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8 Types of Free LUTs For Video Editing

By Cecilia Hwung | Last Update:

If you're in search of quick and efficient color grading tools for your videos, then you must download and install these free LUTs. While they may look complex initially, using them is actually very simple. In the world of cinema, LUTs represent the ultimate method of color grading video footage to enjoy professional results.

Regardless of whether you're an experienced movie maker or beginner colorist, this bundle of free LUTs is just what you need to add a cinematic look to your films and clips.

Before we start the overview of the trendy LUTs, let's have look at VideoProc Vlogger, a tool that can add and edit LUTs for your video. It has a rich stock of 3D LUTs in different styles (lifestyle, portrait, and landscape) and gives you full control over the intensity and color of the LUTs. Besides, it's compatible with external 3D LUTs.

Now download and install VideoProc Vlogger. Choose your favorite LUTs below and add them to your video in this software.

1. Cinematic LUT

Cinematic LUTs

This is one of the best free LUTs for video editing, and it's especially irreplaceable for movie and music video creators.

This LUT includes effects based on increasing contrast and vibrancy to make certain colors and tones in your videos more pronounced, as well as add depth to the image. Elevate the quality of your video footage in a couple of clicks and fully immerse your viewers into the scene.

2. Film Emulation LUT

Film Emulation LUTs

This carefully designed free LUT adds subtle grain, matte, and noise to the video, which is perfect for emulating a film effect.

Just like in photography, film effects continue to be in demand, but you don't see people grabbing their Bolex H16 and using it for recording, trying to do everything the old-school way since working with such footage is incredibly hard. Nowadays, videographers simply apply a film effect on footage recorded with a modern digital camera.

3. Teal and Orange LUT

Teal and Orange LUT

You can notice an Orange and Teal look in a lot of blockbuster movies and travel videos, as the editors often use special free LUTs like this one to achieve it.

The first is connected to skin tones, which are usually somewhere in the orange specter, while the teal tones are added to the shadows to help skin stand out more against the background.

4. Black and White LUT

Black and White LUT

It's a common misconception that B&W color grading is a lot simpler than full-color grading. In reality, it's extremely hard to create a high-quality black and white film effect without appropriate LUT packs.

This collection combines both more traditional and creative options while being suitable for all kinds of movies and video projects that can benefit from a B&W aesthetic.

5. GoPro LUT


These free LUTs were carefully made to recreate the colors you'd get with a GoPro Hero 7 or 8 as accurately as possible. In most cases, you can apply these color-grading tools to all of your videos without worrying about breaking them.

The majority of featured LUTs add a terrific high contrast look as well as some orange and teal. Non-O&T effects are especially relevant if you want to preserve the green tones.

To keep your footage consistent, only use a single LUT for all clips used for one scene. Otherwise, your work will look amateurish due to the different color tones that will take the viewers out of the action.

6. Vintage LUT

Vintage LUT

Even though we can enjoy stunning imagery thanks to the advancements in moviemaking technology, there's still an undeniable appeal to a vintage film look. Kodachrome is a film that was widely used by photographers and cinematographers back in the day, but this film type lost its popularity with the appearance of digital cameras.

You can imitate the Kodachrome look with the help of red, blue, and yellow retro-stylized colors by using these LUT files.

7. DJI Mavic Pro LUT

DJI Mavic Pro LUT

If you want to edit aerial footage, then these Mavic Pro LUTs will be a perfect fit for your videos. In normal conditions, there is a minimal risk of them breaking your clips. Remember to set the Mavic Air 2 to either Cinelike or HDR color profile.

This collection features both modern crisp styles and orange and teal free LUTs. The former options are ideal for keeping the green tones natural. If you want to ensure your footage looks as professional as possible, it's advised to use the same effect for all clips that make up a single scene.

8. DJI Osmo LUT


These free LUTs were designed to recreate the look of the DJI Osmo Pocket with maximum precision. Given you use these tools sparingly, your footage should end up looking top-notch.

These LUTs are great for both increasing the contrast in your videos and adding orange and teal tones if you're aiming for a more cinematic look. If you want to keep the green tones natural, you can try some of the non-orange and teal options.


Final Words

Using LUTs is an easy and effective way to create cinematic videos. But there are many other issues to copy with in color grading and correction - blur, noise, exposure, white balance, etc. Now use VideoProc Vlogger to solve them in one-stop.

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