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Vimeo is a great place to host tutorial videos, art videos and other high-quality content. Its popularity arises with the simplicity and modern design of the player interface. You may also see many online pages embed videos using the Vimeo video player.

If the video owner made the video downloadable, you shall see a download button right under the player. If you want to download private Vimeo videos that are not available with a download button, you are at the right place with detailed tutorials.

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  • In method 1, you can handle the job to a dedicated Vimeo Video downloader, so that the URL analysis, resolution selection, video format selection can be done easily in a few clicks.
  • In method 2, you can manually read the source code by using the inspector tool, and find the source file link.
  • Depending on the specific page, you might not be able to spot the needed URL, in that case, head to method 3 (for the technical know-how) or method 1 (time-saving easy method) to download private Vimeo Videos.

How to Download Private Vimeo Video with VideoProc

Downloading private Vimeo video is about finding its link and saving the content to the local drive. The URL of the video is not the same as the URL of the page that embeds the video.

You can follow the 11 steps to find the URL of the video in method 2 (may fail on some pages), or copy and paste the page URL and let the Vimeo video downloader do the analysis work.

It is not recommended to use an unverified downloader program for security concerns. You can use tools from developers you trust. In this method, we will use VideoProc, which is recommended by the industry-leading sites, such as Trusted Reviews, Tech Advisor, and TechRadar.

VideoProc Interface

Step 1. Download and install VideoProc.

Step 2. Go to the Downloader section, and click Add Video.

Step 3. Copy and Paste the link of the private Vimeo video page.

Analyze the Vimeo video link

Step 4. Click Analyze, wait for a few seconds, and choose the resolution you want.

Download private Vimeo video

Step 5. Click Download Selected Video button to download the Vimeo video.

VideoProc is the one-stop solution to edit, cut, download and record videos. Besides downloading embedded and private Vimeo video, it also excels at analyzing Vimeo videos grouped in the Showcase page, and other online videos, including YouTube playlist, Facebook video, Wistia video, and many more.

How to Download Private Vimeo Video with the Inspect Tool

If you like to deal with command lines and codes, you can use the developer's tool in the Chrome browser, by looking into the Inspect window. After sifting through lines of codes, you will find a link that hosts the video, then you can download private Vimeo videos with the saving option in the browser.

Step 1. Right click anywhere on the page, and Click Inspect (Ctrl+Shift+I).

Use Inspect tool

Step 2. Click the Resources tab (the one between the Console and Network tab).

Step 3. On the Page panel, scrolling down until you find a 9-digit number line, expand it.

In case you are curious, that 9-digit number is the ID of the video.

Step 4. Under this 9-digit number section, you shall see a video folder, expand it.

Find Video Stream under video folder

Step 5. There will be a folder icon, click on it.

Enable Pretty Print

You shall see a prompt reading: Pretty-print this minified file? Click Pretty-print.

Now we can start the hunting process to find the link. You can either do this in the browser (step 6-step 11), or save it as a TXT file to read (See Note 2).

Step 6. In the code line area, press Ctrl+F to call out the search bar inside the coding area.

Note 1: Make sure to click your mouse inside the code line, and then press Ctrl+F. If the code line area is not activated, the Ctrl+F will call out the search bar of the browser.

Step 7. Typing 1080p, and use the arrow to switch between the results.

Go to the Resouces in Inspect Window

Step 8. There might be several results for the 1080p query. Find the one where the line above it writes:

"url": "https://vod-progressive...vimeo...

Find the Vimeo video VOD link

Step 9. Copy the entire URL inside the quotation mark, and you shall see it ends with the format .mp4 and has "vimeo" something inside the link.

Step 10. Paste that Vimeo video URL to a new tab in your browser, press enter, and you shall see it in the default player of the web browser.

Save the video

Step 11. Right-click on the player, and hit Save as. You will be able to download private Vimeo video by saving it as MP4 to the local drive on your computer.

Save the video from the default player

Note 2: If you feel the screen is too small, and want to read the code lines in a standalone app, you can use the text document. Right-click on the file in Step 5, and hit Save.

Then you can press Ctrl+F to search for 1080p, and find the URL near it, ending with mp4.

Save the code lines as TXT

Paste and paste it into the browser, and right-click the download the embedded Vimeo video.

How to Download Vimeo Videos that are Seemingly Not Available to Download

Sometimes, when you follow the steps demonstrated in the above method, you might find yourself stumble upon step 3, since you cannot find a video folder; or in step 7, since you cannot find a workable link that ends with mp4.

In order to download these types of private Vimeo videos, try the following steps.

Step 1. Right-click on Inspect, and go to Sources. Refresh the browser and make sure the video is playing.

Step 2. Find the 9-digit file, click on it and enable Pretty print to see the codes.

Step 3. Search for and copy the URL.

It looks like this:[9-digit number]

Search for the Video URL in media player link

You can also copy and paste and manually enter the 9-digit number you saw next to the file icon.

Step 4. Paste the URL in a new tab.

Step 5. Repeat the process to open the Inspect section, and go to the Resources tab. Now you will be able to find that 9-digit number under the video folder.

Find URL with TXT app

Then follow step 5 to step 11 in Method 2 to find the MP4 link and download private Vimeo videos.

It may or may not succeed sometimes. To analyze and find the true URL of the video, you can handle the job to VideoProc (Method 1), its powerful download engine will do the analysis and offers you links corresponding to all possible resolutions.

Disclaimer: Please make sure you have permission from the copyright holder to download the video.

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