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Top 4 Simple Ways to Crop [NOT TRIM] a Video Screen on Android Free

By Cecilia Hwung | Last Update:

How to easily crop the frame of a video on Android phones and tablets, no watermark, no quality loss? Using Google photos? Built-in Gallery app? Third-party video croppers? Online croppers? Here, we tested all of those methods, and you may find out one that fits you the most.

Method 1: How to Crop a Video on Android using Google Photos?

Crop Video Android Google Photos
Crop Video Using Google Photos on Android

Amazed by Lifewire's article on How to edit video on Android, suggesting Google photos can efficiently help crop videos on Android. Pardon me, are you purposely mixing the notions up? Did you see what Paolo just stated in the official forum? - that video cropping is not supported by Google photos. So, can Google photos truly crop videos? And how to crop a video on Android with or without it? Let's find it out.

Step 1: Open Google Photos, and click a video from a camera or folder

Step 2: Hit the Edit button

See below, there's no way you can crop the frame of a video on Android using Google photos. What Google photos do provide is only trimming and cutting, not video screen cropping. And the same is also true for the Google Gallery app and many Android built-in Gallery application. You can trim and cut the video in the timeline, yet no video frame cropping is provided. Crop vs trim/cut differences explained.

Crop Video Android Gallery App
Video Crop Android Built-in Gallery App

Method 2: How to Crop a Video on Android with Gallery App?

By far, it seems that there's no single default gallery app on any Android devices - no matter Samsung, Huawei, Pixel, or Xiaomi - that can help crop a video screen on Android. What they can do is merely trimming. And here is how:

Step 1: In the Gallery app, choose your target video file

Step 2: Tap on Edit

Step 3: Then drag the start marker and the end marker in the timeline

However, some Android devices have default applications provided – for instance, on Huawei, we've got Videoshop and on Xiaomi we've got KineMaster.

Method 3: How to Crop a Video screen on Android in KineMaster

Interestingly enough, when I tapped the Advance icon on the video editing interface on Xiaomi Note 3, it popped up the KineMaster app suggestion and I downloaded it right away. It works way better than Videoshop on Huawei as a comprehensive video editing application.

Here is how:

Step 1: Open KineMaster and tap movie-making icon

Step 2: Choose a video aspect ratio you prefer

Crop Video Android App
KineMaster Changes Aspect Ratio

Step 3: Select a video from your video library and tap the video clip in the timeline.

Step 4: Tap the Pan & Zoom icon (crop video to fill up the screen)

Crop Video Android KineMaster
KineMaster Crops Video No Black Bars Android

Step 5: Tap the Start Position and End position

Use your two fingers to pan and zoom the video on the main preview window to crop the video and fill the full screen without black bars.

Step 6. Tap Export and Share.

Upon exporting, you can change video resolution, frame rate, and bitrates. KineMaster will give you an estimated file size for storage reference.

Pros & Cons

  • The good thing is that this KineMaster app is available for all android devices, and you can get it from Google play.
  • The drawback is you always get a "made by KINEMASTER" watermark in the top right corner unless you upgrade to pro version.

Method 4: How to Crop the Frame of a Video on Android Online

Online video croppers can be a solution for Android users, but it will heavily rely on network connection, video file size, and your value on privacy. Uploading videos online can bring lots of wait and worries.

Step 1: Input the query "crop video" in Google search box

Step 2: Land on one web page – for instance, Choose file > upload your video

Crop Video Android Online
Crop Video Online on Android
Note that by choosing files from Gallery, there's only image choices. You should choose files from Folders.

Step 3: Click the crop icon to resize the video

Step 4: Download the cropped video file

noticeAdvance Notice

A free video editor from Digiarty is expected to be launched this year. This software also ships with intelligent Motion-Crop feature and relieves users from tedious cropping tasks. Videos you shoot for sports, kids, animals or any footage contain fast-moving objects that can be cropped out for editing and sharing in minutes.


As is obvious, there's no way to crop the frame of a video on Android using Google Photos, Google Gallery, or built-in Gallery apps. The chances lie in the 3rd-party applications even in comparison with online video cropping tools, esp. when your network connection is poor and video file too large.

However, if you do not trust those Android apps and reluctant to open portals in your system to garbage or adware, you can always transfer Android videos to Windows or Mac and crop videos on those platforms using VideoProc Converter AI. Here is a detailed guide on cropping a video on Windows computers (also works for Mac).


  • Aspect ratio presets: custom, 16:9, 4:3, 1:1
  • Drag-box crop or crop by pixels with instant preview
  • Resolution reference
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Note: The Windows version now supports AI-powered Super Resolution, Frame Interpolation, and Stabilization to enhance video and image quality. These AI features are not yet available in the Mac version but will be coming soon.

About The Author

Cecilia Hwung is the editor-in-chief of Digiarty VideoProc. With over a decade of experience, she specializes in delivering insightful content on AI trends, video/audio editing, conversion, troubleshooting, and software reviews. Her expertise makes her a trusted ally in enhancing users' digital experiences.

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