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How to Merge Multiple Videos Together Quickly in 4 Easy Steps
By Gabriel Coleman Updated: September 21, 2018

Combining clips is the basic of edits, and you always have to merge multiple slices together to recreate a compelling work, such as footages from phones, drones, camcorders, DSLR. There is a whole slew of programs capable of doing the job on Windows (10) PCs or Mac computers. Some well-known programs include Shotcut, OpenShot, Windows Movie Maker, iMovie, and VSDC Free Video Editor. For ease of use and efficiency, we recommend VideoProc.

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Merge Videos Together Easily and Efficiently
VideoProc Makes the Difference!

Option 1: Directly Join Separate Videos Into One

There are many video clips of the same activity that need to be merged together with or without re-encoding for the better viewing experience, for example,

Short clips shot by iPhone, iPad Android phones, cameras, DSLR, GoPro, etc.

Tutorials, training video, presentations, gameplay footages, and the like.

Separate TV shows and movies downloaded free from online video sites.

Converted movie chapters and TV series on DVDs, and others.

VideoProc can simply put video clips together without worrying about different file formats, resolution and video audio settings.

Step 1:Open VideoProc and click the Video icon on its interface to show the Video screen. Click the + Video icon and select the video you want to merge, or directly drag and drop files into the screen.
Step 2:Choose an output format from the Target Format section. It will combine videos into one without re-encoding if your output settings (codec formats) are the same as the source files.
Step 3:Check the box "Merge" on the right side of the window to enable the merge option.
Step 4:Press the RUN button at the bottom right corner of the Video screen to easily put video clips together.
how to merge videos together using VideoProc

Option 2: Trim and Merge Needed Clips Together

VideoProc can also cut out unwanted slices of a clip and merge the remaining segments into one video so that you can get your favorite parts of any footages joined. This is very helpful when you wish to remove a few seconds or minutes of dead time at the beginning of your video or unpleasant phones/drones/GoPro camera droop at the end. Or you just want to get a shorter video with smaller file size for storage space saving, sharing to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Use steps below to use to achieve this.

Step 1:Open VideoProc, click the Video button, then + Video icon, and choose the video you wish to join.
Step 2:Select a format as output on the Target Format menu.
Step 3: Click the Toolbox button at the bottom of the Video screen, click the Options icon next to video information to get access to cut clips. Use the slider bar to navigate to change the clip's starting time and ending time with unnecessary parts trimmed out, then you can manually fine-tune the time below.

On the right side of the Merge Video window, click the Resolution button, and choose the resolution for output from the drop-down list. Note that all the clips are combined into one video in MP4 format. Click the Done button to save the settings.

Step 4: Click the Merge button from the Toolbox list, then click the RUN button to start trimming and merging clips together without transitions.
how to trim and join videos with VideoProc

Option 3: Combine Multiple Video/Audio/Subtitle Tracks into One MKV File

It's quite surprising that VideoProc boasts the "MKV Multi-Track" feature, enabling users to merge multiple videos, audio and even subtitle tracks into one MKV container. If you don't change other video audio settings, the quality of the output will be the same and speed is super fast since it just changes the container format without re-encoding. Follow steps below to learn how to do it.

Step 1:Open VideoProc, click Video icon, drag and drop videos you'd like to put together to the Video screen.
Step 2:After source videos load successfully, head to the targe format list at the bottom of the screen, click the "+" icon to open the output video profile window, go to Common Video Profile > General Video, scroll down and select MKV Video from the list. Click the Add button on the format window to apply the changes and close the window.
Step 3: Check the Merge box and you should see the "MKV Multi-Track" option, select its box to enable the feature.
Step 4: Click the RUN button to begin merging multiple video/audio/subtitle track into a single MKV file.
how to combine videos into one MKV file with VideoProc

Bonus Features from the Video Merger Software

Whether you are merging videos together for viewing or sharing to social media like YouTube, VideoProc fills the bill. It is a powerful video processing tool with full hardware acceleration. With VideoProc, you can also,

● Resize large (4K UHD) video files with high compression ratio and good quality.

● Edit videos, split long footages, rotate/flip videos, remove shakiness and background noise, add filters/effects/subtitles/watermarks to clips, to name a few.

● Download videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Dailymotion, 1000+ sites and combine them into one.

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