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  • One-click to change video pitch with/without changing speed
  • Voice changer presets for faking man, woman, child, minions...
  • More audio editing tools: audio analyzer, EQ, sound effects, etc.
  • Rich editing features to make incredible videos effortlessly
  • Beginner friendly, 100% free, and safe to download and use
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Top 5 Video Pitch Changer - App, Freeware, Online

By Cecilia Hwung | Last Update:

Pitch refers to the specific audio vibration produced by a subject. It's only when the pitch is matched that the instruments and the vocal in a song sound harmonious. However, our vocal cords vibrate at different frequencies. When you make a music video, you may find it too high/low to sing along. And that's where a video pitch changer comes to help.

By changing the pitch of a video, you can make the audio track compatible with the vocal cords or change the voice of a person. Today, we picked 5 tools that increase and decrease MP4 video pitches easily, including free video editing software competent to change video pitch, online video pitch shifters, and pitch changer apps for Android and iPhone. Keep reading and pick the best one for you.

1. VideoProc Vlogger – Best Video Pitch Changer Software

VideoProc Vlogger is a free video editor for Windows and Mac with excellent audio processing capabilities. It has a top-notch video pitch shifter that can fulfill all your needs for pitching editing.

By dragging the slider in its pitch changer, you can change the key of a song, lower/raise the pitch of a video, add a chipmunk sound effect, etc. And it won't affect the video speed or music tempo. The best part is that you can control the pitch of an entire video or a part of it to your liking.

Aside from MP4 and MP3, you can input files in MOV, MKV, WMV, M4A, AAC, and hundreds of video and audio formats, or record your own voice for pitch shift. And for output, both video and audio-only are supported.

Video Pitch Changer Software Free Download - VideoProc Vlogger

  • Real-time and smooth preview of edited video and audio.
  • Multiple ways to fine-tune video pitch with or without changing speed.
  • Killer pitch presets in voice changer for faking man, woman, child, robot, and minions.
  • Original quality preserved by its unique High Quality Render.
  • Completely free, intuitive, and rich features for audio and video editing.

How to Change the Pitch of a Video in VideoProc Vlogger

Step 1. Launch VideoProc Vlogger and create a new project.

Step 2. Add your video or music file to its media bin and drag it to the timeline.

VideoProc Vlogger Voice Changer

Step 3. Click to select the video that you want to change pitch in the timeline.

Step 4. Move to the "Inspector" panel next to the preview area. Scroll down to find "Change Voice".

Free video pitch changer in VideoProc Vlogger

Step 5. Now drag the slider to customize the video pitch or choose a preset voice pitch.

Step 6. Go on editing or export the video from VideoProc Vlogger.

Learn more about the free video pitch changer in VideoProc Vlogger with the video guide below.

FAQ about VideoProc Vlogger

Is VideoProc Vlogger safe?

Yes. It is the legal property of Digiarty Software Inc. It has no virus, malware, or plugins. It won't do any harm to your computer. Just feel free to download, install and use it.

Is VideoProc Vlogger really free?

Yes, both the Windows and Mac versions of VideoProc Vlogger are 100% free and will be free of charge forever. It has no watermark or ads in any part of your video. It puts no limits on video length, file size, resolution, or any editing feature.

Can VideoProc Vlogger shift pitch without distortion?

Yes. Its voice changer can keep the original quality as much as possible. Besides, you can choose a higher sample rate to avoid distortion in the export settings.

Can VideoProc Vlogger change the pitch of a YouTube video?

It can manipulate the pitch of downloaded YouTube videos or audios before being uploaded to YouTube.

2. Video Pitch Changer

Best for: Changing the pitch of a video on iPhone

Video Pitch Changer is a paid app to raise and lower video pitches on iPhone. With this app, you can get a munchkin or evil-like voice on your video and preview the outcome in time. You can also save and share the adjusted music video with your friends or watch it with other players on your device.

Video pitch changer app for iPhone


  • Adjust pitch and speed independently.
  • Allow exporting modified videos.


  • Can't change the pitch of audio files.
  • Not a free pitch changer.
  • No preset voice pitch effects.

3. Up Tempo

Best for: Making a video high or low pitch on Android

Up Tempo is a music editor app with an in-built pitch changer for Android users. It enables you to alter the pitch or/and tempo of MP3 and MP4 during the playback. If you are satisfied with the results, you can save it on your phone as well. Since many pitch shifter apps are named alike, you need to be watchful to download this video pitch changer apk.

Video pitch changer app for Android - Up Tempo


  • Accepts audio and video files in the latest version.
  • Multiple extra features for editing music.


  • Narrow audio pitch range.
  • Charge extra fees for saving files and advanced controls.
  • Intrusive ads from third-party sites.

4. Song Surgeon

Best for: Shifting audio pitch online for free

Song Surgeon is an online pitch changer designed for musicians. It allows you to increase or decrease the pitch or key of a song in semi-tones (1/2 steps). Meanwhile, you can choose to change the tempo or not. But note that it's NOT an MP4 pitch changer. You need to extract audio from your video in advance. Then replace the original sound in the video with it after fine-tuning the pitch.

Video pitch changer online - Song Surgeon


  • Free and simple.
  • No software downloading or installation needed.


  • Only several audio formats accepted.
  • File larger than 16MB unsupported.
  • No real-time preview options.
  • Registered account required.
  • Time-consuming to upload, process, and download.

5. Transpose-Pitch-Loop

Best for: Changing YouTube video pitch online

The playback speed feature in YouTube can change the pitch, but it affects the speed at the same time. From this perspective, a video pitch shifter extension is needed. Transpose-Pitch-Loop is a YouTube pitch changer coming as a browser extension. After installing this tool, you can change voice pitch or karaoke key on YouTube video online while playing it.

Video pitch changer for YouTube - Transpose-Pitch-Loop


  • Changes applied in real-time.
  • Remember settings for each YouTube video.


  • Unavailable for the full-screen mode of YouTube.
  • Stability and the sound quality need improvements.
  • Can't save the video after changing its pitch.


That's all for the review of the 5 best video pitch changers. In our test, we found that online video pitch shifters and video pitch changing apps always come with shortcomings, for instance, format incompatibility, slow performance, and poor output quality. If you are looking for the best one, try VideoProc Vlogger. And you'll find changing video pitch easier than ever.

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