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Best Android Video Editors for Beginners and Pros

Summary: If you ever thought that video editing is a professional practice and requires long learning curve, pick one app from the following list of best video editors for Android, and starting editing even if you have zero editing experience, you will soon change your mind.

best Android video editor

Our mobile phone captures ultra high resolution videos with advanced cameras – think of Samsung's 108mp camera. Instead of fumbling around to connect your Android phone to transfer videos to desktop, you can use one of the following best video editors for Android on the go. Another bonus is that, since you are editing on a smaller screen, most functions and features are designed in an automatic way.

If you need a complex timeline editing with keyframes and professional color grading, you might want a bigger screen then. You can check our editor's recommendation of free video editing software for PC and Mac, with detailed tech specs included.

Best Android Video Editors for Beginners

For Advanced Users

For Social Media Influencers

# 1 Quik

Presented by GoPro, Quik is a super easy video editor for beginners. Easy is by no means crudely-made, as Quik has stylish templates at your disposal.It is not designed as a full video editor with which you can cut on timeline, add layers or arrange elements; instead, Quick simply involves import video, select templates and make small adjustment. Within a few intuitive steps, it churns out cool videos that tap into your vibes.Transitions and graphics and well designed and ready-to-use in 23 themes.

Is Quik only for GoPro? No. Besides seamless integration with GoPro cameras, you can also import and edit other videos stored on your mobile device. It could be videos downloaded online, footage shoot by your camera as well as photos and motion pictures.


highlighted features:
• sync video and other visual effects to the beat of the music.
• Intelligently extract and analyze data from GoPro footage to highlight best moment such as smiling faces, jumps, and cheers.
• Import videos and photos from GoPro Plus cloud media library, or connect GoPro Quik Key, GoPro SD card reader.

Tech specs:

Save project drafts: Yes, save for 7 days.
Export settings: 720p or 1080p HD, option to turn on 60FPS.
Speed change: Slow down to 1/8x for 240fps video, 1/4x for 120fps, 1/2x for 30fps (choppy).

# 2 Magisto

Magisto is the official video editing app by Vimeo. Designed to cater for basic editing needs, this android video editor requires zero editing experience on your part. With AI algorithm baked in, this App intelligently picks out interesting parts of videos you imported, and merge them together. You can change background music to match the mood of that video. Magisto supports mainstream video formats, so that you don't have to worry about transcoding, but simply load videos from your photo gallery.


highlighted features:
• Super quick video compilation creator with no learning curve.
• Trendy effects to enhance your video in a second.
• Greate integration with Vimeo to share your moments.

Tech specs:

Save project drafts: No.
Export settings: 720p, 1080p HD.
Speed change: 1/2 to 4x.

# 3 Samsung Video Editor

Does Samsung have a video editor? Yes, Samsung Android phones have a hidden video editor that you might even not notice. It is a built-in feature with default video player. If you playback any video on Samsung, tap on editor and you will see a video editor icon, together with Trim, Effect, and Audio options.

This default Samsung video editor is enough if you simply want to join videos together, add transitions, text and background music. However, if you plan to add multiple layers, remove background with chroma key or use any other advanced features, the basic Android video editor won't do. Pick other app in following part instead.

Samsung Video Editor

highlighted features:
• built-in firm App without installing.
• simple to use to quickly enhance photo gallery videos.
• Free and lightweight.

Tech specs:

Save project drafts: No.
Export settings: same as source video.

# 4 ActionDirector

ActionDirector is CyberLink's mobile version to edit videos on Android and iOS devices. Designed for action videos, this app stores tons of action effects and dynamic music effects to showcase your sporty moments. Besides general functions to trim, cut, split long videos into short clips, and to merge and join video clips together, you can also add funny effects such as slick repeat or rewind of the footage, creating viral visual effects that polish your content instantly. Video speed control is powerful yet easy to manage. You can simple dial up the speed to 8x faster, or do a reverse to create funny effects.


highlighted features:
• Trim a particular part at high preciseness.
• Powerful effects and filters such as skin smoothener to make you look good.
• User-ready templates for beginners and advanced tools for the pro.

Tech specs:

Save project drafts: Yes, auto-save.
Export settings: Ultra HD 4K, Full HD, HD, SD.
Frame rate: 24FPS, 30FPS, 60FPS.
Speed change: 1/8 to 8x.
Bitrate control: better quality, standard, smaller size.

# 5 InShot

InShot is a decent video editor to help you make cool videos. It is so intuitive and beginner-friendly that many users are crying for an InShot for PC version. Clips and photos from various sources can be imported and joined together, without your worrying about smooth transitions. InShot have tons of ready-to-use transition in 1-click. For beginners, you can edit intuitively with easy-to-understand guidance. If you are familiar with desktop NLEs, advanced features in Inshot needs no learning curve at all. You can add keyframes for animation and mask. Color grading in Inshot can be done with 1-click filters and manual control, such as adjusting brightness, saturation, contrast, tint etc.

Besides general aspect ratio 16:9, 1:1, 9:16, you can crop at any ratios, which can be a trick to remove unwanted watermark.


highlighted features:
• Photo and video mix enabled, support custom photo cover.
• 1-click Stylish layouts, filters, backgrounds.
• Customizable video blur and mosaic.
• Adjust volume of the background music, you can also opt for music fade in/out.

