into a new one.

Chroma Key Effects in VideoProc Before VS After
Editing Tips

Chroma Key (Chroma Key Compositing, or Chroma Keying) is also commonly called Blue Screen or Green Screen, and the Green Screen is used more widely in movies and news reporting than Blue Screen.

Preparation Work before Applying Chroma Key

Before using Chroma Key effects, you should prepare one source green screen video which would be used as the foreground, you can either download online or make one yourself. If you choose the latter, 5 steps below for your reference:

Step 1 Set up a green screen backdrop, allowing the size long enough for body shoots or moving around.

Step 2 Place and light your subject. Light the screen evenly from both right and left side, and place the subject 4 to 10 feet far from the green backdrop will be no spill and shadows.

Best Green Screen lighting

Step 3 Plan your shots, to decide what shots you are going to use in your background.

Step 4 Start to shoot.

Step 5 Import the footage you captured into software and apply Chroma Key.

How to Use Chroma Key (Green Screen) in VideoProc Vlogger?

Step 0Create a New Project and import your footage (background clip and green screen clip) into Media Library.

Step 1 Drag your background footage into Video Track (Main Track).

Step 2 Drag your green screen footage into Overlay Track.

Editing Tips

If the green screen partially covers the frame, you need to click under Preview Window to make it full frame.

Step 3 Enable Chroma Key in Inspector Panel. When drag green screen footage into Overlay Track, you can see Chroma Key is available as the last option, tick Chroma Key and the original background will disappear while replaced by the background footage on the Video Track.

How to Use Chroma Key in VideoProc

Parameters Setting

Option 1. Change Chroma Key Color

Chroma Key makes green color as default. If the video source is in blue background, you need to make Chroma Key in blue first, or you will get a bad effects. In that circumstance, all you need to do is to click Color and pick a color closing to the background color of your video.

How to Change Chroma Key Color

Option 2. Modify Parameters under Inspector Window

  • Tolerance & Smoothness - by dragging the bars from left to right, you can get a better overall effect that a subject with a green screen is better blended with the target background.
Effects Before VS After by Adjusting Tolerance and Smoothness

Option 3. Modify Parameters under Edit Panel

After clicking Color in Edit Panel, an advanced color adjustment window pops up on the screen like below. By applying these options you can produce a more vivid finished product.

  • Filter - retouch the appearance of green screen footage.
  • Temperature & Tint - a color render tool to make the video looks cool or warm.
  • Exposure - change how bright or dark your footage appears.
  • Contrast - make the subject and background look more distinct.
  • Saturation - to increase, the color appears to be purer; as it decreases, the color appears to be more washed-out or pale.
  • Sharpen - fix and soften the subject edges.
Parameters under Edit Panel

Now free download and install VideoProc Vlogger to try Chroma Key(Green Screen) to change your video background with ease.

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