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Best 360 Video Editing Software

With the advent of new technologies, the whole user experience has been revolutionized. The tech giants across the globe are coming up with a new range of products every day to enhance the ultimate user experience. This revolution is not limited to a single range of products and is working coherently over every domain. For example, the in trends “360-degree videos”.

360-degree videos are the future of video modeling

Also known by the name of immersive videos or spherical videos, these videos provide a 360 view of the content. These videos are responsible for providing a 3-D and multi-directional representation of object from every point-of-view at the same time. The 360 shots are achieved through omnidirectional camera or by using multiple cameras placed at different angles for covering the same object simultaneously.

With 360 cameras, normally you can readily export video in one of the popular 360 forms: equirectangular and fisheye. If you are using multiple cameras, you need stitching software to stitch multiple clips that shot from different angles. Either way, it is obvious that 360 video making go through these stages: capturing, stitching (in-camera or resort to software), and further editing, such as adding titles, effects, color grading.

360 video editing software takes care of the last stage to enhance your videos. People relying on native video editing software might wonder:

Can I edit 360 video in iMovie?
Unfortunately, there is a lack of a dedicated 360-degree feature in iMovie. To better deal with the 360 footage, you can resort to our pick of 5 best 360 video editor below, for novices and pros alike.

1. VideoProc: A powerful tool for beginners

The first name on our list of the 5 best 360 video editing software is VideoProc. It provides a user friendly-interface for beginners. A perfect tool for cutting, trimming, editing and compressing the 360 videos!

Highlighted features of VideoProc
• Light weight and easy-to-use 360 video editor;
• Basic editing utilities: cut, crop, rotate, merge, add effects, etc.
• 420+ output format settings for devices, SNS sharing, and playback;
• Full GPU accelerated to power up processing speed with high quality.

How to Convert 360 Video with VideoProc

Sometimes, you might need to convert 360 videos from a certain extension into another. For instance, YouTube support MP4 and Webm, while Facebook takes MP4. If you have Panoramic videos in MOV or F4V format, you can use VideoProc for high quality conversion. Below are steps:

Step 1. Launch VideoProc, go to Video module, and drag your 360 videos into the screen.

Step 2. Select a target format at the bottom, for instance, you can click on MP4 H264 icon.

Step 3. Check the box to utilize hardware acceleration, and Click Run.

Note: VideoProc can auto detects whether your computer have one of the GPUs from Nvidia/Intel/AMD, and support full level hardware acceleration once you tick the box.

Cut off Unwanted Part of a 360 Video via VideoProc

Besides format changing, you might also wish to post edit 360 video. Such as cut, merge, trim, add effects, etc. Take cut as an example, VideoProc helps you to easily cut unwanted parts, and remove it from the video. Here is how:

Step 1. After shoving your 360 video into video module, you can click Cut from the horizontal bar.

Step 2. Drag the green knob to the point you want, and click Cut. Only the section within two knobs will be kept.

Step 3. You can repeat step 2 to cut multiple sections from a single clip, and click Run to export the 360 video with your desired parts retained.

Likewise, you can rotate, crop, add effects and use more features from toolbox to enhance your 360 video. The steps are more or less the same, and you can intuitively proceed thanks to the concise UI.

2. Adobe Premiere Pro CC: Professional 360 video editing software

The next name on our list of the best 360 video editing software comes from the house of Adobe. The tech giant is famous for providing the ultimate editing solutions like AfterEffects, Photoshop, Illustrator, LightRoom, etc. Adobe Premiere Pro CC is the tool trusted by professionals for 360 video editing. It provides various editing options, unlimited multi-cam angles, and editing options can be further extended by using AfterEffects or Adobe Simple Elements. Further, the Adobe Cloud platform makes it easier to access/share the final clip on multiple devices.

3. Corel VideoStudio Ultimate: Feature-Packed 360 video editor

The third name on our list of the 360 video editing software is Corel VideoStudio Ultimate. It is considered to be the most featured video editing package of the year 2019. It provides support for 360 video/VR as well as support for 4K Ultra HD and 3D media. It provides a simple and clear interface for users. Some of the salient features of Corel VideoStudio Ultimate are:

1. Offers seamless transitions.
2. Color boosting and correction options for enhanced video quality.
3. More filters and effects option.
4. Customizable motion tracking.

All of these above-mentioned features are the important aspects to be kept in mind while making a perfect 360 video.

4. Pinnacle Studio Ultimate: Fast rendering and Flexible Interface

The next VR editing software on our list is Pinnacle Studio Ultimate. It provides a clear and flexible interface to its users. Along with that, Pinnacle Studio Ultimate provides tons of editing and masking options. It offers fast rendering options and good audio tools. It comes with support for 4K and H.265 file formats. Some of the salient features of Pinnacle Studio Ultimate are:

1. Enhanced Color Grading options.
2. Better Masking timeline to blend multiple clips together.
3. Comes with support for different video file formats.
4. Provides Fast rendering and easy-to-use interface.

All of these features make Pinnacle Studio Ultimate capable enough to deliver power and precision packed 360 videos.

5. Apple Final Cut Pro X: Apple! The name is enough.

The last name on our list of the best VR editing software is from the billion-dollar tech giant Apple. It provides an amazing editing experience for everyone irrespective of the fact that the user is a pro or beginner in editing. This 360 video editing software comes with many organized tools that incorporate multiple libraries, rating and tagging options, auto-face analysis, etc. This VR editor is quite famous among the users for its fast performance and crashless experience. Apple Final Cut Pro X automatically adjusts the properties of the final project with the properties of the clips added. Besides, it offers seamless editing experience and many concealing options. Apart from all the above features, iPad SideCar and MacBook Touch Bar Support has actually made it “a fun-to-use” software for 360 video editing.

That’s all from our list of the 5 best 360 video editing software available in the market.

People Also Ask:

1. How to download 360 videos?

There are multiple platforms available for downloading the 360 videos like VideoProc. Click on the “Download” option. The Download Panel will open up. Search for the 360 video you want to download. Copy the URL of the 360 video file and paste it in the Download Panel. Select the file format. You’re ready to download your 360 video.

2. How to upload 360 videos to Youtube?

Uploading 360 videos on Youtube is no “rocket science”! Once the video is prepared, ensure that it is formatted as per the universal equirectangular standards and has a pixel aspect ratio of 1:1(square pixels). Now, coming to the resolution specifications of the final video, it is advised to have an aspect ratio of 16:9, i.e., 1920X1080, 3840X2160, etc. The final image should seem to be horizontally stretched and encoded at a higher bitrate. Note: Don’t forget to upload the file-specified metadata. There are plenty of apps available for that. Once the 360 video file is metadata enabled, you can upload it to youtube.

Bottom Line

We hope our list of the 360 video editing software works for you. We’ll recommend VideoProc to all our users as it is one of the most powerful and easy-to-use 360 video editing software available in the market. That’s all from the story. Stay connected to read more.


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