Tech specs:

Save project drafts: Yes.
Export settings: up to 1080p.
Speed change: 0.2 to 4x.

# 6 KineMaster

KineMaster is one of the best video editors for Android and iOS. It allows you to have utmost control over your clips, as if you are editing on a desktop. Besides general support of effects, cutting, adding images and stickers, you can also use handwriting to add more personality to the text layover. Layers can be added on top of your clips, be it another video, stickers, pictures, text, or effects such as blur and mosaic. With unlimited possibilities, you can easily make PiP by putting a video among your current footage. Besides, each element can be animated with ready-to-use animation effects.

What makes KineMaster even better is its support of bitrate adjustment. With higher bitrate, you produce higher image quality. You can view estimated video size upon exporting.


highlighted features:
• Powerful chroma key with live preview and fine adjustment to the curve for high preciseness.
• Volume envelope that allows users to set key frames of volume and make adjustment accordingly.
• Add voiceover by recording your voice while playing back the video simultaneously.
• Built-in voice changer: robot, kid, alien etc.
• For background music, you can use 1-click EQ settings.

Tech specs:

Save project drafts: Yes, automatically save your projects.
Export settings: 4k, 2160p, QHD 1440p, FHD 1080p,HD 720p,SD 540p.
Frame Rate: 30, 25(PAL), 24(Cinema), 15, 12.
Speed adjustment: slowdown to 0.25x and speed up to 16x.
Speed change: Slow down to 1/8x for 240fps video, 1/4x for 120fps, 1/2x for 30fps (choppy).

# 7 Videoleap

Videoleap is a full featured video editor for Android devices. Whether you prefer to create Hollywood style clips or simple share a moment of your life, you would find Videoleap significantly improve your video to the next level. With timeline based editing workflow, you can add cut and rearrange video clips on the timeline, add multiply layers to hold your stickers, pictures and video effects over the original clips. Effects such as bokeh, prism, pixialation and chromatic aberration are ready to use, with options to adjust levels of the effects. For beginners, you might take some time to learn, but once you figure out the logic behind this Android video editor, you can play around and create unexpected video effects.


highlighted features:
• No cancel/restore limits, you can always undo or redo edits.
• Key frame animation supported, same as you do in desktop NLEs.
• Powerful audio adjustment and 100+ EQ presets to use.
• Unique text templates with options to adjust opacity, colors and fonts.

Tech specs:

Save project drafts: Yes, save for 7 days.
Export settings: 4k, 1080p, 720p, 480p, 360p.
Frame rate: NTSC standard 24, 25, 30, 50, 60fps.
Speed change: 0.12x to 5x.

# 8 VivaCut Professional

VivaCut for Android is targeted at advanced users for video editing, though beginners can also quickly learn the gist to get going. Fully featured with timeline-based editing flow, multiple layers and effects, it is powerful for savvy users to realize their vision of the film; while for beginners, trimming, cutting, and adding background music requires no learning curve. Want to spice up the footage? You can easily adopt Hollywood chroma key and make cinematic effects such as explosion or fire. Video blending can be done in a whoosh. All you need is to import a video, add a layer of another video or picture to blend the two to create eye-catching effects.

VivaCut Professional

highlighted features:
• Ready to use VFX includingsplitscreen, glitch, fake camera shake, out of focus, sketch, etc.
• Customizable animator to generate effects such as zoom, rotate, and position change.
• 1-click mirror or flip image
• Built-in sticker that are integrated with GIPHY, so that you can enjoy the large sticker library as Instagram story.

Tech specs:

Save project: Yes, save drafts automatically.
Export settings: Export: 4K(pro), 1080p(pro), 720p, 480p.
Speed adjustment: 0.2x to 4x.

# 9 Funimate

Funimate is a short video app with video editor built-in. If you are social media addicts and love, it could be a suitable choice. The integrated video editor within this App allows you to export 60s short video clips with trendy text effects, VFX and music resources that are popular among TikTok users. This Android video editor calls for all the non-expert to create their first musical video without learning. With a concise layout and easy-to-understand icons, you can start to cut video, add animated text and trendy background music. If you are familiar with Instagram story and boomerang, you would find this App easy to use. Besides, there are funny lip-syncing and slow motion effects to try.


highlighted features:
• 100+ slick video effects to make viral videos in a few steps.
• Use stock music to tell your short video stories in a funny way.
• Add Emoji and stickers to your video (GIPHY gif integration).
• Option to privately share videos to your friends and family via WhatsApp.

Tech specs:

Save project drafts: No.
Direct share: Yes, share to Instagram, TikTok, Whats App, Message, Email and save to camera roll.
Export settings: No option to select resolution or bitrate.

# 10 PicPlayPost

PicPlayPost is a time saving Android video editing App for video collages lovers. If you are a super fan of creating photo collages, your pictures now get animated into videos, and everything is automatically done at your finger tips. Simple editing features are also included, for instance, trimming, adding background music with your favorite song, change canvas color and shape, etc.


highlighted features:
• Automatic editing with media imported.
• Can be utilized as a split screen video maker with eye catching templates.
• Video wall created in 1-click.

Tech specs:

Save project drafts: Yes.
Export settings: 4K HD, 1080p.
Bitrate control: No.

Prefer editing on bigger screen? Free download VideoProc to edit on desktop:


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